Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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59. Yes, I am still alive :)

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Tomorrow I will come up with a more detailed post about what I have been up to but for tonight I am absolutely shattered. The last few days have been tiring and long but also immensely rewarding and fun.  My boyfriend passed his driving test so this then of course bought on a road trip which turned in to a three day stay in Norfolk right by the beach front. It was quite and chilled out but I missed my little pony, but today I got to see him and he was such a good boy. He's hurt himself a few times recently by just being stupid really or annoying the herd but he's getting better. He's now out with a herd all day or the majority of the days anyway. Tonight he got lots of fuss and cuddles and kisses and he seemed really happy but he also seemed really tired he was good while I put his food in for him and he's just been a really good boy. I'm suser proud of how well he is coming on. I have got pictures but honestly I'm to tired to write much more than this, so I'll update you all properly tomorrow.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

52. A long stressful but rewarding day.

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I didn't do Magic this morning, as I will openly admit that I went way over the top yesterday with how much I did so this morning I woke up in agony, and really uncomfortable. So i asked mum if she minded and she said no, so a big thank you to my mum. Then at about 10.30 I got a lovely text off Lynn asking when I was next going to be up at the yard and what I was doing and would Magic like to go out so. Of course I jumped at the chance to do this but I was also a little bit apprehensive about the situation. Mainly because I had researched in to it and had seen what could go wrong and I'd spoken to Fiona about what I could be but all the horses really did manage to surprise me. Magic was a little bit nervous but for the past three or four days, he's been in-between Stan and Murphy's Law (Murph) who are basically the two ring leaders. When I got there I was surprised to see the others out in the field but Murph was still stood up at the top almost like he was waiting for Magic. so Lynn came down and said that this was the plan and told me exactly what to do instead of using a lead rope when I took Magic in I used a bit of bailing twine so that if he did run off he'd got nothing that could get caught around his legs, and I'll be honest it was fascinating to watch how herd dynamics worked. At one point Magic jumped out of the field and in to the school, so all I did was walk him back out of the school and put him back in the field. Today they all decided to stay up the top of the field just while Magic got used to them but I think that in time they will get more active and just more like a 'normal herd'. 
Hiding behind Murph, this horse has really taken Magic under his wing. He protects him and lets Magic learn but lets him to do it safely. He's a horse that I've taken a great liking to and really respect :) 
Unfortunately in the afternoon my Dad got rushed in to hospital because of a suspected heart attack, I had to make the 999 call and it was horrible to do, they ask so many questions and half of them I didn't want to know how to answer them. With in two minutes of me being off the phone with 999, the ambulance was outside my house and they were rushing my dad in to hospital. I went with him and my mum and Jack followed in the car, as they know that I tend to get a little bit stressed when someone that I care about goes in to hospital. He's still there at the moment but I then got to go back and feed my pony face. Lynn was amazing and bought Magic in and said that he was really good for her and that there was no problems so I was happy with that. 
My boy just chilling by the gate with the others, Murph and Stan were protecting him and keeping him safe, while he looks slightly confused, I think he enjoyed the time out and in no time I'm sure he'll be part of the group. 
Then tonight I took him out the stable and my mum spent some time brushing him, to be honest I think that she uses horse therapy just as much as I use horse therapy. While she was doing this I did Magic's stable and had a little bit of a sweep around the yard as I'm just quite fussy, you all know what I am like. After this I bought Magic back down to his stable to see what he was like and how happy he was. He seemed okay to start with so I then went and Jack got his food, I made him back up with the porcupine game before I even put his food in then put his food in the tyre and like normal Magic picked the bucket up and through it everywhere. He then had an escape moment where he decided to run through the door but then stood still for me to catch him. He's been doing lots of work on the parelli and I really am proud of how much he is coming on. He's really starting to come out of his shell and now that I'm not in a situation that I was in I feel like we are starting to get somewhere. We have still got SOO much to learn, and I can almost guarantee it'll be a bumpy road, but there will be fights, tears, happiness, madness, calmness, but most of all we will be building a bond and that means that there will be team work which is all that matters! He's not everyone's ideal horse but he IS my dream horse, tomorrow he will be going out again and I think that the going out will do him the world of go. Such a happy pony. 
Not a great quality photograph but my boy in a 'full' size head collar, yes you really are reading that right, it's got all the holes on the tightest and it is still a little bit big for him but couldn't believe it when I put this on him, I'm sure he'll love it when he is older. 
And simply for the fact that I love this pony, we have come such a long way in only a week. This was the day before we moved and above and over the past few days you can see all of the achievements that we have made. we may not be perfect, but we have fun and we enjoy ourselves. Horses are meant to be enjoyment and happiness and that is exactly what my boy is to me :) 

P.S. Later on there will be a video posted that my boyfriend INSISTED on recording, he decided to show you all around the stable and catch a few funny moments on video, don't ask me what he's thinking because I really do have no idea! 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic 

51. No Pain, No Gain.

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This has literally been me today, my mum did Magic this morning as she does him every morning when I have a riding lesson (So really just saturdays). My riding lessons have also now moved to 10am instead of being in the middle of the day. My ribs were killing me and I hadn't really been sleeping very well but I knew that I just needed to get on with it as the old saying goes no pain, no gain. I went up for my lesson with Magic and it was really really good. I enjoyed riding him. We did quite a bit of canter work and Fiona says that my dressage level is in between intermediate and medium. I could ride a prelim test with ease and she thinks that I will slowly be moving up. We did lots of work on getting Gatsby to actually work in a canter in the outline, which hasn't been easy but it was fun. Even though my ribs were killing me because they were in spasm it was a lot easier for me to keep my position in the right place so while I hated the pain it actually worked out really well for me :). We did figure of 8 canter transitions, in the middle of the school we would come back to halt, rein back four strides, hold still for a few moments and then pick up the canter from walk. He soon started to predict this but when he got to this point we changed it and just picked different points to canter at. 
Magic out in the field, he's such a happy boy these days :) 
After I had rode Gatsby, I took Jack to work and then I went to see Magic. I gave him some fuss and love but I was starting to really hurt so once I had done this I popped him out in the field on his own for a few moments. He was out for about 10-20 minutes but you could see that he wanted to come in so that was fine and I bought him back in before going home and getting some sleep. 
Making friends or at least trying to, I'm sure we'll get there one day :) 
After doing that I went back up to feed Magic, I'll be honest I didn't really do a lot with him today as I was just to tired and in fair to much pain. I did some of the parelli work with him but we need to get better at the 'back' part of the porcupine game when we are in the stable. As he tends to just want to ignore that but we will work on it. We might not be perfect but we are slowly getting there. I then put his food in and friendly gamed him for a little while so that he could get used to the feel of it. I then needed to put his new hay net up and where he is in the stable is a little bit hard to get it up without being cornered by him. So i was a little apprehensive as to what he would do, but I will give him the credit that he was AMAZING! yes he stamped his foot but he didn't try and kick and when asked to move over he did move over so I was really proud of the little scruff ball. Like i've said we might not be perfect but damn we're trying our best. But for now I'll leave you with this picture. 
Part of the herd that he will be going out with all posing nicely, then there is magic hiding away he does make me chuckle :) 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic 

50. Massive improvements oh and happy nine months.

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Today there has been massive improvements on my little boy, I'm so proud of him and the accomplishments that he has made. Magic's not a perfect pony but he certainly is trying his hardest at the minute. As you'll all know from my post yesterday he DID send me to A&E but that was due to the treatment that he received at his old yard. Since moving Magic has been able to trot and walk in hand, in the trot he does get a little bit excited. Play the three parelli games that he has learnt so far, be polite when picking his feet up and is getting better with his food. 
Playing the friendly game with magic while he eats his food, my aim was to jsut get him used to people being around him, so far he is reacting really well to this game. 
This morning I bought Magic out of his stable and he had absolutely trashed it, it was a complete and utter mess. Which is nothing new for him, he'd got a hay net up that Lynn had put up for him as I was feeling poorly so overslept this morning. When I got there he was being his normal impatient self and I was feeling quite achy. Jack was being quite nervous with him after seeing him kick me but I know in time he'll be back to normal, but Magic still picks up on this nervousness. While my mum and boyfriend groomed him I decided that it was time to do his stable, and I basically took all his bedding out and then put him a new bed down. The minute I went in the tackroom at the back I could see that Magic just really wanted his food and that he was being impatient and grumpy and because I was feeling a little bit weaker I put his food in first. I then went in to the stable with Magic and undid his head collar, so that Magic could go to his food however he had to go to his food quietly and politely, which I didn't think that he was going to do but he did. Then when he went over to his food he was to keep his bum away from me and all I really had to do was point the carrot stick at him, and he moved his bum away from me, he then stamped his foot, and bucked a little bit so he got reprimanded with the carrot stick. This then kept his bum of by the wall for a while. I then went through the stage of playing the friendly game with him and then when I had played that I moved towards him slowly and stroked him and he was happy to let me. After doing this, I moved away and then repeated the process for a couple of times before leaving him to himself. 
Just chilling with magic in his stable while he eats his food, trust me when I say that this is a major improvement compared to normal. 
This afternoon there was a change in game plan, Lynn had been thinking about the situation that Magic was in and she feels that he can go out with the herd itself, so for a few days Magic has changed his stable. He's now in the corner getting used to seeing the rest of the horses because the two that he was with at the top of the yard are all really used to him. So he's now getting used to the other five horses. There's only three mares in the yard, one that is to old to stand any chance of becoming pregnant, one that is basically just to tall for him to reach, and one that is Lynn's horse and is also quite tall but she has said that if it happens and she'd keep it. Obviously she would rather that it didn't happen but if that situation happened that would be the solution. I then got to put Magic out for a few minutes in the field on his own just to let some steam off which felt really nice, as Jack's sister had come with me to meet Magic (she's a huge horse fan), she said it was really nice to just see him running around the field playing. I sat and watched him for a while and then decided to bring him in as you could see that he was ready to come back in again. He only had about 20 minutes out but he was happy to just stretch his legs a little bit. I then put him in his new stable and I was a little bit nervous but to be honest the majority of the time the bigger horses just ignored him, or they'd squeal or bite Magic if he got to much in their face. Which was really interesting to watch as I've never really seen a horse being introduced to a herd. 
Stroking the baby boy's neck while he was chilling in his stable eating his breakfast this is a massive improvement for Magic and I am so happy with the work that we are doing together. Slowly but surely he will get there but that is fine and I am really happy with him.
I then left him in his stable to chill for a little bit before putting his feed in later in the day after I had dropped Shan off. He was a really good boy and didn't even kick out once, all I had to do was point at him and he moved his bum over and that is what I like the most. He really is coming on in leaps and bounds and I feel like honestly this is all that I can ask for him. He's gone through a lot of adjustments and I will try my hardest to keep him happy and safe. He is my main priority. He's a big fury baby but he is my fury baby. So for now I'll leave you with this picture, which I really like :) 
My sweet, sweet boy looking and chilling these are two of the herd mates that he would be going out with and is hopping to get used to by being stabled with them, he looks so small compared to them. On the left is Stan and on the right is Murphy's law. 
I almost forgot but my baby boy is officially nine months old today!! Can't believe how fast the time is going that we have together, he's a great little horse and he's going to make an amazing horse to ride, he's not what everyone would pick but he is what I would pick again, I would NEVER change the decision of having him. We have our moments but at the end of the day we make a pretty good team. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 

49. Hospitil Visit and Disciplinary measures.

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Well I think my title says it all, today has honestly not been the worlds best days. This morning my mum, Jack and I went to do Magic, I bought him out of his stable and he came out happily. While I was then mucking out his stable (which made my Ribs really hurt but I knew that it needed doing), my mum and jack groomed Magic. Magic was a little bit arsey with jack but I think that was mainly because he could tense that Jack was being ever so slightly wary with him. However everyone got on with doing what they needed doing. His stable was trashed so the majority of his bedding came out, and I put two or three more slices in his bed just to top it up a little bit. I then let him off in the school so that he could get some fizz out but was surprised to see that there wasn't really a lot of fizz coming off him, which I was fine about. I then took him back in his stable and took his head collar off, his food was stood by the tack room door so that once I had got his head collar off I would be able to go and get his feed and put it straight in his bucket. However today I was even stricter with Magic and wouldn't even let him near me, when he tried to get to his bucket, he didn't like it but it was something that he just had to put up with. He had his little bit of a lash out again today but it was no where near as bad as the lashout that he had done Tuesday night when I got kicked. I made sure that every time he tried to buck or kick out he'd get reprimanded or disciplined with the carrot stick so that he would realise that this behaviour was just not suitable. 

Then this afternoon I went to A&E because I had just got to the point where I was in agony with my ribs and stomach. I got rushed in by ambulance and was on gas and air for over an hour. They then took it off me after accusing me of being a 'drug addict' which caused me to lose my temper, once I had calmed down they put a canular in and gave me IV paracetamol (which did not effect the pain). I then was given oral morphine to get the pain under control, and ordered to have a chest x-ray. It took forever for them to do it but they said that my x-ray had come back clear, so they think that I had just done lots of soft tissue and ligament damage. The doctor then took my canular out and I was part way to walking to the car when I felt a dripping on my hand. Ever since the canular had been put in I had complained that it did not feel normal and it was hurting more than normal, it was extremely painful to take out as well. I looked down at my hand and the cotton wool that they had used to cover up where the canular had been was just pouring with blood. I went back inside and got it plastered batter, so that if it was to start pouring with blood again I had got a bit of extra padding. It was extremely painful and it still it. 

While I was at the hospital my mum sorted magic out for the night, however she fed him differently to me. Due to the pain and damage in her shoulder she put the food in first while Magic was tied up outside. She then bought magic in and got him to take his head collar off nicely and then carried on the same procedure that I had started this morning. Once magic was used to being touched with the parelli stick she then stroked his neck and went to stand outside his stable. Here she did what  I did and waited for him to come and see her before giving him a fuss and leaving. At the moment it is a battle of wills between Magic and I but I am sure it is a battle that I will win. He's an amazing horse in so many ways he just needs to be a little bit more amazing about being feed but slowly but surely we will get there. 

But for now I'm off to watch a prison documentary with my boy as I am absolutely knackered. 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic 

48. DAY Three

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Well things with Magic are slowly improving, my mum did him this morning ad I was just in to much pain to be able to do it. I spent the day resting and to be honest, Jack and I spent the majority of the day, just chilling out watching TV and sleeping on and off. Then when jack woke up for his driving lesson I went up to sort the pony and I'll be honest magic and I had a little bit of a debate. I tied him up in the stable for a change and decided that I was going to brush him in there, I thought that this might help with the whole feeding issue.  I then put him outside while I cleared up his stable.

Then it was feeding time and to be honest I was dreading it, after the amount of pain I had been in all day I was tired and worried because I couldn't take another knock. But I went in there with a confident attitude. I made him wait for his food, and then put it in when I was Ready and I wanted him to have it. Then when I did put it in I left him and stood by the door I'd got my parelli stick. I then started just playing the friendly game and the explosion happened. He went boom so every time that he tried to kick out at me I tapped him with the parelli stick,we went to phase 4 of the parelli training.  Eventually we calmed down enough for him to let me near him. Then when he was happy with me being there i started stroking him and brushing him. After that I came out for a while, and was stood at the door talking to Lynn the yard owner. Magic was coming to the door and saying hello . I then moved on to putting his Haynet up and we went through the same scenario, but again I was stubborn and I showed him who was boss not him show me who was boss. It's time for me to step up and for magic to realise that he is no longer in charge. So once we went through the same situation, I gave him some fuss and attention and then just left him to it.

I spoke to Lynn and it looks like magic can go out sooner than we thought that he could do, which I am so happy with. Starting tomorrow he will be going out in the field in his on his own, it will all be electric fenced off at the weekend. But for now when the other horses come in he will be going out for a few hours. Then in a few weeks magic can go out while the others are out in there field and he will be in his field until he's gelded then he'll be able to go out with the herd. I'm so worried about him being bullied but I think that the way that we are working and doing it when he goes out with the herd that he will be fine. My boy really does mean the world to me.

I am so happy with the situation that he is in and the new yard is amazing. So much better than where magic was before, he's happy he is looking healthier.  He's having haylage which is filling him up and making him look good at the moment. It's just giving him lots more energy than he had before.  Magic is amazing he's got that spark back in his eyes and that is what makes me the happiest and makes me feel less stressed. I can now go home and not havery to worry about him, I know that he is safe and that he is content.  I know he's got a lovely lady keeping an eye on him and making sure that he's okay and that's all I need.  I'll straight up say that my head might be a mess but at the end of the day I'll be happy. Because my little boy is happy. Tomorrow I will carry on with his training and hope that he is okay I'm sure he won't likea it but eventually we will get the message through loud and clear.  But for now I'm going to go back to watching  the Mr play pool and hope to God that he wins this bet. Then I'm going to walk and get something to eat.  My life might not be perfect right now, I may not have the 'perfect pony', I may have my head issues but at the end of the day I am happy with the life that I've got. Yes I've got bad health both physically and mentally but the things that I do have at the moment are a bigger list and they are:-

  • My amazing horse, who it makes me really happy to see.  
  • A loving and supporting boyfriend that has done a lot for me. 
  • An amazing mum and dad that do the best that they can by me and finally. 
  • I know have a stable income. I might not be getting it the way that I want to get it but I've still got an income and a way to support my amazing little man and that is more than I can ask for. 
Yes I have lost things but at the end of the end of the day I have also gained things and maybe it is about time I stopped looking at the past and start focusing on the future. It might not be amazing but it's what I've got and it's what I am happy with so that's the way that I'll stay. And in the future I will keep on developing and growing, I will learn things, I'll make mistakes, people will come and go but at the end of the day the one thing I can always rely on to brighten my day is my midnight magic. My whole life i have been told this isn't possible and that's not possible, well actually they were all wrong because my dream that wasn't possible and I got told for years wasn't is now curled up in a nice comfy warm stable, where he's that happy and that's what gives me the motivation to go out and live the life that I want to live. I'm not perfect but I am me. So for now I'll leave you with this thought 

'DREAM AS IF YOU'LL LIVE FOREVER' because that dream could come true any day of the week. Mine came true on the 19th May 2015. It's onwards and upwards from here. :) 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic 

48. I need to vent

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Okay guys so I need some opinions but I also need to vent, so figured that here was the best place to do it as my facebook is being spied on so I can't really put on it what I want to put on it. But I'm keeping those certain people on there so they can see just how well my little boy is doing instead of constantly putting him down, and if they're reading this well tough. This is the only place I can really put what I am thinking and what I am feeling without being judged by social media, arghh the joys but back to the point. 

The small minion with the massive baby! 
Monday - As you'll know Magic was doing really well, he went in the school to let a little bit of steam off that evening and my little nephew came up to see him. So he was on his best behaviour. I trust that horse 100% and Brody (with me stood inbetween him and magic) even managed to lead him (holding the very end of the lead rope). I've got pictures that I will show you guys later on. In the school he was amazing, he was a little bit grumpy about his food but nothing that was too out of control. 

'What the hell is that small creature' don't think Magic really knows what small children are, definitely a what the hell moment. 
Then we move on to yesterday, as soon as I got there I could see all the energy that had been building up so my mum and jack took him down to the school to let off some energy while he was doing some join up. While they were doing that I decided to do his stable with Brody's help he then came back up to the stable and I tied him up outside where everyone gave him a fuss and some loving and gave him a good old brush. Which he really did love. I then left him for the day because I want to keep his routine as similar to possible, I know it's going to take him a while to settle in to his new home so I don't want to change to much, and he's already had a big change in going from Hay to haylage. I then went up last night and you could see again that he was full of energy (well until he's dropped (one of which has the other one hasn't), his balls) he's not able to go out as it's a mixed herd which I'm fine with. Again mum and jack took him in to the school, while I was sorting his stable out and then here comes the fun part. I went to give him his food and he was pacing around in his stable wanting it, I gave him it and then did exactly what i've been doing for about a week now which he is slowly getting used to and started playing the friendly game with him. Then out of no where I got a back leg straight in to my stomach, which I was not happy about at all, and he knew it. So i came out the stable to get my breath back and then went back in to close his tack room door and lock it, a firm 'MOVE YOUR ARSE NOW' and the use of my carrot stick kept him well away from me. Now clearly this is still something I need to work on. My riding teachers opinion is he is finding it as a game and I need to break him of the habit. My opinion is the same but also that the haylage may not be helping and also that he is playing a game and I need to get him out of the habit, it is just how we manage to do this. 

For now I'll leave you with some pictures.
My big man, showing my little man, what to do on my fluffy man! 

Just look at that shiny coat, my pretty fury baby! 

100% trust in this pony to NEVER hurt a child, in fact to NEVER hurt anyone intentionally! 
Until Next Time 
Amber Wagner 

47. Day Two

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Okay so you lucky people get two posts today, I meant to put my second post yesterday but was unable to do so because things kind of kicked off with people from the old yard last night and I just ended up turning my laptop off and then completely forgetting about it! I know it is such a typical me thing to do.

I went to do his stable this morning and was surprised to find him up and awake however I was not surprised to see the party for one that Magic had, had in his stable last night. I was surprised to see though that the lovely yard owner had put Magic some haylage in this morning as he hadn't got any left. So she had checked on him and seen how he was and given  him something to last him as I was running ever so slightly late. I then got to work on mucking out magic, it didn't take as long as i expected because it would appear that he has decided that he does not want to poo on his straw as gross as that sounds but that he wants to do it on the rubber matting, and that he will wee on his straw, which actually made mucking him out a whole lot easier. I'm being very careful and watching his weight because he has been on hay before and not on haylage so this is just something that I need to monitor and watch. 

Then came to having to school magic which I wasn't expecting to do this morning, he was a little bit more defensive today about his food again but that's fine he's gone through a big adjustment. He was happy to let me put his food in his corner bucket for him. But not so happy that I was in the stable so I just swept around him for a bit and then played the friendly game with him, then moved on to the porcupine game I'll be honest to start with he wasn't to happy about it but I stayed firm with him and was adamant about the fact and he eventually submitted to me and did what I asked it might take me a little while longer but we will get there in the end.

Okay I forgot to post it, blonde moment over here like normal.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic 

46. Picture overload

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Well this is going to be a very quick picture overload but I decided that today Magic deserved two posts. I went up to check on magic at lunch time and he was great, his hair is really starting to change, he's shedding one coat and it's starting to look really shiny. I gave him lots of love and fuss and of course took like a million pictures. Then when I went up at lunch time we did some join up only very briefly in the school and I then put him back in his stable. When he was in his stable he was like a completely different horse, he was calm relaxed and chilled out. I made sure his stable was all cleaned out and then after that I put him in. I went in to his little tack room to get him his food, and he was completely oblivious I then put his food in his bucket and he didn't even try and come in my personal space. After I had put his food in his bucket, I stood near him and played the friendly game with him. He was completely accepting to this, I then moved around the stable for a bit, I went in to his tack room and sorted out his feed for tomorrow. After that I swept around his stable for him to finally start to get used to him having someone in the stable while he was eating, again he just completely ignored me. I then put his things away, in his tack room, and locked the door. To get out of his stable I then had to go past him and both my mum and Jack expected him to do something while I was walking past him but he did nothing. He just stood there eating his food and completely ignored me, so when I went out and stood on the outside of the door I waited for him to come over to me and then I gave him some treats as I just thought that he deserved some. But now on to the photo over load before I go and get some sleep! 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic 

45. The move

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6.45am - I got woke up, I was not happy to be woken up, I'd been dreaming about this move the whole night and I was beyond exhausted. I didn't go to sleep until quite late and then I was up, I'd set out all my clothes the night before for me and Jack so that we could just get up in the morning and go. 

7am - Got to the yard, NOBODY was there which was exactly the way that I wanted it to be. I mucked out his stable at the old yard for the last time ever. I made sure that the stable was really clean and that I hadn't left anything in it. I loaded up the last few things in the car and we were ready to go. I received a lovely text from my riding teacher saying good luck today and that she knew that I would be fine, this gave me a real confidence boost as my riding teacher knows me better than anyone (horse wise) and she believed in me. Along with my mum, dad and boyfriend. 

Do you think we had enough hi-viz on I was taking no chance that magic was going to not be seen. I needed him to be seen from a distance because the backroads were just so horrible in between his old yard and his new yard. 
7.29am - time to hit the road. To start with he was a bit spooky but I think this was because he was picking up on my nerves however once I had calmed down and chilled out and was just talking nicely to jack while we were walking along Magic was fine. He was such a good boy although you could tell when he was getting tired towards the end. He started walking slowly and just rubbing his head on me and he was just being really friendly and nice. It was cute to just see. It took us 1 hour and 8 minutes and we walked 3.2 miles. Jack walked every step of the way with us, which i'm greatful for. I'm also hugely greatful to my mum and dad for driving behind us with hazard lights on to make sure that he is okay. 

Magic and the view from his stable. This yard is clean and tidy, everything is organised and where it's supposed to be. Magic looked tiny in his stable, but he also looks a lot happier even in this picture. 
8.37am - Arrived at the new yard. We got there and Lynn had opened the electic gate for us. I tied magic up outside his stable and took all his hi-viz off which I Think he was relieved to have off. I then put him away in his tack room. Jack took his leg things off and he was happy to let him to do it. I then gave him a really big fuss before putting him in his new stable. He looked tiny in it compared to his old stable, he was so much happier. I was even able to put his food in and wander around while he was eating it. I'm so proud of this amazing little man. 
Part of our view from our walk today.  Magic in all his hi-viz (I even managed to get a little bit of pink in), and the lovely countryside beside him you could even see the sun starting to rise behind him, it really was lovely. 
I decided to leave him on his own to just settle in, in his own time because I didn't want to drastically change his routine at the moment. He is in a nice happy settled routine, and he knows what's done when. I have no changed this routine by making it so that he's in a completely new and strange place, so I want to keep everything else as similar as possible. 
My view of my boy in his stable from my little tack room, I plan to get a chain that goes across the door way so that I can leave that door open and magic won't be able to get any, Magic is an amazing horse and really has done me proud, He'll be getting lots of fuss later on.
I popped in to see Fiona today as well, and spoke to her because since I've had Magic he has been on hay, however now that he is at the new yard he has been put on haylage. Which is fine, but I wasn't sure how he'd react to it so Fiona and Zoe suggested that I put him on the pink powder haylage balancer. This would make it a smaller chance of making Magic to hyper or out of control but will also reduce the likely hood of him having an upset stomach until he gets used to it. I have never had any experience with pink powder so I am not sure how he is going to react to this I am hoping that he will be fine with it but only time will tell. As I have had no experience with Pink Powder I was wondering if any of you guys had and could give me some opinions on how it's worked for you guys. I am so proud of this super little man, he's really exceeded my expectations and he will definitely be getting lots of love and fuss later on. 
A view from part of our walk. While the work was hard work and I probably wouldn't chose to do it again, I also know that I can do it now, which means that Magic and I will be out and about walking more (no where near as far but just wandering about every now and then). Or I might take Angel. 
The plan for the rest of the day is at about 1pm I'm going to go up and check on magic, give him a brush and some fuss and just see how he is doing and hope that he's okay. I'll give him lots of love and just make sure he looks pretty. I will then leave him to it and then at the normal time that he would get fed at I will go back up play a little bit of the friendly game with him and then give him his night time feed. Magic is a great little horse, and today has just proven to me that dedication and putting my mind to something really does mean that the skies limits but for now I'm off to get some sleep before going to see Magic at 1pm. 

Until Later 
Amber and Magic :) 

44. Exhausted

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And the hard bit isn't even done yet! Today has been a hectic day, I had to cancel my lesson on Gatsby which I was gutted about because I had just got so much to do for moving Magic tomorrow at 7am! I am going to be exhausted and think that my poor boy will be asleep at that time to but I do love him. 

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was get my mum and jack to make the 40 minute drive to Cannock to a riding shop, where I got him loads of hi-viz, I might have gone a bit over the top but with where I live it's mainly country roads and the roads are narrow, and I'm just not risking someone not seeing him. 

We then went up to the old yard, and gave magic some fuss, I think that he knows something is going on but I gave him a really good groom and made sure that he was okay and happy and then tried his hi-viz exercise sheet on, with his hi-viz leg boots. I don't think that he was very happy with it but I left it on him while he wondered around in his stable, while I packed away all his stuff. Jack took all the electric fencing down, while mum and I started putting the small things in the car. Then Jack lifted the heavy things in to the car and two of his filled haynets that I had got left. 

We then drove the route that magic, jack and I are going to be walking tomorrow, which is quite hilly but none of the hills are too steep. It's just under three miles, when we got to the new yard, I unloaded all of magic's stuff in to his tack room (which only i have a key too), yes your reading that right he has got his own personal tack room, put him a bed down ready for the morning and a hay net up. I got all his things in the place that I wanted them and was happy with and then realised that I hadn't got a corner feeding bucket for Magic, so Jack my mum and I rushed around to get hold of one. We've got one and Lynn's husband has said he will put it up for me tomorrow. I'm expecting him to be exhausted by the end of tomorrow but i KNOW that it is the best move that can be made for him.

But for now I need to rest as I've got a long ass walk tomorrow and I am so NOT prepared for it, I have no idea what's to come all I know is that I have a huge amount of confidence in my little man. so here's some pictures of his new place and of the cute fella himself.

I love this photograph of Magic and I, for once he's got his ears forwards although do you guys think he's hi viz'd enough lol! want to make sure that he was seen, i know overly cautious but best to be safe than sorry. 

I have my own tack and feed room, this is one side of it.

This is the other side of it.

And this is magic's stable I think that he's going to look so small in it but I think that it will be okay, I'm not sure where I'm going to put his corner feed yet. That door is the door in to my tack room bit so it's all very personal and I Really like that. 

Until Next Time
Amber And Magic 

43. Barn Drama

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I've finally gotten to the point where I have had enough, of interfering busy bodies. On sunday Magic and I will be making a big but very difficult move am i worried about it? yes. Do I KNOW that I'm making the right decision for both me and him? Yes. 

Yesterday I had major problems, I've been doing the join up with Magic and the school and had come to the agreement with Donna who own's the yard that this was acceptable as long as he did not paw the ground, chew on the fences or role. Which I had said that I was fine with. Then yesterday I got an arsey, snobby message of the yard owner in front of everyone on the yard saying that I was in the wrong, and that I should know Magic is to not do this in the school. I explained the situation and got called by another livery rude and then the yard owner denied ever having the conversation with me, making me out to look like a right mug. I then said this very politely and had one of the other liveries giving me abuse all over whatsapp and then another one slagging me off. For the past couple of weeks since one person in particular told me to sell Magic I've been having nothing but problems with them. I know for a fact people have been using my stuff behind my back and that someone has been interfering with magic and I think that it's bang out of order. 

So yesterday afternoon I spent nearly three hours to find another yard that will have him, as no-one really wants him because he's a colt, and because he's a baby. Eventually I struck Gold, a lovely lady called Lynn (I hope I'm spelling that right), spoke to me and said that she had got a space available but was a little bit wary about the fact that he was still a colt. She showed me around the yard and we talked, there is 13 acres, a cross country jumping field, all year turn out, it's a mixed herd, there is an outdoor school, and my stable is massive with a tack room! Honestly to me I think that it is perfect for him. There is 24 hour cctv, electric gates that you can only get in using a key. It really is amazing and I feel like Magic and I will be able to improve so much more here and that he will be so much happier there and at the end of the day that is what really matters to me. 

So tomorrow I am packing all his stuff up and taking it up to the new yard, and then very early sunday morning, I will be making the three mile roughly walk to get Magic to the new yard. As because of the short and urgent need it hasn't been possible to get Magic any transport. I am sure that he will be a bit confused but I know that he'll set in to a happier routine there and that will reassure my mental issues. 

I saw my doctor today and they prescribed me anti-depressants and said that I need to take them in the morning as they are sort of an upper where as all the other medication that I am on is a downer. Unfortunately these will take a while to kick in but I am sure that we will be fine in the end. I spoke to her and she resolved the issue with the sick note, and that I need to start coming down off the tablets that I am on as they are long term addictive and she doesn't want me to be in that addicted situation. 

But for now I am off to sleep as I em exhausted and got so much planning to do before tomorrow and Sunday, if anyone has any advice then please fell free to leave me a comment but for now i'll leave you with this funny snap. 

This is just a normal day in the life that is Amber and Jack, we do weird and random things. We provide entertainment for others but at the moment we just enjoy ourselves and have a little bit of a laugh and a giggle. 

Until Next time 
Amber And Magic 

42. We did it!!

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I don't think that I have ever been as proud of my little man as I am today. For those who have me on Facebook you will know that magic has always been a bit difficult about having his feet touch and it has taken me a hell of alot of hard work and patience to be able to pick up all four feet.  His back ones being the hardest, as he would kick out prance about, just be generally stupid. Eventually through using parelli I was able to touch and pick all four feet up.  While he has had his front feet trimmed twice he has never had his back feet done and I finally felt like he was ready to have all four feet done. Last night I was really really apprehensive about actually managing to do this today but as magic has a habit to do he proved to me that he could do exactly what I asked him to.

When Craig got there he was tied up,  he made the effort to fuss him and say hello to him and I explained the situation that magic has got with his back right leg.  Craig said that he would do both front feet first and then move on to doing his back feet but that he would do his good bad leg first. I said that this was fine and that we'd see how he got on. He picked up his front feet and held them beautifully for Craig. He got impatient towards the end but he did what he needed doing. I then showed Craig how if you asked magic to turn and face the other way so you could do his other side he would do this and he  was really impressed with this. He then moved on to doing his back feet,  and I was a little bit nervous but I kept breathing slowly and giving magic lots of fuss and he was amazing to say it was his first time. He got a bit impatient when it came to his back leg and tried to kick his leg out once. But other than that he was very good and Craig said that I was to carry on training magic the way that I am doing because he is so calm and like a completely different horse.  I took that as a huge compliment as we have had a rough tie recently but now that I've gone back to training him the way that I want to train him he is coming on in leaps and bounds if anything I think that this haa proved to me that I need to stick with training him how I want to because listening to other people caused us to have major steps back. Where as sticking with my gut instinct has caused magic to come on in leaps and bounds.

After Craig had gone I gave him some treats and some fuss and then took him up to the school. I let him off in the school and he did a few laps in canter but he wasn't overly stupid. I then asked him to do the join up but I could just tell that magic was tired so I didn't ask for to much of him, I let him do what he wanted we played a bit of the friendly game did a little bit of the leading and then I put him in his stable which had got a nice big fresh bed. He seemed happy with it and I'm sure when I go back later I'm sure he will be fast asleep. But now for some pictures for you all.

Magics silly face again. With my mum in the background. 

My boys pretty feet I am so proud of my little man. 

This is magics silly face but even that looks so cute.  

One of my favourite photos i think it just shows the gentle look that he has got.  

Front feet trimmed but dirty after a play in the school 

Magics back feet after they have all been trimmed. Very happy and proud of my little man. 
Until next time
Amber and Magic

41. Baby steps = a huge improvement

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We did it and today Magic and I had a great breakthrough.  I did magic this morning, and gave him some fuss while making sure that he had got a really big bed as the weather is still very unpredictable at the moment. While I did this my mum gave him a brush and made him look all pretty,  I hate it when he looks scruffy lol my ocd comes in to play and I just have to make him look the best that I know that I can do. I can't wait to be able to give him a proper bath and see him all gleaming and sparkling. I know he won't stay like that but it will look good at the time.

Then I did a few jobs out and about before coming home. I'd got some post when I had got in and it was my assessment for fitness to work at the moment, I found it so hard to fill in because my illness varies from day to day so I couldn't give them a simple yes or no answer. It took my all afternoon to fill it in and by the time that it was done i was so glad. I then spoke to the person that was supposed to be ringing me to sort out my mental health issues to basically be told by her to go away and sort it out myself now I'll be the first to admit this did not put me in the best of moods at all. But I dealt with it and just got on with doing the jobs that I need to do.

I then went to do magic tonight and knew that I had not got a long amout of time. So I quickly sorted his stable out first and then went on to working with him. We went up to the school and did some join up, which he is slowly starting to get the hang of, while some people might not agree with it I think that it's amazing it allows magic to let all his fizz out and then come back to me when he's calm, submissive and ready to do some work. We did not do a lot of work due to the fact that I had not got a lot of time to work with him.  We played all three games again and he picked them up very quickly. We then went for a walk around the school and I thought that I might be pushing my luck but I walked him all the way around the school calmly. When I felt like he was listening to this I then moved on to asking for small amountsize of trot. I didn't intend to push the point of the trot if he wanted to do it then he wanted to do it. If he didn't want to do it then he didn't, but he surprised me and he trotted straight away when I asked him to. We did this twice and then called it a day as I felt that he had done very well with the work that I had asked him to do. For me the most important thing is having a bond with him and that's why I am spending so much time working on the ground with him. I then put him in the stable and took his head collar off he was again very good for this. My mum then put his food in and while he was a little bit pushy he was respectful and listened to what he was told to do. I then once he had got his food in with him played the friendly game with him, my aim of doing this is to teach him that it's okay to be touched or have people around him while he is eating and that he isn't going to have his food taken off him.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day I've got to be up early to do magic and then the farrier is coming out to do all four feet. I am a little bit nervous about this due to the simple fact that he's still not the best with his back feet he'll Let me pick them out twice  a day but you can tell towards the end that he is getting slightly impatient. So only time will tell whay will happen tomorrow. I'm hoping that he'll behave and just do what he's asked to do but I'm sure with magic he's going to surprise me.

So for now I'm off to get some sleep because I've had a long day and I've got another long day coming tomorrow.

So until next time
Amber and Magic

40. Pancake Day.

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Today is Pancake day and that makes me really happy because I love Pancakes. So I don't know whether it will be my mum or I that make the pancakes it will still be amazing so my question for all my amazing followers is what do you like on your pancakes?? My favourite and my boyfriend thinks it is insane is sugar and orange juice I know that might sound really strange but it is something that I really enjoy, I do also like things like chocolate spread, golden syrup and things like that. I also have a really sweet tooth so you can imagine for me this is just one of the best days of the year. It's AMAZING.

Now on to my actual blog post,  mum did magic this morning as even though I am on all my tablets, the stress of yesterday made it really hard to sleep but I did spend yesterday evening drawing you can see my drawing below.  But yeah mum did magic as I wasn't well.  My plan for magic this evening is to get him to do a bit of work, he still doesn't fully understand the join up method that I am teaching him,he is slowly coming to terms with it. I think he is doing really well and I am really happy with him. So we're going to doesn't me join up to get the fizz out of his system and then when that is done we will go back to doing some more work with the parelli games. He's picking these games up really well and is warming to them very quickly. I have even started using them to get past a slight behaviour issuethat we have in his stable this only happens when your putting his food in but it's not something that I am going to put up with but eventually he will have to learn and I am sure in time that he will do. At the moment when you put his food in he gets very defensive, and stamps his foot about. Twice though, I have put his food in and he's gone on the aggressive side and tried to kick me so I now take my parelli stick in the stable with me and make sure he stays out of my space which he doesn't really like. I'll time hen wait by his head for a few seconds when I put his food in and let him calm down. I'll then slowly move away and from the other side of the stable I will play the friendly game with him this is slowly making him much happier about people being near him with food. But anyway I'm off to read more of m monty roberts book so I will leave you ask to it.

A drawing that I did of a pretty rose :) 

Until  next time
Amber and Magic

39. Testing day

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Today has been a testing day it's been hard work tiring, a big fuck up (excuse the langauge) but I am so glad it's over with. I didn't sleep well last night but I got up at 8.1pam  to do magic. While I was doing his stable my mum and jack went to pick up some of jacka brothers stuff from his mum's house and thought that we were going to be dropping Josh off in matlock. When we got to matlock though we soon found out that the plans gad changed and he'd decided to stay where he was. Which aggravated me a bit as I had rushed to do magic but I wasn't really bothered because it was one less job to do.  I then had to go to the dentist (I hate them), and while I was on the way there I recieved a phone call from provation staying basically I was in major shit. My doctors had messed me about and decided to change my sick note without even telling me so they were then telling me that if I didn't turn up on Friday to do the unpaid work that at the moment I am to ill to do there would be a warrant out for my arrest so of course this was obviously quite a stressful day as we spent the whole day trying to sort this situation out and I am hoping that I have finally got myself in a position to be able to have everything sorted.

Magic then had his tea early and lots of fuss and love. Magic is slowly getting better at being around people when there is food that is involved but unfortunately he still has a temper tantrum every now and then about it. While my mum was giving him lots of love and attention I was mucking out his stable as I am quite fast at doing this and find it easier to do it than my mum does. Today he got a day off work as I have decided that he will work every other day.  Just to get him in to a routine of being worked but also having the time off time that he needs as the fact is that he is still a baby.
Oops I forgot to post this last night so here's last night

Until later
Amber and Magic 

38. Photo over load

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Well magic and I have been back to working harder than ever, after our lesson with Fiona I did some more work with him on Thursday and then he had Friday off as he just looked tired to me.  On Saturday I had an amazing lesson on gatsby, the amazing horse is still just as amazing as ever. We worked on lots of lateral work mainly leg yield but we started to do little bits of shoulder in all though this is something that I still struggle with. We also did bits of Canter work and he was being such a good boy, we worked mainly on my seat and making that more effective but we also worked on my hands as out of my whole body my hands are my biggest problem as they move quite a lot. We did some canter work, making sure to get a nice contained canter but with plenty of energy.  We then called the lesson to an end as gatsby was really starting to struggle with the wind and rain  that's was beginning to happen.

I then went and spent some time with magic and got a very responsive action again the wind played a huge part in this. He reared up twice during the join up process which didn't go very well, I put him back in his place for doing that and sent him away then when I felt that it was all out of his system I calmly asked him to come back to me and pay attention. You could see when he was starting to get tired so I figured that it was time to move on to the parelli we spent a good amount of time on the friendly game, which I am sure is his favourite game out of them all. I then moved on to the porcupine game and the yo-yo game both of which are games that we have only played a few times but that he is picking up very well. When  I was happy with the work that I had done we then went for a walk down the road. He then got a really nice brush and lots of loving I am super proud of my little boy. But here's some pictures for you, as I'm getting tired :).
My boy decided that he didn't want to take a cute photograph today.
Look my mum I can stretch my legs out really really far, aren't I clever. 

Jack trying to 'photo bomb' my picture of Magic, and Magic is just like oh my God gives me attention now. 
My boy in his Iver size rug playing football 

magic says this is my good side  

Don't care how stupid I look I love my boy. 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic