When the weather is too hot so you just call it quits!

Well things are quite on the horse front, as normal the horses had the weekend off meaning that I also got to have the weekend off. Then today I was planning doing more work with Magic, I was going to lunge him with his saddle on again however when I woke up it was TOO HOT!

The weather was registering at between 26 and 30 degrees, now I'm a human and I don't have a fur coat and I was struggling to even walk around. So I decided that the weather conditions were to hot for him and something that he couldn't deal with. So he has had the day off in his stable. Tomorrow I'll probably do a bit of walking with him and maybe give him a bath but it will all depend on what the weather is doing!

Until Next Time
Amber Rose, Magic, Casper and Diesel

205 bones in the body, and some fab lunge work

So Magic is doing really well. About two weeks ago we had stumbled across an issue while lunging him, he seemed to lunge perfectly going clockwise (right lead) but seemed to struggle going anti-clockwise (left lead). I came up with the idea that maybe it would be easier to try and lunge him on his bad rein first so that he would see going on his good rein as a kind of reward as he seems to generally enjoy going that way, and so far it is safe to say that it has worked a treat! We are definitely two good lunge sessions at walk and trot in both directions. It might even be 3 or 4 sessions that we have had but I am not sure.

I've also been doing bits of riding for Lynn at the moment, I rode Sonny once. I've rode Derry a few times who I do love, but she is a bit more wooden and stiff. She is still a lovely ride though and at the end of each of our rides we tend to go for a wonder down the road and back again. For the first time on Tuesday I got to ride Faze and I love her! She is GREAT! She's an older dressage horse that is going partially blind. She was quite stubborn but the more that I kept at her the nicer bits of work we got to do, I learn that the key is to keep at her and not let her win.

Next week I have a plan for the work that we are going to do and I hope that we are going to be able to do some more riding as well before we go away to Devon on the 28th. I had my BHS on Monday night and we looked in to the skeletal structure and trying to remember all the bones I have remember that there are 205 bones it goes the atlis, axis, 5 cervical verterbrae, scapula, 18 therasic verterbrea, 6 lumber verterbrea, 5 sacral verterbrea and the cocklogel which has 15 to 22 bones in it and I'm trying to get this stuck in to my head as I have a week and a half to the exams.

I then learnt that the front leg contains the scapula, humerus, radius and ulna, carpel bones, canon bone, sesamoid bones in to the long pastern, short pastern, pedal bone and navicular bone. Then the hind leg consists of the Pelvis, femur, petala (knee cap) tibia and fibia and then my brain hits a black what it is before it goes in to the canon bone, splint bone, long pastern, short pastern, pedal bone, navicular bone.

On that note know that I have completely boggled my mind I am off to get some sleep and relax and watch the soaps before binge watching pretty little liars (for the second time).

Until Next Time
Amber Rose, Magic, Casper and Diesel

onwards and upwards

Things are going well with Magic, in fact with all the horses at the yard, as you all know I managed to Lunge Magic and Ride Derry on Wednesday, Thursday Magic got to do a little bit of work, then I lunged Sparky, and then hopped on Sonny for a little bit, before Friday Magic got lunged in the field to do something different.

Over the weekend the horses had the time off, this is the time when Jack's off work so we tend to do things and then I focus on Magic while Jack is at work, we also didn't have a car this weekend.

Today kick started the week off on the right foot. I had a lie in this morning when I got back from collecting a parcel and taking Jack to work, then mum came over and we tidied my Garden up before heading over to the yard. When I got there I lunged Magic for a while, we focused on staying in walk and trot and lunging for 7 minutes in each direction with no side reins. We started off going the direction that he isn't the worlds biggest fan of, because other wise I struggle to get him going that way, and he want off perfectly, he was hoof perfect in both directions in walk and trot.

I then rode Derry, who was being a bit of a mare to say the less, the term moody Mare couldn't be more real. We did some work in the school focusing mainly on walk and trot, and making sure my hips stayed open so that she could drop in to an outline nicely, we didn't get much out line work but she did drop in to it every now and then. We then walked out with Shane. Shane came along for the walk out with me as I am still not comfortable riding out on the road on my own yet, we walked out for about 20 minutes, in just walk, to cool down. She went further out than we had managed on Friday and she was generally very good, there was no shouting today. No rushing today. Just a nice calm walk out.

Tomorrow I am off to do some work with Magic. I think that we will do some work on getting on him tomorrow and walking being led on the bit using his reins, as this is something that we haven't really done yet. Next week my riding teacher will be coming out to give me a lesson with Magic as well.


after being so active today I'm feeling quite tired so I'm off to catch some sleep before another busy and productive day tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow,

Amber Rose

an intense few days.

The past few days have been INTENSE to say the least. Both days have been filled with horsey madness and while I am aching now I feel good for managing to accomplish everything that I have done. There will be some video's soon but I honestly just haven't got around to uploading them and editing them so as soon as I do that I'll let you know and you can all see.

Yesterday I went up to do Magic, after all the ponies nearly escaped from the field I eventually managed to convince him to come and do some work. He had a really nice groom and fuss, which he LOVED. Then I put his bridle with his new reins on, and his lunge cavesson (not sure if I have spelt that right), we lunged nicely for both ways doing walk, trot and canter. Then out of no where going to the right he exploded. I couldn't see anything that had happened so assumed he was just having one of his moments and that he would be fine and calm down, but that I might need to free school him first. So I did what I always do and took all his tack off and when he still wasn't settling down I knew that something wasn't quite right. When he eventually let me close enough to look at his chest I saw that he had actually cut himself at some point, it looked painful and serious, so my mind went in to a panick and then I calmed down and spoke to Fiona who told me what to do. We cleaned the wound, put some aliminuim wound spray on to it and then some Dermisol to help it start to heal. I sat in the stable with him for about 30 minutes and when I realised that he had calmed down enough to get on with going out in the field. So I popped him back out in the field.

I then had a chilled out evening and a good nights sleep with the plan to go up to the stables this morning early on and lunge sparky for lynn possibly lunge magic and maybe ride Derry, but when I got there none of the horses came in so I decided to go home and chill out for a little bit and just play on my playstation. Eventually at about 3pm all the horses came in so I rang my mum up and she took me up to ride Derry. I had already decided that I wasn't going to lunge Magic because he looked tired today and I wanted to give his wound time to properly heal so that I wasn't doing to much and damaging him more.

Once I woke Derry up I had a really nice ride on her, she was stubborn (but then what mare isn't), she worked briefly in an outline, she was arsey, but she was nice. I always feel like I learn something new and it's safe to say that the pair of us were tired after our ride. After we had done 20 minutes schooling we then went for a ten minute walk down the road with mum walking with us as a way to cool down and we got back just in time for her and magic to have treats and then them all to be turned out.

I then had BHS tonight where we worked on Lunging and learning to lunge with side reins on as this is something that we will need to do in the exam (which is just under a month away). We had a play with Pumpkin and I learnt lots of new bits that I didn't actually knew. I asked if I should postpone my test as I know that Lucy is thinking about doing hers later and Fiona told me not to so three weeks and counting and then it will be test time.

I am now off to watch Teen Mom 2, before heading to bed.

Until Tomorrow
Amber Rose

catch up and get back on track

Hi guys,

Tonight's post is only going to be quick as I feel literally exhausted. But I just wanted to let you all know that I will be back on track soon and back to regular posting. Magic has had the past two weeks just being a horse but of course getting lots of fuss due to ill health and a foot injury. Tomorrow I am hoping to get back on track so if I do I'll be back to regular updates!

Until then
Amber Rose

quick video post

Well I am finally in the new house and settled in but at the moment I am too tired and aching to right a proper post, so I'm curled up with a hot chocolate the soaps on and of course the two pooches. So I thought that I would share these two videos of magic with you. Enjoy the videos and i'll be back to regularly blogging recently! Even enjoy Magic's naughtiness it's safe to say that while it was fun to see him having some character he was a complete pain in the ass!

Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic

A quick update!

Well I'd like to start off by saying sorry for the lack in posting recently. A combination of being super busy, as well as run down, tired and ill. Has meant that there hasn't been much time for anything else. This week is going to be super busy but will hopefully be the end of our super busy week. On Friday we move in to our new home. I know that I wasn't originally to in to this house but as time has gone on I have got more and more excited about this house and moving. Plus I'm hoping that it will be the end of moving for a while!

Magic is doing really well, he had a week off last week because I was just drained. Moving always takes it out of me and leaves me feeling exhausted but the stress coming up to this move has really taken it's toll on me. But on sunday we got back to work and got on with doing some lunging. He was SOOOO good, we managed walk, trot and canter in both directions. He still tried to push his luck a bit on both reins to stop working but being firm with him kept him moving and we made sure to end on a good note. The video can be seen below.

Tomorrow Magic will get lunged again, and we will probably work on trying to extend the time that magic maintains the canter, as this really is something that we haven't worked on before. The dogs are doing great and are getting plenty of walks, they're enjoying lots of time being out and about and jack has even joined us on a few walks too which has been nice. We've got lots of new bits for the house that I've probably realistically needed since I had my first flat but I wasn't interested in where as now I want to make things more homely and cosy, plus I plan on sticking around here for a while so I think it's about time to put my own mark on the place when we move!

I'm going to try and post more often again like I had been as I had really enjoyed posting, also I love sharing magic's journey with you guys. I might struggle a bit when we first move on as we are changing internet provider to sky and also getting sky tv. Well I am now on the last episode of Netflix that is available series 11 episode 14, it's taken me a while to get here but I have really enjoyed it and will be sad when it is over!

That's all for now folks!
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic