good couple of rides but dog problems

Monday, 22 September 2014
Well it's been a long and tiring few days but I have had a good couple of rides too. I rode Gatsby on Sunday and we worked on the Canter. We did this really cool exercise that was really tiring but it was so much fun to do. We warmed up briefly (as Gatsby had already been rode and I was feeling fairly well stretched and warmed up). I got Gatsby working nicely but very very forward in the walk and trot then we moved on to canter the idea was that we did two 20m circles with three poles at three points of the circle. At the fourth point and over 'x' there was a box. The idea was that we would canter over the poles on the 20m circle at 'a' when we got to the box we would come back to trot or walk, and then change the bend picking up the opposite canter lead (because you're going around the circle the opposite way) to go around the circle at 'c'. We were basically doing a canter figure of 8 with a simple change over 'x' building up to doing a flying change eventually. It took me a while to get the hang of changing the bend so that we would pick up the correct lead after but I was really happy with the work that we ended up doing. Video's to follow.

Today (Monday 22nd September 2014) I did a 30 minute jumping lesson as now as well as my weekly saturday riding lesson I'm going to be having a fortnightly 30 minute lesson on a monday. We worked on getting Gatsby to have a nice forward trot from the beginning, making sure that he was listening and that he was off my leg. We started off with a simple cross rail jump. Each time I went over it it would get slightly bigger. We did the cross jump at 'B' I then had to ride straight because at 'H' and 'K' was a single pole that I then had to ride over. I could chose to either do this in the trot or canter and I could only walk in-between these two poles. I also had to do the lap around the school multiple times before having a break the idea of this was to build up my stamina and keep Gatsby and I going for long. We did this route as a cross jump for a while before we put it up to a small vertical and omg it felt amazing! For once when it comes to jumping I was the 'pilot' as Fiona would put it. I rode him to and at the Fences meaning that we would get a good jump and it went really well. I loved what we did and am so happy with the work that we did. I just wish that we had some videos but we will do soon! 

Now on to the bad news. Angel (my shih tzu, well she's actually my mums hasn't been very well). Yesterday my dad text my mum when we were out to say that Angel didn't seem herself which she wasn't! She was very hot, didn't want to walk very far and physically couldn't jump up to where she normally sits. We took her to the vets at lunch time and they checked her temperature and told us it was 41 which is apparently very high for a dog. They told us that they thought she had a uterus infection that was building up inside her (at this point they ultra sounded her and it wasn't building up so gave us tablets and sent her home). By last night she was no better, she was getting hotter, a lot sleepier and just generally not herself. We took her to the out of hours vets and they wanted to keep her in, this morning they operated on her and removed her womb. She's come home tonight but she's still not eating or drinking much, she's really not with it and still is having problems breathing and just generally doesn't know what's going on. She's got a check up appointment booked tomorrow for 4.20 to see how she is so I'm just hoping that she will feel better by then. 

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Riding Photographs

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Really love this photograph this is when we were doing 7 trot poles  

Quite like this photograph og me and Gatsby, this was just before a jump (we were doing trot poles in to a jump) and you can see he was getting quite excited.

Don't know but I love this photo of Gatsby and I think that we both look pretty good. 

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Back at Uni today

Monday, 15 September 2014
Well today was my first day back at uni and I am now officially knackered. It's been a long day but we haven't really done a lot to be honest but I feel so tired think I just need to get back in to the swing of things again. We've had five months off so that's quite a long time to then just be thrown straight back in to things if that makes sense? 

Tonight was also Pony Club and BHS. At pony Club we did long reining. Which was really fun it's something that I have never done before but something that I would definitely like to do again. I got a go with Taz who is one of the newest horses at our stables and he was great. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. Would love to do more of it and learn more about how effective it is. I then got to spend some time giving both Mac (another new horse, who is for sale) and Gatsby some love and attention. I found that I really like Mac but Gatsby will always be my favourite. There will always be a special place in my heart for Gatsby, I love that horse. 

At BHS we didn't do that much quite a few people weren't there it was just Molly, Elaine, Alice, Fiona and I. We did have a good giggle though and I really enjoyed it. We talked about different types of bedding e.g. shavings, straw, sawdust, pellet bedding, sand, pete and newspaper. We looked at the benefits and the disadvantages of each one. We then moved on to looking at travelling and the do's and don'ts. What you'd need to check before travelling, what you'd need to travel and what you would never do when travelling. It was a good laugh but by the end of it I just felt knackered but I know that Mondays are going to be my busiest days so I've just got to get back in to a routine and get my sleeping pattern sorted to go with the busier days. 

But anyways that's all for now. 
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Jumping Gatsby 13th September 2014.

Sunday, 14 September 2014
Well Yesterday I jumped Gatsby it wasn't initially planned put I just needed to do something different and Gatsby and I haven't jumped for a while. We started off warming up and getting him nice and lose. when we moved on to getting ready for jumping we did trotting poles first we started off going over five trotting poles before we moved up to doing 7 trot poles. We tried 6 but Gatsby didn't like 6 he couldn't get his striding quite right.When we moved on to jumping we started off on my better rein which is to the right. We had trot poles going up to the jump and then a X jump. It felt good we managed to jump it really well but then we couldn't manage to get the right canter lead when landing eventually we got it right. Then we jumped to the left now this has always been my worst rein. But we got some good jumps I ride better to the left I just have a mental block on it that I really need to get past and sooner or later I will do it's jus taking a while. We did the same going this way and we had some really nice canter work as well. Gatsby was amazing his back is loads better and you can tell a combination of everything that he is having done at the minute is really helping him to work better. 

Photos and videos to come soon! 
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Friday, 12 September 2014
Well Monday was BHS and Pony Club night, I can see when I go back to Uni that Mondays will be my busiest day of the week but we will have to wait and see for that. At Pony Club we did about bandaging horses if they'd got a wound, we used bright coloured vet wrap and practiced on a horses leg. I got Gatsby and vet wrapped his leg in a turquoise/green colour. It looked quite cool and I think that the colour really suited him. We also looked at Tubby who did need his leg bandaging because he got in a fight with Alfie. I got the job of fetching Stan in, then when him and Tubby were in, I held Tubby while we cold hosed his leg, used Hibi scrub on it and then bandaged it up and I have to say that he was a very good patient he stood still and waited for it to be finished. He had a rather nice bright green bandage on by the time we were done. 

At BHS we talked about several things the main topic of conversation was different types of bedding, e.g. sawdust, shavings, straw and pellets. However we also recapped on feeding and then had a conversation about how different yards ran. It's safe to say that Broomfield came up in conversation which was interesting to say the least so I've agreed that next monday i'll take in photographs of Gatsby at the last week of Broomfield, and the first time that I rode him at West Hallam. I dare say that will surprise quite a few people to be honest because he looked awful! The change in him then and now is amazing! I think I've showed you guys before? 

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Walk to Canter and cantering in an outline

Sunday, 7 September 2014
Hiya Guys, 

well my hand is no longer in a cast! I went in to hospital on Wednesday to find out whether it was definitely broken or not. I had to get two opinions on it the first doctor wanted to tell me that it wasn't swollen (which it clearly was) and that it was perfectly fine. I wasn't happy with this because I knew that something wasn't right. The second doctor told me that it was a damaged ligament that was catching on my joints and that was what was causing the pain. So he gave me an injection in to my hand and told me that it would start working in three days. Todays the first day that my hand hasn't been as bad, and has been more managable. 

Yesterday I got to ride Gatsby for the first time in two weeks and I loved it! It's some of the best work that we have done in a long time and I loved it.  We had a bit of an arguement to start with because Gatsby didn't want to work in an outline so he tried every way possible to get out of working in an outline. But we pushed through it and managed it. The walk work was amazing,  he was forward, responsive and listening to what I wanted him to do, it was the same with the trot work both felt amazing! Both felt like something that I wasn't expecting them to be like. Then we moved on to the canter, we started doing simple canter transitions (trot to canter) they felt okay but not the best, I wasn't getting the big canter stride and uphill movement that I wanted off Gatsby. However I DID get the outline in canter when I was doing walk to canter transitions and omg it felt amazing. Being able to get it in the canter improved his trot work a million percent because it enabled me to get a big elevated trot. He felt a lot more uphill and also a lot more balanced so I was really happy with how that went. I only rode him for 40 minutes in stead of an hour because we decided that we didn't want to over do it with my hand but starting next week I'm back riding for an hour again. 

Tomorrow night is BHS and Pony Club night. 

So Until Then 
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