Thursday, 31 May 2012
hey guys tomorrow i am off to centreparcs so replies will be slow but I WILL be posting cause i have found my baby notebook in bright pink to take with me so before i go to sleep each night i will post to you all! I won't be able to add photo's until my macbook air is fixed, which I should have back by the end of the week eeepppp buzzing!

unfortunately I am still having issues with typing as when I make certain movements with my hand I can feel the bones all moving it is gross!

any interesting riding stories you guys have got to tell me? 

A Girl With A Dream.
Wednesday, 30 May 2012
hey guys sooo updating you on my life!

not much is really happening im doing my art coursework the majority of the time which as you can probably imagine with a broken hand is not the easiest jobs and am spending a lot of time reading fanfictions (stories based on books that are already out but some of them are really good and they fill up time when theres not much else you can do) so my next theme for art is as my art teacher keeps saying 'afternoon tea' which is what it says looking at cupcakes and still life drawings which is something that i have never really done except when drawing flowers! Below is a picture of the cupcake that I have done and either in this post or my next post I will try and put a picture of the drawing of cupcakes on a cake stand that I have been working on all night.

Cupcake cut out on the cricut (take a look at my mums blog and see who she follows for more about what a cricut is) i then empossed and debossed the broen and pink cupcake and stuck them together (you can see the dots that are little hearts on the brown) and then on the pink I embossed it and then where it had been embossed I put glitter over the top in purple pink and gold that was two hours ago and it is still drying!
Unfortunately for you all over the next week my updates are going to be a little bit slower you might wonder why? firstly i am going to centreparcs for a week with one of my best mates Zona of course the plus side of this is that there will be lots of pictures for you all and but I will be taking my smaller laptop and not my mac so will keep you guys updated as I am going to possibly be riding since the first time that i feel off eeppp!!! But also my Mac Bookair has had a creaking noise every time I opened my lid for the last few weeks but then last night my screen cracked for no reason so using my Mac which is the only laptop that I tend to use, is a little tricky as the crack keeps growing urghhh!

As you all know I broke my hand falling off Arthur which has meant that there has been no riding for me for a while :( but in two weeks I am back in hospital to get my hand re x-rayed then hopefully guys I will be back riding! You would think that after riding Arthur my relationship with him would suffer but it doesn't seem to have, when I saw him on saturday he was rubbing against me and my mum (though more my mum but this happens with all animals so shes banned from my horse jokes) and then when i was stroking him he started to fall asleep I do love that horse in a odd kind of way!

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream


Monday, 28 May 2012
okay guys so ive been failing in updating you all daily but with my stupid hand in a splint its a bit hard to type as i can feel all the bones in my hand moving

plus side i have finally started packing for centre parcs and yes i havent gone too mad on what i am taking! but more about that tomorrow

much love
a girl with a dream x


Sunday, 27 May 2012
Hey guys sorry that i did not post much yesterday but unfortunately after four hours in the hairdressers i was just a little bit tired! and below is the finished product purple hair that straight but does look pink in one light and I love it!

Purple and straight hair took for hours but it was so worth it!
But even the simple thing of getting my hair done was a fiasco! Mum had sorted out getting my hair done and had spoken to Laura (who does my hair) at 3pm on friday afternoon and got told that they had deffo got the right colour in for me cause the colour that I like is an unusual one apparently! But they then rang my dad's mobile at 6 friday night saying the wrong colour dye had been ordered! So whilest I was watching my riding lesson on saturday morning mum was ringing around all the hairdressers to be able to get me this colour and she did eventually manage to get it!

But on to the riding!
So as you all know mum wouldnt let me ride because of my hand! But instead i went to see my boy and to watch the lesson and by the end of it I was thinking thank god that I am not riding and just watching because they were doing trot and canter without stirrups and work without stirrups is just something I cant stand! But on to the best part pictures!
Kisses with my boy
My boy
cause mum was doing something and he decided that he wanted to watch
my boy is gorgeous

Funny faces
Then today I had a good day with my mummy at one of the dales watching what was happening and the dogs playing in the river all in all it has been a good weekend would have been even better though if i could have rode as well but hopefully two more weeks to go and that is it!Downside of the weekend being over tomorrow? School starts again and I can not write

Love A girl with a dream

Grey horses

Friday, 25 May 2012
Up to today I always said that I would never want a grey horse, but today I was sitting looking at 'horse' magazine and there was a pretty picture of a 7 year old Dutch Dressage Gelding that was 17hh that is was Breed from a top German Stallion!

So now I am sitting here looking at this horse thinking maybe I could have a grey horse because there is something that has drawn me to this horse and i dont know what it is, i would not say the colour because i don't normally like grey's but maybe that is because of the fact that they get so dirty so easily who knows not me?

Another thought that I have had was this its to do with the age of horses now i am not saying that we should ride horses until there last minute when its hurting them but I think that if its not hurting them and they enjoy doing it then what is the problem with it, it got me thinking when i read in 'horse' magazine that a horse at the age of 28 after 10 years off is eventing again! IS THERE REALLY ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS WHEN THE HORSE OBVIOUSLY ENJOYS WHAT IT DOES? yes if the horse was in pain it shouldnt be kept in work but i dont think theres anything wrong with it when they enjoy it and it doesnt cause them pain

That's all for now
A Girl With A Dream

the heat!

Thursday, 24 May 2012
well hey guys,

it seems like here in england we complain when its too hot and we complain when its too cold personally i would rather be colder than warmer why? because whenever i get too hot a get headaches (which are worse since i hit my head and then start feeling sick) and also its easier to warm yourself up. so what have i been up to? not a lot. Seen as i cant ride i decided that i might as well get my nails done for my holiday to centre parks that is in just over a week!

More natural than normal but still bright!
Yesterday I was supposed to go swimming with my little nephew but instead we went for a nice long walk maybe it was a bit too long in the red hot sun and we think that i ended up having sun stroke from being in the sun too long! so now i am spending the day at home away from the sun in the cold!

Anyway chat later
A Girl With A Dream

Exams are OVER!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012
woop so i am so excited until next year my exams are all over! hehe no more left to do! but textiles was a nightmare, mum managed to get my special circumstances and one of my teachers was trying to be really helpful by suggesting  that i used a laptop to work with as i still can not type! but then my head of sixth form decided that it would be better off that I didn't use a laptop so i was a bit like okay wtf? but the nice lady that was doing the exam decided part way in to it that i needed to use a laptop because  it wouldnt be fair for me not to use a laptop.

But on to the horsey side of life I havent done any riding since my accident but I text lauren today to let her know what the hospital have said plus side she did not say that I could not ride but  she didn't say that I could either. But i think mum has already decided that I won't be riding so instead I am going to go up and spend sometime grooming Gatsby and other ponies because that always makes me feel better! and I am going to take some pictures of the horses moving as i wont be able to ride. but mum has said thats okay and i am going to go and listen to the lesson to so i know what i would have been doing.

Anyway thats all for now as i am tired and aching
Love A Girl With A Dream x

going mad!

Monday, 21 May 2012
Today I slept up until 1:30pm after a rather rough nights sleep because of ache's and pains waking me up none stop! Took me forever to fall asleep but then did manage to sleep and mummy decided that it was best that I stayed asleep with having my textiles exam tomorrow, which involves two hours of both writing and drawing and I've got to manage to wash my hair some time tonight.

Update for you all on how I am feeling slightly better, but deffo not 100% better. My head is still really hurting but i suppose that is to be expected with having a concussion and have been sick today as well. My hand is really saw and aching and feels exactly like it does when I broke it last time.

Mum emailed my school teacher (head of sixth form) today to say that they might need to sort out special circumstances for my exam, and was expecting that I would get a fine that's what has been done! But Mrs Walton just replied and said that she would have to check whether i was allowed them or not but I think surely enough I should be allowed them considering everything that is going on but god knows! My uncle (who's a retired teacher) has also said that I should be allowed special circumstances for my exam.

I also need to text lauren (head of my yard) about whether or not I can ride this weekend and explain to her what the hospital has said, but really do not want to do it because then she could say that I am not allowed to ride because of the possibility that I could have a broken hand! So it might mean no Gatsby or other horses but I am hoping that that is not the case! URGH! Want to ride but have a feeling that Lauren is not going to let me ride but hey ho I'll let you know!

Love A girl with a dream x

dapples and chocolate

Sunday, 20 May 2012
Not the clearest picture but shows off his chocolate brown colour especially on his bum but if you look underneath his neck and around that area and a bit on his bum you can see the dapples faintly wasnt that great to see them cause the sun wasnt out!

No one can teach riding so well as a horse

so today's been another long and tiring day, but lets just say nothing much has happened just been waiting and I think that is one of the most tiring things. Let's start at this morning!

This morning mum woke me up to take me up to my riding college to get my riding jacket which I ended up leaving at Broomfield yesterday in all the stress and pain, and had tried to fetch it last night but by the time I had remembered the yard was all locked up so had to wait today! I had left it outside Arthur's stable and surprisingly it was still there so it also meant that I had time to say hello to Arthur and give him some fuss cause as much as I do not like him I wouldn't have liked to see him get hurt. He looked fine there was no cuts that I can see and his legs weren't bandaged but it was still time to fetch in the horses so there was no one on the yard that I was able to ask but I think that he is fine!

Then my mum and I decided that it was best to get my hand checked as it was just over a year and a half ago that I fell over on a patch of ice and broke my hand (three bones) so we went to A&E and the long wait begin. When I first got there there was only one other person and we were told that it would not be too long a wait because there were not many people there! WRONG! 3 and A half hours we were there for in total! By the time the nurse practitioner saw me they decided that they needed to have an x-ray of my shoulder, collarbone, and hand including my scaphoid bone (which happened to be one of the bones I broke last time), and also that I needed to see the doctor because I wasn't sure if I had hit my head or not and with  having a constant headache there was a chance that I had got a mild concussion. After the x-ray it showed that my collarbone and shoulder were clear and I hadn't broken it but that my hand x'ray was showing up clear but the problem with this is that if i had broken my scaphoid bone it would not have shown up on the x-rays for 10 days or more. So then there was a wait to see the doctor but that was it they didn't want to do anything to my hand just that I needed to keep taking regular pain meds and that was it! Simple hey? We saw the doctor who said that I had got a mild concussion and that there was no chance that I hadn't hit my hand considering I had damaged most of my right side, but I also asked her what I had to do about my hand because on Tuesday I have got my AS Textiles Exam! great timing hey? She then wanted to feel my Scaphoid bone and see what she thought and she said that all the signs were that the scaphoid bone was broken, but wasn't showing up yet! So said that I needed to wear a splint, for the next two weeks til I came back for a HOT appointment! I then went to make the appointment and guess what I have to wait three weeks instead of two because in the second week I am on holiday to centreparks for a week! NHS are rubbish if it hadn't been for the fact that my mum asked about my exam I would have been sent home with NOTHING great health care there isn't there?

I asked when I could ride next and got told that as long as I felt like I was in control of the horse and that I could keep both me and the horse safe I could ride whenever I was ready, but I might ache after! I said what about next saturday as this is when my next lesson is, and got told that I had to be 100% sure I could keep me and the horse safe which i say is fair enough! Unfortunately it means that I can't have any extra riding lessons during my week off just my look hey?

Have any of you got any idea's what eases the pain after a riding accident as they argued that heat was good to ease the pain but would make the bruising worse! TYPICAL can't make their own minds up! So any advice on what helps you guys ease the pain?

Love A Girl With A Dream x

plaits, falls and a bruised/grazed shoulder

Saturday, 19 May 2012
so as your guessing from the title of this post, its been a interesting day at the yard for the competition i got there at 9:30 to start getting Arthur ready for my test that was at 11:13 at least that what i thought was going to happen whoever said life was easy was deffo not telling the truth!

Arthur's bum all plaited and pretty and looking good clean for once it makes a change!
He was fine when it came to tacking him up and I even managed to stand behind him and get a picture of his bum butt if only it stayed that simple but it didnt! I tacked him up and things were going really well as much as I don't like him I thought things were actually going on him, He let me get on him, tighten his girth (thank god my stirrups were already long!) and start walking down towards the bottom school where I was going to be warming up! Arthur had other ideas, he heard an engine start up and it spooked him so he a u turn went straight in to canter, and starting going mad, I was holding on pretty well until he decided to go down the drive way and saw the thing that had spooked him so he quickly changed his mind and started doing an s turn but because of the speed that he was going at I went one way and he went the other way, So I ended up coming off him, wacking my back on a concrete step thing and grazing it all and keeping hold of him whilest he was being a prat thank god for the fact that I kept hold of him or god knows what that pony would have done!

Then Lauren said she would walk him down to the bottom of the school and i was to get on there! well he was fighting with her the entire time, steph made the call that he was to lively to be being rode, and that he needed to go back to his stable, and Lauren started to walk him back up then BAM bolt number two and he escaped from lauren with no rider on him running around the yard going mad god knows what was up with him, so tomorrow I plan to go back up to the yard to get my jacket but I also need to check and make sure that arthurs okay for my own piece of mind!

Anyway arm and shoulder are hurting now so thats it for today!
A Girl With A Dream x


Friday, 18 May 2012
competing on my boy arthur tomorrow just wanted to let you guys know that cause i said id keep you upto date pictures will be up soon! well after it tomorrow x

just a quickie tonight

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
just a quick one tonight still no update about the riding at this rate i doubt I will even be doing my riding competition I know great isnt it!

But I also wanted to let you know that I am going to be adding a new page soon, thats got cute pictures of both my riding and things that I just generally like so if you want to see anything particular on my blog just let me know! and I will do my best to add it in, it can be pics of jumping, flat work or just grooming whatever you guys think just let me know :)

Love A Girl With A Dream x
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Hey Guys

we'll ive heard a little bit more about Arthur today, he was rode by the staff for the past two days and hasnt shown up being lame but I have been told it will be a last minute thing whether I know if i will be doing the competition!

so what have i been doing today? Well this morning i took my daddy to the hospital whos got to have his eyes checked because of being diabetic and cause of glucomer (no idea what it is or if thats even how you spell it)! Then I went to see my gorgeous big sister and my little Nephew Brody, who was all awake and hyper until towards the end when he started to get hyper because he was becoming tired which as you can imagine at 6 months old you know when he is getting tired! I then went in to school for two hours for a revision session for my english lit exam that is tomorrow! Hopefully my spelling will be better by then but you never know it might not be hehe nah I am sure that everything is going to go fine, In the morning I've got my philosophy and Buddhism exam which I feel prepared for nervous but ready for it if that makes sense? Then in the afternoon it is time for english this one I am not so sure about because I find it hard to remember the quotes but hey I am damn sure that I will be able to pull it out of the bag it might be hard but I am sure I can do it! Then I've got just under a week until my last exam of the year (textiles!) Thats another exam that I am not sure about but all I can do is try my hardest and that is what I plan to do!

On the horse side of life I've been think more about the type of horse I want and seem to have completely fallen in love with Arabs at the minute! Does anyone know what the biggest Arab is how tall they are? I also am in love with Friesians at the moment in time i think they are gorgeous especially there manes and tails. But most of all i like the big horses at the moment I think that they are the best and cant imagine only having a small horse I don't think that a small horse would suit me although i do love my 14hh cobs (Jake and Arthur) I think that they are gorgeous and I still love riding them no matter what!

Anyway Guys I'm off to Bed
Love a girl with a dream x

The pony behind the Girl

Monday, 14 May 2012
Okay so today i though i would tell you more about the horse thats made me who I am, he's a piebald cob that goes by the name of Jake, or Jakey Boo, or various different names depending on whether he behaves or not that more times than not he doesn't do. He's about 14 years old maybe older than that and thinks that hes a 3 year old that gets him to have as much fun as he really wants too. To most people he might not look like much but to me he is the best horse in the world. He might be over weight and he might be lame on and off but to me he is magical, he's a horse that bought my riding on to where it is now, and I will always love him no matter what.

Things Jake loves, carrots, food of any kind, definitely polo's, lots of attention although iif you overcrowd him he is not going to be happy. What doesn't he like? WORK, having his hoofs picked, work again and being away from his mates, yes he might be a big baby but thats why i love him. I've rode Jake for roughly nine years now, and I dont think that I can imagine life without him. Without Jake I wouldn't be me and that's a fact! 

My boy, not the best photo but this is my boy, he's a mad horse but I love him he doesn't like to work and when he does work he thinks that the best thing to do is run around none stop and go mad.

Trotting as you can see he is just a little bit over excited and like's to pull against the reins but hey thats jake for you

Jakey Boo

The joys of riding without stirrups, I can't stand doing it but some how doing it on Jake doesn't bother me too much this was a lesson after I had fallen off Tuesday about three days ago

Trotting with out stirrups

Just after jake had a spook at the camera when we were riding without stirrups wasn't the best lesson but it proved to me that I can still do it no matter how hard it is I CAN do it if i want to!

Wind in his main :')

Time for a canter on the magical pony that is Jake to be honest I think the smile on my face says it all, words cant describe how much I love this pony.

The pony behind the girl, hes more than just a horse, he's part of me and part of my life and thats the way it is going to stay
 Yes Jake might be a mad horse and yes he might miss behave but at the end of the day he is who he is and there is no way that I would ever change him! This pony is loved for the good and the bad equally. My theory when it comes to animals and people is this if you can't love them at their worst then you sure as hell don't deserve to love them at their best. Horses arent always well behaved and can be dangerous but they DON'T deserve for us to hate them no matter what!

A Girl With A Dream and Jake x


Sunday, 13 May 2012
feel free to leave any comments on my video or pictures if you see anything that you think I need to work on and I will remember to work on them next week or the week after depending on when I next have a lesson! :)

A Girl With A Dream x

update on the competition

hey guys

just a quick update about my competition at this moment in time it is looking like it is not going to be happening, Gatsby's owner hasnt been able to be convinced to let me use him booo :( but theres still a chance that I am going to be riding but it is only a small chance that i will be competing, hate not knowing whether I will be or not! But there's still a 25% chance that i will get to ride arthur and do it on him! He's gone lame for no reason, but they are going to trot him up and see what happens on monday when he was trotted on the yard he wasn't looking lame but this could be very different when it comes to him being rode as nobody knows whats actually causing him to go lame.

Finally got a video of my boy up might not be the best but this was some canter work and for some pictures guys :) So below are some pictures of my boy, yes he can be a pain and over excitable but hey that's why i love them, these were taken from another video that it wouldnt let me upload thats about four/five minutes long and were just still's of certain parts of the video's hope you like them.

Cause Gatsby just loves to canter, I feel like I am flying when I ride this horse.

My Big boy at 17/18 hands i feel rather small

trying to get him to be more extended

showing off his size he didnt like the horse that was in front of him i think he thought that they were going to slow so that is why his ears are so far back but still i love him

Cause Gatsby thinks the purpose of life is to go as fast as he can, can i blame him no? do i love it? YES! Action shot from a film.

Cause he just looks so muscly in this picture and big he makes me feel small its almost like flying!

 So that's abit more about what I did in my lesson yesterday hope you all like it? Tomorrow is the beginning of my proper studying as I have my first two exams on Wednesday and need to be ready for them this year compared to last year! I am feeling nervous about them but confident that I can do well with them I've not got another lesson til next week on Saturday which is competition day so if I don't have a horse then I wont be riding I will update you all with any news I get on any of my lame horses! Hoping my boys are better soon.

Until next time
A Girl With A Dream x

Riding Lesson update

Saturday, 12 May 2012
Hey guys

So ive just got back from my riding lesson and I had my boy Gatsby :') Love that pony he is great though I don't like his owner! Urghhh but more about that later.

So I rode Gatsby and did some canter work (there will be video's for you all) that I hope you enjoy hehe, feel free to tell me if you thing I need to improve things :) I always appreciate constructive criticism as my aim is to get better at what I do!

So below is a video of me and my boy Gatsby. He's the big black one and I'm the one that is wearing the pink top and beige jodhpurs :) So today we were working on getting better transitions for the dressage competition next week working going from walk to trot, trot to canter, halt to trot, halt to canter and then walk to canter. This wasn't easy because Gatsby doesn't like doing too many transitions and gets bad tempered when he has to work too much (or what I should say is when he thinks he's done too much work). But soon he'll be back jumping and I will be buzzing because he loves to Jump and so do i!

okay it wont let me put the video on sorry guys does anyone know how you do it??

But on yo my probably I told you guys about the competition that I was entering which would be next week only to find out that at the minute there are NO horses for me to ride as all the horses I ride are getting old and lame. Except for Gatsby, -.- so my teacher said that she would ask his owner whether it would be okay for me to use him (there excuse its an extra curricular activity so if his owner says no he doesnt have to do it! So guess what his owner said no! How annoying consider I ride him outside of term time which  is extra curricular and I am allowed to do that so what the hell thats what i want to know! So now I've entered a competition that I really want to do that I can't even have a sodding horse for!

A Girl With A Dream

riding tomorroow :'D

Friday, 11 May 2012
eeepppp so tomorrow is riding day hehe cant wait its my last practice for my competition and then its competitions the week after CANT WAIT!!

Its only a quick one tonight to say thank you to all my followers for following me i appreciate it guys :')

but tonigth is a night with my girl evie where we ar going to watch gerard butler and enjoy that! and then we are going to watch jason statham and have a generally fit lads night maybe even including ashton kutcher? but i watched him last night and ended up crying myself to sleep yeah cause that was a great night! well it was because I love the film.

Anyway I will let you know about my riding tomorrow hehe wish me luck :)

A Girl With A Dream xx


Thursday, 10 May 2012
This time last year (well tomorrow) I had left school and was chilling out without a care in the world, all I was bothered about was riding because my riding cause hadn't changed and that was all I wanted to do, was keep riding, keep pushing myself. Work at a stable and thats when Lauren sorted out that I would work three days a week at broomfield college but to do that I had to have a CRB check URGHHH the most annoying thing ever! you might ask why? simple fact it takes far far far too long for my crb check to get done and this is what I wanted to do and it was taking to long (yes i am impationet)

Now once again its the day before my study leave and the riding's still going but this year there are changes to be made, for example I'm actually going to revise more I want to do the best I can do in both school and riding! I know not easy but damn if i dont try then what's the point!?

On to the riding sooo its two days until i get to ride again! Hopefully I will be riding my boy this week (for those of you that dont know my boy refers to a 17/18hh horse called Gatsby who i hope to be showing on the 19th of this month fingers crossed his owner will let me). I am so excited and will be working on one of the two tests that I am hoping to do! I will be working on the harder one, as this is the test that I am most worried about!The other one is a bit easier and less complicated, so thats what i need to work on. If I dont work and practice then i will never ever get better will i?

Meet my boy Gatsby :'D iloveyou!

But for now I am tired so night guys
A Girl With A Dream  x

why I ride and what it means to me?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Hey my loyal followers :)

I decided to let you all in on why I tide and what it means to me, and why it's so important. I've been riding for about 10/11 years now, and I'm still riding everyone thought that it would be something I did for a while and gave up on like i did on most other sports but that never happened, I've stuck at it and kept working hard, because I know what I want to do.

To me riding isn't just a sport, it's a passion, its something that means the world to me but it is also something that is completely indescribable because the feeling it creates the minute I'm even near a horse or think about a horse I know that its something I could never stop doing. I could never stop doing it and plan on doing this my entire life! But I'm going to try my hardest and put it in to words so you can know a little bit more about me and why I do what I do.

I might not be the best rider in the world or the most natural rider in the world. But I have no intention of ever giving up on my dream of having my own horse that I can show and compete. Thats been my dream since I was little and one day that dream will come a reality maybe I'll have to wait longer than my 18th birthday but one day I'll have my own horse!

I ride because of the joy that the animals bring me, and the feeling of working together with an animal that doesn't have to work with us but chooses to allow us to ride them. They are gorgeous and magnificent creatures and also much stronger than us but they still let us learn on them, and they still let us ride them there strong enough to not let us do that. My relationship with the horses is what means the most to me not the riding but the relationship because without that relationship we wouldnt get the best out of the horse and it wouldn't be fair. It's the fact that such a magnificent animal respects us and trusts us enough to take care of them and tha'ts what means the most to me! The faith the animals have in us is something that is completely indescribable no matter how hard I try I just cant put it into words!

Yes I love riding because it's a good way to keep fit but it means so much more to me than that. Its not just a hobby that at some point ill get bored of it's my life and my biggest passion. Riding means the world to me and always will do! I ride because I love horses and because I love the feeling. Sure putting your trust in such a magnificent animal might be hard but at the end of the day that doesnt matter to me because horses trust us so we should trust them. I have 100percent confidence in my riding and trust in the horses. Sure I'm less confident on some horses but thats part of riding, and is a way that we can get better at what we do.

Hope this give you guys more insight in to why I ride and just how truly important this is to me.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream

last post of the day...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012
its about affording lesson's growing up I always wanted to ride it was my thing it was what made me me. It was what made me light up, feel better about my self, and know that there was something that I cold do and just have a great time doing that's just the way things where. But affording lessons werent always easy in fact if it wasn't for my amazing mummy I would probably have never rode because of how expensive it was then came all the extra things the jodhpurs, hat, gloves, etc. And this is where my nan came in because she helped me to get the things that I need to make me better at a sport that I love. Now my nan helps me out with my college course.

You might wonder why i decided to share this with you guys, it was because I wanted you to feel inspired. It might be hard to afford lessons sometimes, but in the end things always work out for you and if you love something you should never ever give up on it because its what you do. Never give up on something that makes you, you because if you did then whats the point? Never listen to people that want to pressure you into changing, and stop doing things that you love. So it was just to inspire people to do things that they love, money might be hard at times but if you realy like it and believe in it then stick at it because if you don't you'll regret :)

just something I thought would inspire you guys

A Girl With A Dream x

as promised :D

Hey guys,

Before I went to bed, I thought i'd tell you more about my day. :) as i said I would earlier. Today's been a pretty normally day for the most of it i suppose you could say, I had art for two hours this morning (A-level) which as much as I'm knackered I was glad about as my dead line is coming up on Friday lunch time will be glad when its over then I have two weeks off and then I will be starting doing my second year of A level work. I also had an hour of philosophy which I'm starting to get its only taken a year but I'm starting to get my head around it you never know one day it might make complete sense but I doubt it.

But on to the best part of my blog the part i am sure you are the most interested in, my horse part. So today was a good day for my riding whilest I didnt get to ride (not riding til Saturday too far away!) I worked on learning my dressage test the first one of two that I am going to be doing I found it okay to learn but I have a few questions maybe one of you guys can help me? I'm new at actually competing doing dressage i've done one maybe two dressage tests in my entire life. But this year I want to do really well I want to push myself more than I ever have before and thats what I plan to do! I found some parts confusing like 'give and retake the reins at X' does this mean for a 3/4 strides or longer (it wasnt very clear). Its small things like this that confuse me, have you guys got any tips for how to improve my test and make it the best that I think it could be.

Dressage Test 2011
Lots of Love
A girl with a Dream x

just a quick one

Hey guys

just a quick one to say hey to everyone and let you know that I'll be posting later tonight as I've got my A-level coursework fashion show tonight so will be out til 9:00 (uk time) and then ill update you all including pics

Until next time
A girl with a dream

Competition Finally entered.

Monday, 7 May 2012
So just wanted to let you all know I finally entered my competition for May 19th now all I have to do is hand the entry form in. eeeppp buzzing! so the form's filled in and I've entered class no.4 which is PC Novice Dressage 2009 and class no.10 which is BD Prelim no.14. Buzzing but so nervous but hey I just can't wait. I've put down my first choice of horse my 17/18hh wonder Gatsby.  (more about him on horses i ride at the moment page). He's amazing and brings out the best in my riding, its plain and simple I just adore him. Second choice is my Tobias, I competed last year on him and would love to do it again that and i just love him.  Here's the beauty filled in.

Tomorrow's school but I know my mind is going to be on learning my new tests, ones slightly harder and makes me push myself more and the other is more of a fun thing to do, that's a lot simpler and will help me to chill out. There both to bring on my confidence I'm not expecting amazing results but doing better than I did last year (I came last) will be an accomplishment in itself.

Anyway that's all for tonight I think (I might remember something else later I've got another hour :P)

A girl with a Dream

Confidence... Comes in all shapes and sizes

Hey everyone :) 

so it's may day meaning another day off from school, I would love to say that its for a break but nope it is another day of art work? The plus side of this I get to watch as many horse films as I want while working and also that I get to draw my favourite animal horses of course! As my theme for art for another week is mythical creatures. 

I've been thinking about a lesson that I had two days ago, I woke up and was buzzing I was thinking I was going to be riding Gatsby (Who is one of my all time favourite horses, hes everything you could ask for and more) I  got to the yard and saw the ride list and it said 'Arthur' also known as Arthur Bear. I wasnt happy to start with because he's the mardest cob ever, and doesnt tend to listen to people he's idea of fun is trying to annoy everyone else. But I got on him and thought I would enjoy my time with him anyway as much as hes not my favourite pony hes still good to ride. 

Things were going great until it came to cantering, Arthur is known for spooking its just what he does, so I wasnt too suprised when he spooked at a pair of fillers, that weren't where they normally are. But still I kept my balance on him and kept going. He did this two or three times and then eventually we were back to trotting, and he was being well behaved, we were riding through a dressage test (It was British Dressage Prelim 14) and he was fine doing it in trot. Then it came to cantering, the canter parts on our own with everyone watching well author had other idea's. He spooked at the same fillers again and again and again. Then we got him trotting past the fillers no problems, so we tried to do it again and canter and bless his heart he did it! 

If there is anything I learnt from that lesson it was this, we might not get to ride the horses that we want to ride, and we might wish to ride someone different but at the end of the day our riding will only improve when we keep riding the harder horses and keep working harder with them sure it might be more time and effort but I can guarantee that I will be worth it. By the end of the lesson I was so much more confident than I had been in a long time on him, and I enjoyed riding him.

Anyway Off to do some art again the joys! 
Until Next Time 
A girl with a dream x

New page

Just a quickie why not look at my new page 'goals and ambitions' just click the link :) ----> Goals and Ambitions page


A girl with a dream x

Horse Thoughts and quotes

Sunday, 6 May 2012
Dog washed, voice watched time to curl up on the sofa, while watching Planet Earth live and time for some horse thoughts

'To place your horse's need for you to let him leave his failing bod above your need to keep him with you... that... is the greatest and purest love.' This was said by Cynthia Garrett. (This quote really touched me because there comes a time where you need to say good bye and all though its hard it will be the best thing to do even though we know it will be hard).

'I've spent most of my life riding horses, the rest I've just wasted.' The author of this quote is unknown. (This quote made me smile because it made me think, if you aren't doing something that you enjoy then what's the point in doing it? Just a thought).

'A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart' unfortunately the author is this quote is also unknown. (I like this quote because its the truth of the matter, if we are just looking at a horse and seeing an animal, or a thing thats just there for us to ride its not fair on them! If you ask why here's why, horses have a heart and feelings too and should be respected, they help us out and provide a joy for us that we couldn't get from anyone else, so the least we can do in return is love them completely unconditionally). 

Just some thoughts for you to think about 

A girl with a Dream. x

Tomorrows My day off... along with the rest of the week... I wish


So todays my second day of my blog and at the moment theres nothing that interesting to say, why? Because nothing much has happened. But here goes...

Setting goals is something I always have to do, to keep motivated otherwise I start thinking well what was the point in doing that? And being a person that's got a long term illness I have to keep motivated, so todays goal was art, and design a new logo for my mums business. So far the logo's come on really well and we have thought of a few possibilities so far 10! My favourite is shown above the colour scheme is chocolate brown, lime green and Pink (the brighter the better I say!), how about you let me know what you think?

Another goal that I have been working on is losing weight as my riding school has a limit of 13 and 1/2 stone, which was great to start with but because of the tablets I am on my weight has gone up! Well thats about to change, over the past two months I have lost 1and a1/2 stone nearly 2 stone and I am still losing weight and weight 13stone11 at the moment, so I'm nearly where I am supposed to be and I want to keep going.

As for art, well my deadlines not til next week (Friday) but as per normal my art teacher has gone mad and decided that I need to do even more work, so I have three A1 sheets to do by friday! Is it possible with hardly any sleep I think it might just be, but I have to remember to revise for my other subjects as its this time of the year that causes my other subjects to take a hit, and this year that can not happen as I have just over one week til my first exam so it's safe to say I am going to be revising like mad.

Today's my day off from riding, (most people think I mean just not to ride, but I mean a day where I have nothing to do with horses) I would love to say that works, but as you can probably tell if you are horse mad with me it just doesn't work. Horses films get watched, I think more about my dream of my own horse, and I think more and more about my dressage competition on May 19th, I will take pictures to show you all!

Well thats it for now, might be back later,
Love, A girl with a dream x

Introducing you to my blog.

Saturday, 5 May 2012
Hey,  :) 

My blog is here to show people my steps towards owning my own horse for my 18th birthday, which is in just over a year. While this is going to be a hard task it is something that I am passionate about and will work hard to achieve, and having been working towards achieving since just after christmas (new years eve). So far I have said up £400, and am still saving (this is a hard task for me as I love to spend money). 

Each Week I have one riding lesson at Broomfield College as part of an 8 week course that I enroll into every 8 weeks, and do an 8 week course. This morning I rode Aurthur (nickname Aurthur Bear) he is a 14hhish piebald cob, and was well behaved other than spooking! He kept spooking at a pair of fillers that had been put away, but he only spooked at them in canter. So at the end of the lesson I made him stand next to the fillers and gave him lots of fuss and attention because he stood next to them quietly (even if it only took us an hour to get him to stand there). We were working on the British Dressage Prelim No.14 test towards a competition that we are going to be doing in a few weeks, (May 19th). 

Below is a picture of Aurthur so you all know the horse that I am talking about. Well that's all for now, as I am about to leave to go to the Cinema with my mum and brother to see The Avengers.

A girl with a dream. xxx