A year gone by and time for a new one to begin.

Monday, 31 December 2012
Well all I have seen over the blogosphere recently was 'a year in review and goals for 2013' posts so I thought why not and decided that I might as well do one, but most of you will already know what this year has been like! I am going to do this in a month by month format and will try and add pictures for you all too!

Nothing much really happened this month I went back to riding at Broomfield and had a few eventful rides on Arthur, I didn't fall off but we had our fair share of arguements because he decided that he didn't like the top end of the school, it also bought on our fair share of cold winter nights, and many nights on Thomas jumping him and then wrapping him up warm in his Duvet and rugs! 
This month was the first month that I got to ride Gatsby, I had seen him one weekend when I had gone up to visit some of the other horses and decided that I really liked the look of him and wanted to ride him, mum asked Steph (who taught me) if I could ride him and the next week that I went up I was riding Gatsby.
First time ever sitting on Gatsby, the one week that I didn't take a camera so it looks blurry cause was taken on my mums phone
This bought on the first time I jumped Gatsby, and the time I jumped him was the second lesson of being on him. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but jumping just wasn't my thing. However my confidence soon grew after Gatsby taught me how to follow his stride and actually work with a horse. The hardest struggle this month was working on working with the horse and becoming one when jumping NOT being two different people.
First time jumping Gatsby, as you can tell he loves jumping and got super excited about it however after this picture was taken i didn't land with him and lost balance but I stayed on!
The month of my birthday yay! Also the first month where I started to become ill I spent the majority of the month not being able to eat properly and being sick, however I kept riding each weekend because that was my thing to do, it was the thing that I enjoyed the most and there was FINALLY light nights again! 
May bought the fall of Arthur, missing the competition and a pause off riding, but it also bought having my hair dyed again and a week at centre parcs with some friends, which was fun and enjoyable. But I missed riding and wasn't allowed to do it til the end of the month! It also bought exams, during which I got a U in my textiles because the majority of it I wrote with a broken hand cause my teachers thought I should I disagreed! This time also bought the end of my textiles coursework!
Cuddles with Gatsby! Even when I couldn't ride I went up to see him and he looked so confused as if to say 'why the hell aren't you riding me and whats that thing on your hand' you can't see it but on my other hand was my splint.

Last riding month at broomfield, I got back on and never rode Arthur for the entire month, even when I should have I said NO and that I didn't want to ride him, I didn't trust him, and several other adults agreed with me that he is a crazy horse! 
It was during July that I did my first ever cross country jumping and somehow we managed to do it in the indoor school but apparently it was still cross country because it was jumping cross country jumps or something like that. This was also my last ever ride on Gatsby at broomfield. At the end of July I was admitted in to hospital and I spent the majority of the holidays doing nothing but looking at different horse things!

Bought the last ride at Broomfield to this day. Then bought riding at a new riding school in west Hallam back riding Gatsby, it's taken a while to get used to riding there as it is a dressage rider thats teaching me and it's something I am working hard at to help me but also help Gatsby to improve! 

Bought much the same as september did lots of fun rides and work on my A Levels it also bought the first of my interviews at Uni which I easily got a place at and was quite shocked when in the end I got a place at all of them! 

More fun riding times on Gatsby, but not such a fun time for Jaimie-leigh when she fell off. She later found out that she could have been paralised from the waist down after the accident but luckily wasn't. She got back on the next week and did really well. I also worked really hard on getting Gatsby in to an outline and think that I have succeed.
Riding Gatsby in the rain, was fun and wit his ears forwarded he seemed to be really enjoying it!
So from me and Gatsby a Happy new year to you all, and tomorrow I will update what my goals are for 2013! 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Creative Side of Life

Sunday, 30 December 2012
so as you all know the past couple of days I have been being creative but have not had the time to put it in a post what it is that I am being creative about, so here is a post dedicated to telling you what it is!

Two days ago I went to look at some boots at Risley Saddlery and decided I didn't like them but thought that whilst I was there I might as well have a look round and see if there was anything else there that caught my eye, my mum and I also needed to look at Jackets because my dad has decided that he wants a Bronte jacket for his birthday but we are going to be ordering that off the internet for him and hope that it comes in time for his birthday which is near the end of January. While I was there I saw these really cute ear fly covers or fly bonnet as it is some times called that you use in riding and put on the horses ears and it keeps the sound out and the flies away, my mum looked at them and said they wouldn't be too hard to Crochet, so I then asked if we could go to Risley and buy some wool, and got black for the majority but then a pink fluffy yarn for the bottom edge at the front! When we got home I spent a while looking on the internet to find a pattern that I could follow that was free and eventually found one that I could use but it was american so I had to keep asking mum to change the stitch names for me and also to teach me how to Crochet as I have never done it before, the first ear I started and then had to do again because i was losing stitches, and splitting stitches however by the time of the first ear second attempt I wasn't doing and by the end of the other ear I was able to do it all on my own! We then had to crochet the crown part to attach the ears together and then had to add a browband to it at both the front and back so that when being used in riding it can be caught under the Bridle keeping it in place! We then Crocheted the rest of it and mum did the bit I couldn't do wear you made it go in to a curve in the middle at the bottom. After this we added the pink yarn. Although we followed a basic pattern there was a few bits that didn't make sense and we had to change, but it worked out in the end and I finished it today! 

You might wonder why I did this? Well the simple reason is it was cheaper to make one than buy one and then it could be personalized to me but at the same time it was one extra thing (in the right size for the size of horse I want) and one step closer to having the things I need/desire for my own horse so that is why I decided to do it. Here's some pictures of it let me know what you think! Also here are two pictures to show you my method of keeping my elbows tucked in!

Here's a picture for you all of what I mean, cause I know they get called a lot of things, the ones above  have fabric for the ears, mine shown below are entirely done by Crochet!

Ears, te one on the left is the one I managed to do on my own!

Front of the finished project!

Back of the finished Project

 Until Next Time 
A girl With A Dream

Dedicated rider or complete lunatic?

Saturday, 29 December 2012
Thanks mum for giving me the title of this post it sure did make me laugh! Well as you know today was my day to ride Gatsby and in true typical English weather it decided to not only chuck it down but to get windy too! But we still plodded on and I got called a dedicated rider again, I am starting to love the compliment but not have as much as I love the sports that we all do!

When I got to the yard the rain was just starting to settle down and because of this we decide that we would do a quick brush down as earlier in the day Fiona had done a proper groom and then tack up quickly while the rain was easing off as, so instead of getting on at 1, we got on at about quarter to 1 but then we stayed on til 2 so we got extra then the hour we normally get! YAY! During the lesson we decided that we were going to do some shoulder in and leg yielding, because it was something I really wanted to try because I have been working on my elbows and I just really wanted to try it. So to start with we did some warming up and spent about 10 minutes in walk, including warming up using the leg yeilds, and the odd turn on the forehand and boy has he changed since I did that in June because guess what? There was NO going backwards! YAYYYY! Major accomplishment for me and Gatsby. We then did that cool exercises down the centre line that I told you all about! We then moved in to the trot and at this point the rain had stopped, thank god for that but it didn't stay rain free! While there was no rain we did some leg yields to the right and I did one shoulder in down the long side next to the fence of the school. Fiona then decided that doing it down the sides was too easy and we needed more of a challenge so instead we were going to do it down the centre line, but when we got to x if we had start shoulder in to the right we then switched to doing shoulder in to the left this was really really tricky and something that I plan to work harder on because it was  fun to do i just need to work better on staying straight on the centre line and moving more from my hips than moving from my waist and Fiona gave me a couple of exercises to do and Elaine said to try swimming Breast Stroke instead of Front Crawl that I usually swim in. The rain started again when we moved back up to trot to do the centre line excercise and Fiona got on Rocky (who is more stubborn than Gatsby to show us how to do it) and even for her he was starting to play up because of the weather! Typical Rain! I then tried this a couple more time and the rain and wind were then really starting to wind the horses up so I walked Gatsby round for a couple of laps and then tuck him in his stable to stay dry! I didn't untack him straight away because there was a lesson booked in after when I ride and we weren't sure whether it would be on or not, unfortunately there lesson was cancelled, so while mum had a cup of tea, I untacked Gatsby and gave him some love and of course tuck a few pictures of him but they are all on my phone so those pictures will be on tomorrow! Now on to the actual riding pictures! 

Splashing through puddles in the rain, just another day riding!

I just love this horse, anything you ask him to do he'll do although sometimes will complain about doing it!

The colour of my jodphurs were supposed to be a really pale cream like you can see on the pic below the rain turned them this colour!

Haha you can see the wet patch of my leg and the dry patch of my leg Gatsby is not happy to be out in this weather! 

Tomorrow I will tell you more about my creative project as I have been working on it all day and just run out of time to post about it now!

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream


Friday, 28 December 2012
Hey guys 

Todays post is only going to be really short as I didn't get round to updating earlier on in the day and have spent the evening working on a new crochet project, it's something that all you horsie fans will love and there will be a post about it tomorro! 

Also wanted to let you all know that tomorrow I am riding Gatsby and it will be my last ride of the year, so there will be lots to write about and I am also going to be taking some horsey pictures so there will be plenty for you to look at over the next few days! Promise! 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Really starting to hate my elbows!

Thursday, 27 December 2012
I really really hate my elbows, why can't they just co-operate instead of sticking out and being damn annoying!!!?? Keeping my elbows tucked in can be the difference between getting the outline with Gatsby or Gatsby shoving his head in the air saying 'forget that I am NOT listening to you, til YOU sort your elbows out!!' so that is what I am going to do. 

A few weeks ago my mum said that if I couldn't get my elbows tucked in place while riding she was going to tie them in place so that I got used to holding them in position whilst doing normal jobs. So that is what I asked my mum to do today. There is pictures so that you can see how I have done it. I also spoke to my riding teacher about doing it and she said as long as I did it so they were tied infront of my ribs and not behind my back I was welcome to do it. So every day I am going to do this, don't care how stupid it looks because I think it might work. I've only had it on for about five minutes so far, and to start with I could feel my arms and elbows struggling trying to move but now I can feel my arm muscles starting to work and staying tucked in place. It's also not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be because I can tuck them in and as long as I don't try and push them out and make sure that they are kept tucked in I don't feel the fabric that's keeping my elbow in place. 

I am also going to ask Fiona if i can try doing this while I am riding. I can't wait Mums have all the best ideas! 

Another picture to show off the colour of my hair.

Cheetah print tie thing to keep my arms tucked in place!

and again but a close up see what I mean about how it really really tucks your elbows in place? 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream.

Boxing Day, and it's Only three days til I see Gatsby again!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012
Hey Everybody,

well yesterday's post was a really short post so today I have decided that I will take the time to make it a longer post. So today we had the tradition of my sister, her partner and my nephew coming over, and boy is that little fella starting to get clever and adventurous! I am not sure if all of you know that my mum has a little black and white Shih Tzu called Angel, who was originally my sisters and was bought for her as a Christmas Present. However at this time my sister already had Two cats that were used to having the space to themselves! Well my sisters Dad rang my mum asking if we would have the dog cause Anne-Marie didn't realize how much hard work it would be and Angel wasn't getting on with the Cats. Angel's been with us ever since, and she is 100% my mums dog but Angel has decided that she doesn't want to be around Brody we think it's because she thinks that she'll get told off but we really do not know. But today Angel was curled up on one of the chairs and Brody was on his own with me and mum watching him from a distance and Brody decided to pull himself up on the chair Angel was sitting on so he was standing holding on to the chair. Then he stroked her and shock horror she let him and for a couple of minutes she stayed there! But after those few minutes she was gone and that set off a whole new adventure for Brody because now that he can crawl he decided it would be fun to follow Angel everywhere that she went!

Then my sister, my mum and I looked at the pattern that we are creating for my sisters Pakistani outfit that she is making, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post but if I didn't let me know and I'll tell you that story! After my sister went we spent time watching T.V. and my brother was going to go out on a bike ride and do some training but for what must be the fifth if not sixth time in a month his bike had a puncture in it, that had appeared over the night when he wasn't even using the bike. Then we watched Eastenders because I just love that show I love knowing everything that is going on because it is just easy to watch. 

Now here I am writing my blog with the dog curled up keeping my feet warm, wait... no she must have heard what I was thinking because she's jumped off and sat on a chair next time! 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Hey Everybody,

I hope that you are all having a good day and got everything you wished for, about all your horses are being spoilt at this festive time of the year! It's only a quick post today and then tomorrow it will be a longer post but here is 2 pictures that I thought I would leave you all with! 

This is another picture of my hair it shows off better the colour of my hair for the purple near the back that almost looks pink which I love and then near my fringe and that side of my hair you can see the copper highlights that I had put in too, which I love.
A more festive picture for you all. After having our Christmas dinner today my mum had got a Christmas pudding for the people in the house that like Christmas Pudding this picture was taken just after my little brother lit it, as that was something he decided for the first year that he wanted to do.
Until Next Time
A Girl With a Dream

Christmas Eve

Monday, 24 December 2012
Will you think Christmas Eve would be a day to chill out and just spend time relaxing, well that didn't happen because all day plans have been being changed and nothing has happened that has supposed to.

We ended up going over to my sisters because we were originally all going to Santas Grotto at the Garden Centre that is about 5 minutes down the road from me. But she was too ill to for that so instead we went to see her at her house and also to see my nephew and of course her boyfriend Mick. We exchanged presents and we won't see her again until Boxing Day, during which we all have a big family meal and unless my sisters ill, Brody's ill or Mick's ill, it happens every year! It's kind of our own Family tradition.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Yesterdays riding Lesson

Sunday, 23 December 2012
So Yesterday as you all know I got to ride Gatsby again but I didn't really have time because of how tired I was to tell you what I did during the lesson. I got there early like I always do so that I could spend some time just grooming him and tacking up and when I got there one of the ladies who has her own horse there said 'its only real riders that ride in this weather' which made me laugh. The weather at this point was a lot of rain but it was very fine rain making it look almost like it was a wet fog, was really weird and when I looked at the Arena it was like a lake at the bottom end of the school and then some big puddles at the top end of the school. Fiona said that if it had been a driving wind and really heavy rain that we would not have rode but because it was like it was she said we might as well because in the world of horses we don't get time off because its raining and its cold and we don't want to get wet. So we might as well get used to this now which was fine by me! 

To start with we spent about 10 to 15 minutes walking around allowing the horses to warm up and during this time Gatsby was showing a really good stretch down his neck and he wasn't bothered by the puddles but we didn't think he would be too bothered by the water because he used to do a lot of Cross Country. With the weather as it is at the minute we decided that we weren't going to work on anything that was too complicated and instead were going to spend the majority of the time working on the outline which is something that I tend to struggle with because of my elbows and I can keep my left elbow tucked in but I struggle to keep my right elbow tucked in. However we did get some really nice outlines in places and I did manage to get some nice halts and then get an outline while halting and walk on while keeping the outline which is something that I was really happy with! While in walk we did the exercise that I mentioned yesterday. To start with you would walk up the centre line turning on it from the right at either A or C, then you would walk about 5 steps and start doing a 10 metre circle to the left, making sure to hit the track, get a nice bend and come back on to the centre line straight, then you would walk another 5 or 6 steps and do this to the right repeating this process all the way to the top you would then make a change of rein turning to the left instead of turning back to the right. 

We then moved on to riding the leg yield in the walk and trying to maintain an outline, I had a couple of successful attempts at this but then I also had some were I wasn't quite turning my shoulder back enough and because of doing this I wasn't allowing him to cross his legs enough and he was walking out through his shoulder, which was a pain. We then did some trot work trying to maintain the outline going from the walk in to the trot. I did a couple of times but also had some bad transitions. We originally went back to walk in the biggest puddle however towards the end me and Gatsby kept on trotting through the puddle adding some leg-yields and also managing to maintain an outline, at one point I did lose the outline though and then completely lost the leg yield. So that was my lesson. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

just a thought

Saturday, 22 December 2012
I've just nicked this quote off 'behind the bit' blog and its really got me thinking maybe it will you guys too but its just a thought 

“Jessica loved everything about horses." 
"She devoted her free time to watching horse movies, reading horse books, drawing horses, and writing stories about horses. We had promised her she could have her very own horse when she turned 10. She asked Santa for new cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. She was a creative, beautiful little girl who loved playing with her little brothers, Travis and Shane. She spent time writing in her journals, making up stories, and doing “research” on orca whales – one of her passions after seeing the movie Free Willy last year. She said her dream was to see a real orca. Thankfully her dream was realized in October when she went to SeaWorld.
 We can not imagine our life without her...We are devastated, and our hearts are with the other families who are grieving as we are.”

WARNING: Long Post

Well the past few days have been pretty hectic and I have been all over the place so this post could end up being quite long but that depends on whether I get tired part way through and decide that I am going to give in and finish it tomorrow, but we will see how I go. 

I'll start with what happened yesterday and go from there! Yesterday was the day that I finally got my hair fully purple, it was a different one to I chose last time and it is quite a deep purple but it tends to look different in different lights for example in one light it looks black another plum and another deep purple! what was supposed to take two hours ended up taking four hours, cause my hair is really long, and they had to use a LOT of dye to get my hair the colour I wanted it! but i LOVE it so here's some pictures:- 

 So above are the pictures that I promised of my hair after that I had tea and went to a youth group that I go to, we even got a new just dance disk and after winning 6 times I was knackered it sure made my legs work hard so today they are really aching! At the same time I got to see my best mate's other best mate that I had never met before and they seemed to be okay, someone that I could get along with quite easily, so I ended up stopping at hers for the night and having a laugh. We started playing monopoly at 11:30 friday night and then somewhere between 3am and 4am this morning we went to sleep, because it wasn't until this time that we gave up at monopoly. Then we didn't wake up til 11:30 am today, giving us half an hour to get something to eat if we wanted or if we didn't want to just chill out, get dressed and that type of thing. 

Today has been a busy day because after I left Evie's I was in the house long enough to put my riding boots on grab a can of Vimto and then get straight out the door again to go ride my boy! Gatsby was great he was so much better than I expected him to be considering that the majority of our arena looked like a lake, that's how much it was raining and it kept raining all through the lessons so there won't be any riding pictures today, sorry guys! As you will all remember two weeks ago Jaimie-leigh fell off rocky, well today was her second lesson back on him, and I think she did really well. She managed to do a bit of trotting which we really hadn't expected her to do, all though you could tell that she really wasn't happy to be riding him. Today we did work on our outline, and I was able to pick up the outline at some points really well but then not so well at other points. We also did this really cool exercise where you are going down the centre line and then ull do a 10 metre circle to the right going back to the centre link then you'd walk a few more steps and then do a 10metre circle to the left and this kept going on all the way up the centre line! 

After the riding lesson that I will go in to in way more detail tomorrow, I went  out with some friends that I used to help out when I was riding at parkside and in Ripley close to where I live there is what used to be a pub but it has been turned in to a fish and chip shop and restaurant, and I had never been to it before but it was REALLY REALLY good, I loved it I had chicken nuggets and chips and the chicken nuggets were absolutely amazing, I just completely and utterly loved their food. 

After this I was in for 20 minutes enough time to straighten my hair before I was going back out again but this time I was going out to a pantomime with another really good mate and we went to see Peter Pan which had Larry Lamb in it he played Captain Hook. It was just so funny and then it also had George Sampson the Dancer playing Peter Pan it was really good and totally worth seeing and I loved every minute of it, it was a really good laugh. One of the lost boys was sooo small he looked absolutely adorable the cutest little guy there and at the end four little kids got to go on stage and got sweets and a George Sampson t-shirt it was sooo sweet. 

But that is the end of a very long day so now I am going to chill out watch Eastenders after watching the end of the school of rock and then I am going to head to sleep it is safe to say it won't be a late night for me. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream.

p.s. tomorrow I will update more about what I did during my lesson on Gatsby

Aching Muscles today but Hair Tomorrow

Thursday, 20 December 2012
My arms are really starting to ache, but as the saying goes if there is no pain then there is no gain. Well my muscles are definitely screaming at me to stop moving them, but no I have to be stubborn, for my riding I need to get more in to the habit of talking my elbows in and keeping them there cause at the moment I find that I keep my elbows in place and then the next minute I think about something else and I don't have them tucked in. So it is something that I want to work on whilst I am doing the day to day things for example typing on my laptop, so that is what I am doing! I am sitting in bed with my elbows tucked in and can feel my muscles starting to ache but I am going to keep doing it. My mum spoke to my riding teacher and they both agreed that this is my main problem so the next step is if I don't do it naturally I am going to tie my elbows in place but not tie them behind my back I was going to tie them in front of my ribs! 

Any way I just wanted to show you a picture of the basic colours that I am having my hair tomorrow, obviously I am not having the hair style that is in the picture because as I am sure you can tell I am in love with my long hair and I don't ever want to loose it. So tomorrow I am having my hair a minimum amount cut off of it, but then I am going to have my layers as well as of course the colours so here goes.

This is the colours that I am having basically the majority of my hair is going to be the purple colour that you can see, then through my side fringe I am going to have high lights of a copper colour, but my copper might be a little bit brightere as I love to stand out look different and I love different colours! 

 Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Trusting a horse

Wednesday, 19 December 2012
Hey guys, 

Todays post is going to seem completely random and out of the blue but it was something that I felt I just HAD to blog about. Early today I was looking at my friends riding pictures on facebook and was in complete and utter shock to see that she had several photos of her riding her horse including jumping her horse without a helmet on. Now you might wonder why I felt so strongly about this, but this is a horse that has been known to take off with her, throw her off, rear up and bolt, and she's put she's doing it because the horse is 'safe as houses' but how can a horse that rears and bolts be 'safe as houses'? It's just not possible and so stupid that she thinks that she can say that. I would never think of getting on Gatsby without my riding Helmet on because who knows what can happen? Horses are unpredictable animals that have a brain of their own and can do what they want. But what do you guys think? 

I can't wait til Friday, for those of you that have been following my blog since May time you will know that I love bright colours and I also love my hair, so in May before I went on holiday to Centre Parcs and had my hair dyed for it, it was a purple/pink colour. Well on Friday I am having my hair done but this time it is going to be more purple than pink, and then through my fringe I am having a Copper Colour to make it more interesting as instead of highlights I am having my hair fully dyed so it will all be purple. Then on saturday I get to ride Gatsby and my mum is going to be using my new camera to hopefully get some good videos of Gatsby.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

Two days and 121 Photographs

Tuesday, 18 December 2012
Well today has been time for me to play with my camera as after my Interviews yesterday I felt really ill this morning and tired so had the day off school and tomorrow I am going back in to school as long as I am feeling better, which hopefully I will. It has been two days since I got my new Nikon 1 J2 in pink of course and boy have I fallen in love with that camera, it's so fun to use and has some amazing features but the best bit is it is sooo easy to use and get used to using.

So today the Christmas decorations got put up it's a week til christmas and they are only just going up because my brother wanted to help put them up but my brother isn't in that often so finding time when he could put them up is pretty hard. Then tonight my sister was coming around so we had to tidy all the things up so that Brody who's just over one couldn't grab hold of them and put them where they are supposed to, he's starting to learn what no means though so we don't have to put away as much as we used to have to when he came over. 

We all had a laugh and a joke and it gave me the perfect opportunity to play with me camera which I loved being able to do, I played around using black and white, colour, flash on and flash off and also got to find out more about my mum and mine's new textiles project. My sister has met a new 'friend' that is pakistani and when she goes over to there house where's the types of clothes that they tend to wear. My sister likes doing this and has given me and my sister two alterations that she wants doing on one of the outfits that she has got and has also given us some fabric to turn in to this particular style of clothing, we took all her measurements so that I could start off by drawing a basic block that is for her size, that I can then alter into being a pattern piece for the top trousers etc. The fabrics that she has chosen are gorgeous I love them, they're sparkly and my sister has surprised me by choosing more red and black colours, which I hadn't really expected her to do. I don't know what I expected but I definitely had NOT expected it to be red, black yes but not red. So I will keep you upto date on how that project goes. Now on to some pictures taken with my new Nikon camera.

The gorgeous little nephew, showing how much of a big boy he is drinking his juice on his own

Auntie Amber why are you pointing that camera at me but not letting me play with it? Thats not fair!

Brody and mummy, he wanted her to eat his jaffa cake but I don't think she wanted it that muchx

I just love the look on my nephews facee like he is seriously wondering what my sister is doing? I don't blame him she can be a bit of a nutter at times!

Me picking him up out of his chair he was excited to get out and we soon found out why, but that's a story for another time!

Brody being held by my sister while my mum holds the bike and he sits on it and pretends that hes biking he's already got where his hands go perfectly!

Candid Photo of my sister and her little man!

Kisses with Gran-Gran hehe he's such a loving little baby, that's when hes not trying to pull your hair out, but we are getting better at not doing that!

Three generations here, mine and my sisters mummy, my sister who's Brody's mummy, and my nephew Brody he's such a good little boy and loves having all the attention on him, being the centre of attention is his favourite place to be and we all love him!
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

only a quickie

Monday, 17 December 2012
so today I had my last two university interviews and I am so glad that they are over because before them even though I don't realise it I get worried/nervous/stressed about how they are going to go, and then after being all those things then normally happy at the end of the interview I feel completely shattered and so do I the next day! 

The first interview was for the fine art photography, which was my least favourite of the two courses, but it was another course at Derby (the closest uni to me). However after the interview today even if I get a place on that particular course there is no way that I will be choosing it. To start with they looked at my work and then said to pick which my favourite pieces were and say why they were my favourite this was easy and I found okay, BUT then they started making me feel even more nervous and on edge. They said that my work was confusing... how can photographs be confusing? NO other course has said this! URGHHH!! Then they said that my work wasn't as good as the others so I would need to start on a foundation course or I'd fail, I don't mind being criticized and told how to improve but I do NOT like being told it's not good enough, and being put down! So I left this interview feeling totally down, upset and annoyed.

The second interview that I had was at Derby as well but this was for the commercial photography this was the course that I liked the most, it was the course that I fell in love with on the open day, and the people that when I met I really liked! This course was just calling my name, from the minute that I walked in to the interview I felt a lot happier, I was more relaxed, less on edge and felt happier talking about my work! As my new camera came today I took it with me to play with whilst I was waiting for my turn, this was the ice breaker as one of the guys wanted to know what the camera was like and was taking a look at whether he'd like it or not. They then looked at my photographs and said while they were very good that they could be better, and that I did well teaching myself, they also looked at my art work and said I was a talented artist, which was a huge compliment for me, as recently I haven't been happy with my art at all. They then asked about my chronic pain syndrome, why Derby university, and if I was happy photographing a wide variety of different things which I was. They then asked if I would mind doing a foundation course as this was something that would help me a lot and something that one of the tutors had done when they were a Student in Derby which I found really interesting, and that often the students that do that extra year are the students that make the most out of the course! This was something I didn't mind and agreed with they then said 'when we offer you a place we will take you as long as you do the extra year' and then had to change it and say that they can't say when as they are not allowed to say whether they've agreed or not and that it would be two to three weeks before I would hear back from them. We had a laugh and a joke and the interview became more a chat with people than formal and structures.

Other GOOD news! My camera came today at 9:00am so I have taken some photographs playing around with 'creative mood' and then using the 'selective colour' section I will put the pictures up for you tomorrow! We still have no idea where my camera went on saturday or how it managed to turn up so early this morning, I am just glad to have it and I LOVE it! 

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Watching the Horse and Country channel and it made me want to update!

Sunday, 16 December 2012
Today's post might not be as interesting as others because what I planned to do for my post today I cannot do. I originally planned to put pictures on as todays post, the pictures were going to be things that I thought represented this time of the year for example the frost on trees making the trues look like they are covered in snow, the Christmas decorations for example our outside fiber-optic tree. 

So instead I decided that I would update my blog on something a lot more horse related, which I think you will all prefer. I have just finished watching the Global Dressage Forum and found one riders opinion quite interesting, although I am not sure of their name as I flicked on to this channel half way through the interview. The rider was saying that she thinks that picking a horse at three and deciding what their discipline is then is wrong, at three how can we say that a horse is meant to be a dressage horse, an eventer, show jumper or cross country horse? I kind of agree with her because we can say that they look like they could be good at dressage but they could be better at something else and we don't know until we try it and give the horse a chance to try it. What do you guys think? 

So far today I haven't done a lot I got up at about 10ish this morning and was going to go out and help my dad do some sweeping up and getting rid of the leaves, but by the time that I had got dressed my dad was just on his way back in. So I have just spent on time looking at your blogs, and catching up on anything that I have missed over the past couple of days. Now i am watching Derek Acorah's Show and it is making me laugh so I am going to go and watch the other half of that.

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A Girl With A Dream 

Riding Antics, getting back on and missing cameras!

Saturday, 15 December 2012
hey everybody,

Tonight isn't going to be the longest post as it hasn't been one of the best days and at the minute I am pretty tired even though I have been asleep from about 6/7ish really not quite sure what time I fell asleep. I didn't update last night as my best friend Evie invited me over to hers and we watched Ghost rider and then part of the Green Hornet but we didn't quite manage to finish that. 

Then today it was time for my riding lesson, there won't be any pictures of that though because the camera that I ordered for next day delivery didn't arrive today when I spent quite a bit extra and no-one knows where the camera has gone because somewhere along the lines the camera has managed to go missing or as my dad said someone might have stolen it. None of us are quite sure what is going on yet with that one but as soon as I know I will let you guys know. 

So today I got to Ride Gatsby again and we had quite a fun time grooming him even if he looked like he had a bath in muddy, I swear that he does it on purpose. We had a laugh because I put his head collar on him and then instead of tying him up I held it in my hand and inbetween eating whenever I went behind him to do his back legs he would turn and look at me and then get back to his food. Jaimie-leigh came back to riding today, she hadn't rode since she fell off so we got her back on and tried to keep her calm and I tried to give her plenty of space on Gatsby. She only walked around but you could see she was glad to be back on! 

I worked a lot on maintaining the outline which to start with was not too hard but because of how cold it was I could feel my fingers start to set in place. Which then towards the end of the lesson it got harder for me to get him in his outline was really hard. We then worked on leg-yielding and doing a bit of shoulder in but not too much of the shoulder in. We also looked at doing leg-yield from the track to the centre of the school and so on to make things about different we spent half an hour working in walk and then moved on to the trot, which on the right left rein was a lot easier than on the right rein and I think that its because physically my muscles are stronger than on my right! Jaimie-leight got after 40 minutes when she was really starting to ache but we think she did well for as lasting as long as she did. So I continued on Gatsby I could feel the improve that I had got now compared to what I was like when I first started riding there and Fiona and my mum both said i could see that. Mainly because I was staying in a better position myself making it easier on Gatsby the only thing that I really need to work on is keeping my shoulders back and my elbows in, and when he does drop in to an outline not starting to lean forwards.

I also got the biggest compliment so far in my riding! Fiona said that she could 'see how much I was improving on Gatsby and that I was coming on in leaps and bounds. That my seat and position were a lot stronger and you could tell I was improving and by doing so Gatsby was to!' It was so lovely to hear that,

I then untacked him and put his stable rug on and his new zealand rug and took his boots off. We had a laugh at this because the first rug I could get on really easily but then the second rug took a little bit more time. Because it had fallen off the rail it wasn't folded easily so that you could tell which end was which so me and mum straightened it out and then to put it on I had to throw it over my head and then place it on his back, only problem in this I got stuck under it and looked like one of those kids that throw a white sheet over their head to look like a ghost, but instead of a white sheet it was Gatsby's rug! 

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Gatsby's Story Part Two

Thursday, 13 December 2012
After the jumping came many more dressage sessions, jumping sessions and practice for a competition that I thought I was doing on Gatsby but then according to Broomfield Jenny, Gatsby's owner said that I couldn't ride him for the competition because she didn't want him to be used for the competition to this day I will never know the truth about what happened, unless one day I ask Jenny. 

Next was the cross country training and boy did I have a laugh with that Gatsby loved it because he was able to goes as fast as he wants when he wants and was able to jump which is something that Gatsby loves to do. We did several different jumps and he loved it, that was the last time that I rode Gatsby at broomfield. After this lesson I was taken ill and put in to hospital and by the time I went back to Broomfield Gatsby was gone but I was told he was coming back. So I waited til September but he still wasn't back his stable was just empty, no horse was in it. During this lesson my dad spoke to another girls mum who was watching her ride and she told us where Gatsby was. BUZZING! After that lesson we went to see Gatsby and he was there, he was the first horse that I saw there. But no-one was there to talk to about lessons. 

The next day me and my mum went up when I knew that people would be there, my mum told Fiona mine and Gatsby's story so far and also Jenny his owner, and she thought it was such a lovely thing for me to do and even sent me a message saying 'thanks for loving my boy so much' which I thought was a really sweet thing to do. We found out the prices and mum was able to pull me out of Broomfield and start me riding at West Hallam Riding Centre. Since then we have been working on mainly dressage and have just started on working on the Canter again and to say I am rusty is a slight understatement but sooner or later I will get there. 

That's the story upto now and I am sure that in the future there will be more fun and jokes to come, and you can all come along on the journey by reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it as this is just the start for me and Gatsby 

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A Girl With A Dream

Interviews and cameras

Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Hey y'all

So today its been my interview for De Montford University at Leicester, I was really looking forward to it even though I knew it wasn't were I wanted to go in the end, but I really wanted to look around and almost use it as a practice interview for the two interviews at Derby on Monday. The tour around the university was long and painful, it lasted for about an hour, and we walked everywhere on the campus including seeing the gym, swimming pool, showrooms for the apartments on Campus and the Student Union. It was then time for a talk on the photography course about what you learn about in each year, and then we saw some of the students works some of them where about it odd but I think that doing any art type of course your going to have students that are a bit eccentric and weird, it's something I love about the 'art' type subjects because you can be unique and do something different. Then we got a tour around the photograph set up, it was an old building that used to be a Shoe factory one problem it has a basement and for those of you that don't know I love watching horror films but since I've started watching horror films I hate basements and I hate attics!

Then it was time for the interview and it was the head of the photography department that I had doing my interview, I was a little bit nervous but I wasn't as nervous as the first time because I had some confidence that people liked my photographs and liked what I do. She was really nice and just made it more like a bit chat then an interview, she suggested photographers that I could look at, exhibitions that I would find interesting and things like that, that I could google. She looked at my portfolio and shocked me because she asked me if I had ever thought of getting a job as a photographers assisant because I obviously took good pictures, new how to frame a photo, looked at the composition closely and was starting to work on editing photos and that I was enthusiastic which was lovely to see. The interview lasted longer than the 20minutes it was supposed to but I really enjoyed it and enjoyed talking to her.  She told me about a student that was horse obsessed like me and did a final project on police horses. She also told me to look at different oscar winning short films which I am going to google later.

When we got in I fell asleep but my mum had emailed a guy called Laurie that works at Derby University, which I think is my first choice of where I would want to go, the first question she asked him was about the Nikon 1 J2 camera which he said was getting really really good reviews and is a good little camera. He also said that he wouldn't been interviewing me like we first thought because he was ill but to tell me that he hoped I enjoyed the interview. My mum emailed him back saying she hoped he was okay and out of the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon 1 which camera did he think would be the best with me. He replied saying that the little compact camera would be the choice he would make meaning the Nikon 1, so looks like some time soon I will be getting a pink camera! He also said that the reason he was ill was he had suffered a minor stroke and he didn't know, so my thoughts are with him as that must be something hard to go through. 

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Gatsby's story part one

Tuesday, 11 December 2012
I know that I already posted today but I wanted to post about the first time that I ever met Gatsby, it was a friday and I had got time off school so after shopping mum took me up to broomfield college, I'd only wanted to see Tobias but when I was stroking him there was this gorgeous black horse tied up eating hay and kicking the side of the wall. The next time I went up I got a picture with Gatsby which I am so gutted about but unfortunately I haven't got anymore so gutted about that. That was when I decided that I wanted to ride him. My mum asked steph if i could ride Gatsby and the next week I got to ride him to say I was buzzing was an understatement.

I got on him and I haven't looked back since. The first time I rode him we were doing a dressage test that I hadn't practiced, didn't know and was trying to remember, I could just feel the gorgeous trot and nice even canter that Gatsby had. we came 4th in that test and I honestly think that if it wasn't for Gatsby I wouldn't have done that well. 

Then the week after I got to jump him I was buzzing I could just feel by the way he moved that he was going to love jumping and boy did he. I had to get used to the fact that with Gatsby you can't predict when he's going to take off and a lot of the time he takes off before he is supposed to but once I knew this it was something that I could work with something that I got used to. I got used to his willing to work nature, but this jumping lesson in particular is one that til the end of the day will always make me laugh we went to jump over the jump but Gatsby got excited and took off earlier, I landed oddly and lost my stirrup and Gatsby just kept cantering so I kept going with him while trying to find my stirrup when he stood still and stopped I don't think that I have ever laughed so much in my entire laugh. 

Here's the two pictures from the first time I rode a horse that I don't think I could live without! 

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Nails done, hair washed and curled up in bed!

Well tomorrow I have got another university appointment except this one is going to be lasting all day so the decision is that I am taking my laptop with me as I could be waiting for ages to do an interview. As the interviews start at 2:00pm and go on to 5pm and we don't know whether or not I will be in the early part or the afternoon or what time, I have a feeling though that it will be towards the end of the day as my last name begins with a 'w' and I am going to assume that it will be done in alphabetical order, but that is the best guess that I have got.

To get ready for tomorrow I had my nails done during lunch time and I love them, I had them done with Acrylic Extensions. Then i had a purple coloured tips with three white lines across the purple and the rest of the nail plain and natural there are pictures and I will put them at the end of this post. I just love having false nails, I think for me they are a confidence giver. By the way by the end of this post my arms are going to really really ache because I am trying to sit up in bed and type while practicing keeping my elbows tucked in to improve my riding its something at the minute that I keep doing until I can keep them there without thinking about it. I think that if I can get in to the habit of doing this in my every day life then it is something I might be able to do easier when I am riding!

Well yesterday I started looking at Nikon Camera's to get a good feel for them as if I take the place at Staffordshire University I will need a Nikon camera as then I can borrow the lenses and they will fit to my camera. At the minute the two that I am looking at is the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon 1 J2, I really like the second one for many different reasons the first being that it is pink and as you all probably know if I could be addicted to the colour pink I think we could safely say that I am!

Okay so Above is the Nikon 1 J2 and I made sure that the pink one is the one that I got the picture of because if I did get this one it would be in this colour. So the plus things about this camera are it's pink, it is compact so would be lightweight but while being compact it also comes with a wide variety of different lenses that you can use with this camera.  You can also buy an adapter so that you can  lenses from a different range with this camera. It has a high speed continuous shooting, motion snapshot and the smart photo selector. It also comes with a mode that allows you to apply selective colouring. The megapixels for this camera are 10.1million. It also has HD movie shooting as well as an ISO speed range from 100-3200. From currys this costs £399.

This is the Nikon D3200, if i was to buy this camera I would buy it in red as I sometimes find that black on it's own can be a little bit boring. Whereas I think this still looks professional. Comes with the Nikon F mounts meaning that you can use the AF lenses (which are the same lenses that you could use with the Nikon 1 Adapter). So this camera comes with 24.7 Million megapixels so it is higher than both the one and the Canon camera that I currently have. From Curries this costs £429.99. So it is more expensive than the other camera but that is to be expected. I like both these camera's and I am waiting for an email from a university lecturer about what he thinks of the Nikon 1. I'll let you know when I know. 

Done nails I love them, I love my local nail bar L.A.Nails in Derby they always do a really good and professional look, they give you the right look for whatever you want. Whether it's an interview, a holiday or just a christmas party

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christmas wishes,

Monday, 10 December 2012
well its getting towards being Christmas, has anyone else got a list of things that they want? Because other than money I honestly don't think that there is anything else that I want. I have been looking at camera's though and have taken quite a nice liking to a Nikon camera, i don't know if any of you have seen the Nikon 1 advertised on television but I think that it is something I am going to keep my eye on. I don't want it for Christmas, but it is something that I might think about investing in at some point. 

So far this week there has been nothing horse related other than watching different programmes on tv that might show a quick glimpse of a horse but that has been it. Oh and reading my horse magazines, I swear I could spend all day reading horse magazines I love them and I love all the celebrity top riders advice that you get to. For example one of the olympic riders suggested putting white tape on the reins where your hands should be. He suggested this to help with working horses in an outline but also for us riders that sometimes let our hands slip when riding. 

I think its little things like this that can make things about more interesting. I love riding and I love reading other people's blogs, status, riding experiences, basically anything that is horse related. I love watching at home with carl hester, don't know if any of you have seen this but it is really fun to watch, I also really want to see Carl Hesters Elastic Reins Master Class. 

I can't think of anything else to say today but wanted to make sure that I keep updating daily because it is something fun and constructive to do. 

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Sundays are meant for relaxing

Sunday, 9 December 2012
So that's what I have spent the day doing, I have read two of my new horse magazines so that later in the week I can do posts about things that I have read in each of the magazine, I have also spent time playing a game on facebook that I really enjoy doing, it's one of those mindless things that you can just tend to do without thinking about doing it. 

I text J-L's mum to see how she was doing today and they let her home just after lunch time, she's aching and pretty badly bruised but has her told her mum that she wants to ride on Saturday, so hopefully I will get to see her then though I would Imagine that she is quite nervous about it, but I'm going to chat to her on facebook later I think, to be honest I am just glad that she hasn't broken anything when she fell because I know how painful and how much of a confidence knock that it can be. 

I also have a few more pictures of me and Gatsby yesterday that I thought I would share with you. 
Me and Jaimie-Leigh I thought that it was a nice shot, Gatsby has his eyes forward and is looking Happy to work.

Practicing doing a square halt something that I don't think I am that good at but the picture shows that he can do it even though he doesn't like to do it.

Not sure whether I was asking for a canter here or if we were working on doing a three loop serpentine.

Love this photo not sure if it is one that i posted yesterday but I love the group shot, if only Rocky and Gatsby's ears were forward and looked like happy fella's
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