Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Merry Christmas

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So it's been such a LONG time since I have blogged and I really do miss it so much, I keep saying that I am going to get back in to it and I really do plan on doing this but with Magic being poorly and one thing after another, time just runs away with me. So first of all Merry christmas I hope that you all had a fantastic time! 
Merry Christmas from my amazing little man and I. 

So I got some amazing presents off my family they included, a framed clipping of Magic's hoof, from the first time that Magic was ever trimmed by the farrier! His feet were just so tiny. I got a lovely charm off my daddy for my pandora bracelet and two charms from my boyfriend he really did surprise me. He got me a pudsey charm that I have been wanting for a long time, and a charm that says 'home sweet home' and is a home, to represent our new home next year, but more to come on to that later! I also got a soda stream, socks, some beauty products, hand made by my mummy bean bags and dressing gown with AMAZING EMBRODIERY ON THEM! Honestly people you should see the things she makes and I can guarantee that you would want to buy them! She also made me two amazing dog beds to fit on my windowsill (where my dogs love to fit), that both my dogs and I ADORE! I really do have a very clever and talented mum. 
My lovely clipping from magic's first time being trimmed 

my pretty charms! 

Finally my best christmas present was hearing that Magic's going to get better. The vets came out to see him on the 23rd December and are coming back on the 6th January, they said that he is looking 100 times better to them. He's still on the steroid, but it is slowly being reduced, he's still not allowed out. However we now have a plan, he has to have LOTS of controlled in hand walking, the plan is to get him off the steroid and continue his in hand walking, to make sure that when he's having exercise and not on any medication that the problem doesn't come back. If he stays looking 'fine' and happy then he will be moved on to being turned out, probably on for small amounts of time but building up to larger amounts of time. That was one of my best presents, cause my midnight magic really is my world. 

In the new year there are going to be lots of changes, I'm not ready to post about them on here yet, but I will be doing soon, these changes are all for the good. However I have also had a big change to my riding career, i'll expand on it more another time, but for now I'll just say that i am unable to ride or see Gatsby any more! Don't worry nothing bad has happened to him he's still well and healthy but it was a big change that I did not see coming! 

So for now I'm off to watch T.V. with my puppies as I'm feeling quite rough! Night y'all. 

Until next time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel. 

Magic's update

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wow it's been a long time since i've updated here, but I haven't forgotten all you guys! I also want to get back in to blogging as I haven't done it in a while. 

So I'm going to start with an update on Magic, the quick summary is Magic's poorly. On the 15th November, I went up to check on him. He was lying in his stable and he couldn't get up, he could get his front legs up but not his back, eventually I got him up with the help of Jack. He came out of the stable hopping lame, I eventually managed to get him walking around the school and he was slightly weight bearing on his back legs. However when he was standing still he would hold one leg up, then switch to holding the other back leg up and he would just constantly do this. The vets came out and were completely baffled by him they put him on bute, and said to give him gentle turn out, so this is what he did but he didn't improve if anything he got worse. 

Then he came in one day looking even worse, he had got no desire, he was even more tucked up, he'd had the course of bute he was supposed to have and for two or three days he looked fine and then out of no where he looked awful again, he was back to 'dancing' with his back legs. So the vets said put him back on bute and they'd come out to see him. So on the 28th November they came to see him again. This time we trotted him up in the school and he was just so painful, he posted positive to a right flexion test. They x-rayed his stifles and they showed up a slightly larger gap in the growth plate than is 'normal'. They did blood tests, and nerve blocked his right hoof, we waited and then trotted him up again and he showed absolutely no difference. The plan now was to keep him on bute, keep him turned out, and see what the blood tests results came back as. Friday the 2nd his blood test results came back and they were showing a slight inflamation, this we assumed was to do with his growth plates so he was put on box rest for two weeks, to go on bute twice a day and no turn out. 

Now we come to the 6th December, I have to ring the vets again. Magic had been lying down in his stable while I wasn't there and lynn (yard owner) was, she watched him try to get up and all she could describe it as was 'heart breaking' he was like a foal that had just been born, he just couldn't get up at all. He eventually managed to get himself up but this was after hitting his head on the wall, cutting the top of his leg, he stood there and was just shaking for about half an hour. So I got there gave him his Bute, and made him a massive shavings bed. The vets came out watched him trot up again, felt him all over and said 'we don't know', he's not showing any signs of pain other than being tucked up and his dancing. He'll let the vets touch him everywhere. So he's had a steroid injection, is to be kept on box rest until further notice and been given sedaline to calm him down when in the stable. 

Today I went to check on the munchkin and he looked so much better, my mum had sent videos and photo's of him to the vets and she rang up and said that to her he looks 100% better and she thinks that this is down to the steriod injection. So tonight he has had his last dose of bute, before on friday he'll go to orally having the steroid. One day next week the vet will be coming out to see one of the other horses so will cast a glance of magic to and we can then decide what to do with him and where we will go from here. He's still loving his fuss, loves being brushed and is such a good boy. He really is amazing, and he always gets brilliant compliments off the vets on how well behaved he is.

But that's my update on magic, tomorrow I will update you on everything else. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.