Thursday, 30 August 2012
This time next year I will have bought my own horse and will have so much more to tell you all, because I plan to keep writing on my blog, and letting you all know about the adventures that I am sure are to come. No-one said anything that was worth having in this life was easy to get, and that is one of the truest quotes that I think I've ever heard. 

Today I downloaded and printed out off the BHS website 'Buying your own horse' it is a guide of things that you need to remember when buying your first horse. I thought that it was really useful and highly recommend it to anyone out there who is buying there first horse. So head over to the BHS website to have a look. 

But I was wondering if any of you had any top tips about owning your first horse? Or the process of buying your first horse? I know it's not going to be a quick process and it's going to take time to find the right horse but I have every faith in myself that I can manage to find myself (with the help of others) my first horse. 

It's only a short post today to ask you for tips/advice on buying and owning your first horse, it would be greatly appreciated. I will have a better post for tomorrow. 

Until Then 
A Girl With A Dream

3/4's of a way to 100.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
When I first started my blog I thought that it would be something that I would update once or twice every few weeks but never did I think that I would be updating most days, and when I wasn't updating that I would be thinking about what my next post would be. Now here I am three months in and on my 75th post. Its suprised, me cause in the past i've had blog after blog after blog, I kept making them thinking 'i will start doing this again tomorrow' then just not bothered. But this blog's been different, I honestly think that I have surprised not only myself by my frequent updates, and hopefully my daily update's now that I am starting to feel better. 

The only thing that annoys me about my blog, and that I would like to say sorry to you all about is that I can't tell you about anything horsey in my life going on at the minute cause of being ill. BUT here come's the best bit of news that I think you'll all agree with me... In two or three week's I will be back to riding on my college course at Broomfield, more Gatsby times (If he has come back which I really hope that he has done but with being ill I haven't been up to the stables this summer which is just really really really frustrating because I had a whole load of plans for things that I wanted to work on and things that I wanted to practice and it's just not happened.  But there is always the next holiday and by this time next year I should have my OWN horse. woop woop woop!!!1 

When I first started riding as a little kid I never thought that my life would now revolve around horses and things horsey but it does and I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about it because horses are simply just amazing, I know not everyone is going to agree with me, but I think that most horsey people or animal people in general will agree with me, because the love and trust of an animal is something that can never be replaced, after having that feeling once, nothing will ever be as good as it, but hey I'm a 17 year old girl with a lot of dream's so I think that I'm allowed to think that way!

If there is anything that you guys want to see more of on my blog let me know! It can be past riding lesson stories that so far I haven't shared, pictures, video's, my thoughts on different issues, anything the list could go on for ever but just let me know! Right I'm lying in the most uncomfortable position to type in but it's the comfiest position for my stomach so far, so I'm going to head off. 

until next time 
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Paralympics - who's to come?

Monday, 27 August 2012
Well I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of the olympics and before they were on I didn't really have any interest in watching them at all, but from watching the first day of the eventing, I fell in love with them, more so than I thought I would do, only the horses of course though! So when the paralympics start I think I will find my self glued to the seat watching as much as possible of the riding, and probably nothing else. In so many ways I have more respect for the paralympics than the normal olympics because while competitors in any of the two olympics HAVE to work hard I personally think that the people competing in the para-olympics have to work just that little bit harder to get what they want! But by no means does that make them my favourite as Carl Hester will always be my favourite rider and a rider that I have 100% respect for. So I decided while reading 'Horse and Hound Magazine' that I would let you all know about Team GB's riding team so here you go:- 

Lee Pearson - Above is a picture of Lee Pearson riding his horse Gentleman, an 11 year old gelding. He has rode at Sidney in 2000, Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008, making this his fourth olympic games. He is a triple Gold medalist, and his disability is that he has Arthrogryposis, this is a condition that restricts Joint movement. He controls his horse using his hips as he can not move his ankles or his knees. 

Deb Criddle - Above is a picture of Deb Criddle and her 12 year old gelding, Akilles. She has also competed at Sidney, Athens and Beijing Olympics and her best result was that she was a gold medalist at Athens and the 2003 world championships. Riding Akilles in 2011 she was a Gold Medalist at the European Championships. Her disability is that her side was damaged in a motor cycle accident, she lost the use of her right arm which was later amputated. She defied doctors by being able to walk again after the extent of damage to her leg.

Sophie Christiansen - Above is a picture of Sophie Christiansen and her 15 year old Gelding Janeiro, One again she has competed at the past three olympics, and was a bronze medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Sophie was born two months prematurely with Cerebal Palsy, which limits the use of her muscles. 

Sophie Wells - The next rider and the fourth is Sophie Wells (picture above). This is her Debut to the olympics (although she was a reserve for the Beijing games) and will be riding her 15 year old gelding Pinocchio. She is a double gold medalist at WEG 2012 and won Hickstead under-21 able bodied international in 2008. Her disability is the fact that she was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a condition that has caused her to lose fingers as well as the feeling and movement in her feet, she also suffers with Nerve damage and pain in her lower legs. She is one of the youngest riders at 22.

Natasha Baker - Finally is 22 year old Natasha Barker  and her 11 year old gelding Cabral. London will mark her Debut to the Olympics the same as Sophie Wells. Her best results are winning triple gold at the para dressage European Championships in 2011. Natasha's Disability is that she contracted a condition called transverse myelitis 14 months ago, this left her with permanent nerve damage, and a extreme weakness in her legs. To command her horses, they have been trained to respond to seat aids, and voice aids.

Well I am tired tomorrow I am going to spend time writing about out my all time favourite riders. 

Unti then 
A Girl With A Dream 


Olympics - good bad or both?

Sunday, 26 August 2012
In the Beijing Olympics in 2008 the horses used in the pentathlon were said to cause farcical scenes with fall after fall after fall. This was said to be the fault of the horses that were either hired or loaned to the competitors. It was not blamed to be rider error or a combination of both rider error and horse error, it was labelled as being the horses fault or this is what it said in 'Horse and Hound Magazine'.

This horse was said to have been to spooky and sharp, but is it not a combination of rider's aids and rider error AS WELL as the horse being spooky. Can we really just blame it on the horse, when we are the ones that tell the horse what to do, by no means am i saying it was 'just the riders fault' couldn't it have been a combination of both?.
 For the London 2012 Olympics it was said that a total of two years if no longer was spent attempting to find the right horse for the right competitor. They made sure that the horse was at the right level or stage in its training but error's still happened however this time it was said to be because organises ignored the owners of the horses about who was to ride the horse but also because the competitors were NOT up to the right level of riding, and had NOT practiced jumping at the 1.20metre jumps that this course was made of. On twitter this particular event was recorded as being a 'car crash' and another user called it 'a disgraceful and disgusting exhibition'. 

Shearwater Oscar rearing up and going over on to his back and falling on South Korean athlete Hwang Woojin.

However the complaints about the olympics do not end here, several people have complained about a particular has that goes by the name of 'Shearwater Oscar', each horse gets rode twice by two different competitors. On Oscar's first ride he reared up when the South Korean Hwanj Woojin was riding him. He reared up so high that he started to fall backwards and the weight of the rider helped this to happen. By now most people would think that this would be the end of the road for Shearwater Oscar and that his second rider would have one of the reserve horses but NO, Shearwater Oscar was rode a second time by his next rider, he didn't have to be used but the organisers still had him being used. There judgement was seriously questioned by many others (I did not see this myself I am just reporting what I have read). Oscar was one of a number of horses provided by the Dorset based producer Jabeena Maslin who told 'Horse and Hound Magazine' that her requests had been ignored for him to only be used for the ladies jumping, she says 'I didn't want a man on him and I saw it coming before he went in the ring - he nearly pulled him over in the warm up' is this not something that the organisers should be listening to and recognising? 

One angry person wrote in to 'Horse and Hound Magazine' and this is what she had to say 'Sir- I watched the modern pentathlon at Greenwich Park and feel shocked and angry at the poor standard of riding. The horses were honest, forward, of good quality and deserved better from their riders. I understand that different countries have different riding styles and that these riders have only had 20 minutes to familiarise themselves with their mounts. But surely the sport's international governing bodies should do more to protect the (carefully sources) horses from such poor riding perhaps, more importantly, have a duty of care towards the riders. What will it take for the sport to strengther those riding standards - a fatality? More needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt?'

Another reader said 'Sir - I thought the standard of riding in the modern pentathlon was very poor to say the least. I felt sorry for the horses. Also I was amazed that they were allowed to remount after falling off when our experienced jumpers and eventers are now automatically eliminated after a fall, even if they landed on their feet'. 

Well what do you think? In so many ways I believe that the olympics are a good thing, but truthfully this is starting to put doubt in to my mind that they are. Horses are being used unfairly, and cruelly by people who don't have a full understanding of what they are doing and how their riding is effecting the horses. Let me know your opinion 

Until next time 

A Girl With A dream

music to my ears but is it to our horses - Equine environment Enrichment.

I've always been a music lover, I can't imagine not having music in my life, earlier on in my life I had a very simple taste in music, I was a rock chick plain and simple, anything with a  great drum beat, and guitar solo, as well as that rough singing voice that most male and some female rock stars have. But then about three years ago I became more aware of other styles of music, and started liking dubstep, rap, and dance club music like DJ Sammy but I also started liking chart music more as well! So you can imagine my delight when last winter I found out that I would be riding in a dressage to music competition. It wasn't an easy task and it was a paired competition, but disaster struck the night before, when my partner and me were practicing for the actual thing, and Jane came flying off :/ she hurt her shoulder which in the past year she had shattered and had got a metal plate in! But we kept trying it wasn't our best but we did the best that we could do, even though we came last. 

So today much like yesterday when I was reading my magazine and the confidence issue came up, an article about music and horses appeared in the magazine, it is quite a long article so I just picked out the bits that I thought were the most important and the bits that I thought I would like to focus on the most. Instead of doing the quote all in one, this time I am going to split it in to section taking one point at a time, and then focusing on it, then moving on to another, and so on. You get the picture :) Like yesterday my writing when I'm thinking about the quote will be the same one as I am using at this moment in time, and the quote will be in 'bold italics in this lilac colour'. I have done it like this so no one can get my thoughts mixed up with what the article does say but if anyone finds this confusing let me know and I will happily change it so that you guys can read it better. 

  • 'The use of music as a tool to improve welfare is an emerging enrichment technique - something riders and horse owners have been using inadvertently for years. It is quite common to find a radio or CD player on most yards, and music is a normal part of most yard workers' everyday routine. Music is thought to improve the working environment of the people of the people and there is growing that it can influence the horse, too' I've never really thought about music being played on a yard, but it has reminded me that whenever I go up to broomfield on a summer day, or when I used to volunteer at parkside and there was no-one around you would frequently find music playing more so at Broomfield than at Parkside. I know that a lot of people myself included use music to take our mind off things, well maybe it is the same thing, as Dressage to music is also becoming more and more popular.
  • 'Music with a faster tempo and a major key has been shown to produce happy emotions in humans, whereas a slow tempo and minor key produce sad emotion...Research has also shown that music produces 'feel-good' hormones in the same way that food does' I am not really going to analyse just say that I do agree with this and wonder if the same thing works in horses, what do you guys think? 
  • 'Research has only recently started into the area of music as equine environmental enrichment, and so far it has shown that country and western music increases the time horses spend eating during a stressful situation, while Jazz decreases it'. What are your thoughts on this do you believe that this would truly work? I know that this is something that I would like to try out when I get my own horse. I think its possible that it works because the music must stimulates the brain of the horse. 
  • 'Classical music was played to weanling foals, their heart rates dropped and they were more likely to rest or eat.' Another interesting fact, I find that this fact is something that would be more useful to a horse breeder. It could be played to a stressful foal, and help to stimulate the horse to relax, it is something that I would love to try out. Anyone got a foal I can try it on? Joking. Th e same results were also found when this was tested out on stabled horses/foals.
  • 'So all evidence suggests that music does affect the behaviour of horses and could be particularly useful in improving the welfare of horses stabled for long periods - for example, those on box rest after an injury or stabled for management purposes'. So when your horse next has an accident in a field (hopefully no time soon) or needs stabling to keep him calm will you try using music as a environmental enrichment technique? Even played quietly it has been proven to be more effective than nothing, while we have never considered how loudly or quietly, or what genre the music it is, in some way or another the music is affecting your horses, and in my opinion this is a good thing.
As an after thought what else is an environment enrichment for our horses here is just a few idea's of things that are, food, multiple forages (different things for our horse to get food out of) and finally stable mirrors (to replicate social interaction). Are these things that you would try?

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream.

Tomorrow :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012
Tomorrow's posted will be another one based on a article from my horse and rider magazine or from my horse and hound magazine.  That or it will be a general issue in riding that I feel strongly about! I am happy to say that I am updating more frequently, and I plan to keep doing this, because it's something fun and relax, whilst being able to focus on my riding. Off to bed now

See you all tomorrow
A Girl With A Dream


Today I was reading a section in Horse and Rider magazine to do with a reader's confidence issue, it was in the 'Q&A' (question and answers) section below is what the article said the part in bold is the question in bold and italics is the answer so here goes; 

'I was recently bucked off and tramples. I have now developed a fear of horses, although I would love to work in the equine industry, which has been a life-long dream of mine. How can I overcome my fear?
'A career with horses can be very rewarding, but it does carry risks and accepting the risk of injury is important as well as well as learning to stay as safe as possible. Understanding why your accident happened and why you horse bucked is important when trying to regain confidence. Bucking can be caused by a variety of things, including pain, excitement, poorly-fitting tack or a rider fault. I'd recommend enrolling on a course such as the BHS Horse Owner's Certificates, Stage Exams or an Equine Behaviour course to understand more about horse psychology and how to keep yourself safe. When confidence has been lost with horses and riding, it is important to regain it handling them before you attempt to ride again. I would advise you therefor, to find out where your nearest BHS-approved riding school is, have a chat with the staff and see whether there is an opportunity for you to do some voluntary work there. Riding schools often want sensible volunteers, and it would five you the perfect opportunity to gain your confidence with well0mannered horse and qualified staff to advise you. It is important that when you feel ready to ride, you do so within a safe environment. I would advise a BHS-approved riding school for lessons. You can then be sure that instructors are qualified and that they have experience with teaching the nervous rider, and that the facilities are suitable.'

Boy, did that take a long time to type out but it was something that got me thinking, and it made me wonder what you would all think about what they advise you to do when having a lack of confidence. I know when I fell off Arthur (the first time) we were working on jumping a course, which is something that I had done in the previous course, and for ages I over thought about what had happened, constantly blaming different things for why I had fallen off the main one being that Arthur hated me, when in actual fact it wasn't Arthur's fault all that had happened was that I lost my balance, my foot came out of my stirrup and then I fell off. When I stopped over analysing it, it was that simple to understand what had happened. But it did not change the fact that the next time I got on Arthur I didn't feel that happy at all, and still to a certain point do not like riding Arthur, but it is a mental black and something that I AM going to work on so that I can ride him with the confidence I have riding Jake who in many ways is a LOT more dangerous than riding Arthur. I found that with time after a fall and riding a horse that you trusted and knew well that your confidence slowly started to grow.

So what are you thoughts on confidence issue's do you think that is something that in time you can get over, especially when in such an extreme case as the reader felt when she wrote in to 'Horse and Rider Magazine'. I think that in time it is something that you can over come but it something that you have to have the right mental attitude to do as my mum would always say! 

I'm back off to read my magazine and watch 'Red and Black', if there is anything else in my magazine that I decide to write about I will post again later! 

Until Next Time 
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zoo antics

Friday, 24 August 2012
So yesterday my mum took me to the zoo, as well as my little brother and his girlfriend. We went to twycross Zoo which happens to be one of the most famous zoo's in the uk mainly though for it's monkeys, because for those of you that know the Tetley (not sure how you spell it) Tea adverts, the chimpanzee's that were used in the adverts now live at Twycross. It's my favourite zoo because I have been going there since I was a little kid and although they do not include the big cats its a lovely place to go, and last time that I went there it was February and snowing but it was still nice! Unfortunately there was a lot of work going on, they were building a new penguin cove, and penguin walk way, so that they could move around whenever they want to and will have a lot more space than they normally do! They are also building an area for Tigers, Lions, Hyena's and Dholes, not really sure what they are. 

But as I am interested in doing photography mainly to do with animals, but specifically horses, I thought that I would share with you the pictures that I took yesterday! These pictures will all be in black and white as this is my favourite colour to shoot in, however I do also like the idea of using Sepia (brown colours) in my photography as well but this is something that I will have to work towards and maybe one day will manage to do.

Soon I will be back to riding on my part time course on a Saturday Morning at Broomfield but until I can go back to riding, I hope to be able to take some photo's of animals, and horses, that are in the field's locally to wear I live because then I can practice photographing how horse's move, different settings and things like that!

Well thats all for now, so its time for the pictures 

I chose to show you this picture because I really like that you can see the expression on the Silver Back Gorilla's face and also the fact that the picture goes back in several different layers making it look a lot more dimensional.
This one was chosen because I like all the little details that you can see, and also, that the otter is in the centre of the image so your eye is drawn to it even though there is a lot going on in this picture.
I just love the simplicity of this picture.
I chose to show you all this picture for several different reasons, the first reason are that giraffes are my mums favourite at the zoo along with the elephants, But also because this picture goes from jet black through to crisp white.
I just like tha this picture is the reverse to most of the other pictures because on this one the giraffe is the palest part and the surrounding are darker.

Last time that me and mum went to Twycross Zoo we spent hours trying to get a picture of this leopard and this time I managed it so that's why I chose this picture.
This picture was chosen for the same reason as the picture above.
I just like penguins. I like the reflection in this picture all though next time I would like to be able to see more of the reflection, I also like that the white of the penguin really stands out so your eye is drawn to the main focus of the photograph the penguin, which also happens to be in the centre of this image, this was however a coincidence and not planned, but I think it is a coincidence that has worked out well!
A Girl With A Dream.

Twycross Zoo.

Thursday, 23 August 2012
Hey everyone, 

hope your all managing to read my posts easily if the font or the colour of the font makes my posts harder to read let me know and I will play around with them and make them more readable. 

Today my mum took me, my brother, and my brothers girl friend to one of my all time favourite places in the UK possibly even the world coming in second place to anywhere that is horse related! I took loads of pictures (mainly in black and white) and have not yet put them on my computer! But when I do I'll make sure that I put some of the best ones up so you can hopefully tell why I want to become a photographer,  however I would like to be a photographer that focus on photographing horses, as these will always be my main passion.

As I am writing this post I am thinking about to things, the first thing is a book that I read called the 'One Dollar Horse'  and secondly 'Jennifer Saunders - back in the saddle'. The book 'One Dollar Horse' is a really good story and I suggest to anyone that is horse crazy and just wants something different to read to try reading this book it will be a series of three but unfortunately neither of the other two have come out yet :( BUT when they do I will make sure to read them. A brief summary of the book is that they are about a girl, who loves horses and has always wanted her own, and one day when shes out with her dad she walks past a horse slaughter house and sees this horse extremely upset, and in distress so pays the owners of the slaughter house one dollar to buy the horse. Once she gets it she then puts him through immediate vet assessments, which lead to him needing a lot of medication, she then trains this horse to become an eventing horses, and it ends on her competing in one of the must do shows for eventer's and she ended up winning it! 

Now on to my second thing on my mind, the T.V. show 'Jennifer Saunders - Back in The Saddle' the show started last week and is about Jennifer aiming towards a goal of competing again and riding again like she used to when she was a little girl. The first show, showed us her finding the perfect horse for, and this happens to be a horse called Jack. This week she shows us her training towards entering the Badminton horse trials. Unfortunately it ended up getting cancelled because of the rain that we had early in the year. So now she has headed down to Norfolk and is entering a show there! I strongly recommended to anyone that can watching this programme its on ITV 1 at 9:00pm and is an hour long but it is really good! I like it because it gives me the confidence that if she can do it when shes had years and years off that anyone can do whatever they want if they believe enough. So it's made me believe more now than ever that because I believe so strongly that I'll get my own horse that one day in the future I will get my own horse.  

Until Next Time 

A Girl With A Dream!

Textiles Images and general stuff.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Well today I decided that I would make a post during the day instead of my usual habit of waiting til 10 o'clock at night and then deciding that I want to start posting, because by that point I normally do not feel like posting anything. 

So today my mum took me up to the Blue John mines jewellery shop at Castleton called 'Blue John Gem's' It's a really good shop and they sell all different stones these included, Amber, synthetic Opal, Blue John and Amethyst. With my name being Amber you can probably guess that I am always drawn to Amber, my mum's favourite tends to be Amethyst as her favourite colour is purple. I found myself a pair of not overly expensive dangly earrings (although it must have taken me over an hour to decide). My earrings are Silver and where they dangle it's a hoop and dangling inside the hoop is a piece of Amber. Also where the stud part of the earring is, it is a piece of Amber. 

Close up of earrings :')

Showing the size of the earrings
Close up of the other earring.
On to textiles work, so as I am sure you all know I am starting my second stage of A-levels and have chosen to drop R.S. (Religious Studies) because my uncle is an English Teacher so when I miss time from school if I am ill my Uncle can help me with English. I will still be doing Art and Textiles. For my Textiles theme this year I have chosen to base it on Belly Dancing because as a sport it is always one that I have liked but also because I just generally love the look of all the outfits. So below I have put pictures (all though some are pretty faint) of some of the first initial idea's that I have done, at some point I will also put on the same designs when I have painted them, and also pictures of my final designs and developed idea's. When it comes to the process of actually making the garment I'll also put pictures up for you all to see.  :)

It's too faint but this is one of my favourite designs.
A close up of the top, of the idea that is shown above.
really like the trousers on this one like how they are fitted and then flair out at the knee.
The skirt on this one would be made of a saree type material so would the top, as while this sticks with my theme it also adds a change.

Well at 6o'clock I started writing this post and now here we are at 8:50 and I am just getting round to updating the post and hopefully publishing it soon. Unfortunately there has been nothing horse related today other than spending some time reading horse magazines and looking on horse websites for new clothes.

Might post something again that's more horse related but until then I'm off to read 
A Girl With A Dream. xx


Monday, 20 August 2012
Today I have chosen to use my riding pictures that my mum has spent taking for me over the years, and tell you a bit about each photo, I'm not sure how many photo's I intend to do at the start of this post but I will warn you all in advance that this could possibly be a long post with plenty of pictures of all the horses that I have the pleasure to ride, this will very from horse's that I have rode when I was young to horses that I still ride to this day like Jake.

Also to let you all know I will be posting pictures of some of my textiles work tomorrow so you can all let me know what you think and you can see what I have spent my time doing so far this summer holiday. Right on to the main part of my post PHOTOGRAPHS!

  First off is Gatsby, Gatsby is a horse that I have been riding since the beginning of January but that I have instantly fallen in love with and have been riding him ever since, this was the week before my last lesson when we were working on jumping a corse and making the right lines to the right jumps. Gatsby has brought my confidence on so much and is a horse that I hope to keep riding for a long time and get much more pleasure out of just like I have done with my jakey boo.
 Meet little lucy she lives at parkside stables and is one of the school horses, I have only rode Little Lucy a few times but the few times that I have rode her she has been rather enjoyable in this picture we were working on extending either walk or trot but from the position that I am I would assume that I was just doing in to trot. When on the ground lucy is a nightmare to control and she lashes out on everybody.
 This is Big T also known as tobias, he is now a old horse and no longer jumps anymore, but this picture is one of the last pictures that there is of Tobias being jumped in his later days, I later found out that I was the last person to ever jump him. He is an ex dressage horse, and is extremely good at what he does best, he is also the first horse to ever walk on to broomfield college's yard when it first opened. Tobias has built my confidence off so much and to be honest if I hadn't spent weeks riding him I do not think that I would be where I am now.
 You all know about Jakey boo and this picture but I love it so I put it in anyway Jakey boo I love you!
Meet wally, this horse gets on my nerves so much but in his own way he is a good horse to learn to ride on because he teaches you that you need to be persistent, that you can't just kick a horse and he will go. He is hard work, and damn annoying but is a great horse to learn on. I can say that I am rather happy to be riding him no more, but you never know in the future one day I might go back to riding the little guy. This picture is another last as it was taken last year in the summer and was the last time that I rode wally to this day. I really like it because it's a rare picture where he is actually paying attention and got his ears forward.
 Now you all know about Thomas I think if not head over to the 'Horses I ride' page, and take a look to find out more about him. This is another picture that was taken last summer however this picture was taken at Broomfield College and was one of the lessons that Nikki gave me because I was helping her out over the summer! Thomas is an ex hunter. He is great fun to jump even though he gets super excited at times! 

Well my arm's hurting so cant type anymore but I will make sure to post tomorow 

Until then 

A Girl With A Dream 

craft fairs, straight lines and textiles.

Sunday, 19 August 2012
hi y'all well there's been no riding today unfortunately not sure when there next will be but hopefully there will be some soon as I am missing it like mad! 

okay so today's thing that's got me thinking is... the horses Rhythm. Now to most people this doesn't sound that important but to us horse people it is a key thing when riding, whether when doing flat work or when Jumping.When Jumping it is Important to keep an even rhythm because it helps to set the horse up for the jump that is about to do and it doesn't make the jump appear to be sloppy. Also because if your horse keeps speeding up and then slowing down, it makes the horse unbalanced, which gives you more risk of knocking a pole down or of slipping out of canter (if that is the pace that you are in). 

Another thing that I would like to mention is riding a straight line in a dressage test. When Gemma first started teaching me she spent two or three weeks making us ride a straight line which to start with I thought was boring, but I didn't realise how hard it was. When riding a dressage test the majority of the time the judge will be positioned at 'C' so can tell whether you halt straight, whether when your riding down the centre line you are moving slightly to the left or slightly to the right. When we were doing it Gemma told us to focus on a particular place that was in the middle of the school this could be 'C' or if there's something else in the same area using that like in our indoor school behind 'C' is a door and above the door is a green fire escape exit light, so you could choose to focus on that. Riding a straight line is where the majority of people lose their makes because they might move slightly to the left or slightly to the right. I think that it is really important now to practice riding that straight line til its the best of our ability. What do you guys think? 

Today I have finally got round to spending time doing textiles work. Yesterday my mum and I went to the Hunkydory Craft Fair at Donington Race Course in the Exhibition hall. While we were there we had to wait for an hour to get in as they had sold far too many tickets. When we got in it was packed and we found that a lot of the stalls where selling the same thing. I ended up purchasing some water colour paints that are pearlescent (making the water colours sparkle and glitter). I also bought some pan pastels, as they were on offer at 3 for £15.99, I bought a baby pink colour, orange and a deep purple, and have used these on my textiles coursework that I have been doing. I am now two pages off finishing the first section of my coursework portfolio, including doing three title pages, that I have done the backgrounds using the panpastels then have drawn two (on each page) people in different belly dancing positions, I then added colour to them using paint (acrylic), glitter and glue, and finally guilding flakes. I will post pictures of these tomorrow when I am in a better light so that you can see what I have been working on. So I am a little bit closer to being ready for school which starts back again in three weeks, not a lot closer but a little is better than none.

Tomorrow I have got a hospital appointment, that is to find out whether or not I have got a stomach ulcer, we might be getting closer to finding out why I have got all the stomach problems that I have. Then I will be heading over to my sister's house to watch Brody whilst her and my mum go to the Doctors.

Until then. 
A Girl With A Dream.

photographs :)

Friday, 17 August 2012
Lining him up with the mountain block (he's too big for me to get on off the ground)

Trying to figure out if my stirrups are right or too long!

Pulling my girth up

and again.

Jerry thinking 'it is far to hot to do work but your making me'.

and again.

Having a leisurely hack around the park with the group.

Jerry making little Tom look even smaller than normal.

Confused look but loved this horse. 

So finally taken the time to upload the pictures now that my mum has put them on her laptop so that I could nick them. He looks big and when I first got on him I though wow this is a long way to fall down, but then when we started walking and I got used to the size of him I wasn't as bothered. I also found that cause of his size it was a lot easier and you could feel the Diagonal without having to look down.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream


Today we have been driving all the way to ripon in Yorkshire, to meet and pick up my brother from his annual camp, which he wasn't enjoying. Me and my mum woke up at 6 am got dressed, picked up Hannah his gf, and drove all the way to be therefor two minutes and to then leave again. So I decided that while we were driving home that I would take the time to post and update you all :)

Well so far there has been nothing remotely horse like in my day except driving past a horse box and saying wish I was ridin now! But so far no luck maybe later though got to stay positive

Today Ive decided to spend some time talking about lateral work doing things like leg yielding, pushing the hindquarters out on to an inner track in a school. When I first started doing leg yielding with gemma on a Wednesday night I thought tht whilst it was good it was also quite hard but I did really enjoy it the first thing that I did was work on turning on the forehand, I did this mainly when riding Gatsby but also once on Arthur however I didn't like doing it on Arthur as much but he was better at doing it than Gatsby! When riding Gatsby trying to turn on the forehand was difficult because instead of turning he would star going backwards, or he would try and rush through it the basic aids for this was pressure behind the girth on the side you want the horse to turn away from. The next thing that we did was leg yielding (where you make the horse move in a diagonal direction, I found this more enjoyable we started off doing it in walk then built up to trot and so far I haven't tried it in canter but I would like to try it in canter! The only problem I had when doing this was that Gatsby would bend his he's to far and fool you in to thinkin that he was doing it when in actual fact he wasn't!

As I am not riding at the minute I have decided that each day I will pick a particular topic to talk about and right something about that, for example today was lateral work tomorrow could be jumping but that is the type of thing that I am going to be doing let me know what you all think?

I would also like to thank you all for sticking with me even though I haven't been posting much thanks guys :)

Until next time
A girl with a dream x
Thursday, 16 August 2012
p.s. tomorrow I will try and make more time to read all your lovely blogs but at this moment in time im exhausted!

hell yeah!

hiya everyone its me and I am back again :) two posts in one day you lucky people!

Time for the bad news then on to some seriously exciting things! The bad news is that when on the way to my sisters, my mums car started making a funny noise (we wouldnt have heard it if we hadn't got the window open because I was too hot and we hadn't turned the music off because we were going past a horse! The car started self revving and me and mum jumped out when there was loads of smoke just coming up from under the bonnet, the RAC comes out and they think that the car was using too much detail and was not working properly! So now she has another car for a bit its a honda and is nice!

Now my good news I WILL be seeing the Spanish school of riders (this year will also be a special year as it is the first year to include a female, in the production! Also carl hester will be featuring there and its worth going just to see him!

Until I put the pics on
A Girl With A Dream xx

fire crackers, horses, and results day!

hey y'all.

sorry its taken me so long to reply I have been meaning to do it for days, and kept thinking 'I need to update'. Then I look at my laptop and think what was it that I needed to do. Well here I am back again with new things to tell you all. 

First of all is my riding lesson that I went to on Tuesday, I rode a 17/18hh horse that looks like a brown shire horse, and he is called Jerry, He was at my old riding school called 'Parkside' in Alfreton. (There will be pictures of him to follow later). We went for what was supposed to be a quiet hack out around Alfreton park at least this is what it started out as. The first quarter of the ride was calm until we got into the woods where there were four idiotic boys, messing around with fire crackers as you do! Then followed the horses down and tried spooking the horses on the road that goes through the park. Then they started throwing the stupid fire crackers again and almost ended up hitting one of the other horses! Seriously how immature, and pathetic do people get these days? But that's all the riding I have done I want to do more but somehow I do not see that happening much this holiday on the plus side theres always the next one! 

Today was results day and I would love to say that things are going really well but they aren't as good as i was expecting them to be. I got a D in both English and R.S. my best result was a C in art which is what I was predicted from the start so at least I managed to get that one! Then I got a stupid flaming E in Textiles which I am beyond pissed about, because I don't think anyone wrote to the exam board about me doing it with a broken hand but hey ho I can retake it in january and I will be doing so! 

That's all for now is now time to take my sister for one of her check up appointments. 

Until Later

A Girl With A Dream

been a little bit hectic.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012
hey guys sorry it has taken so long for me to post but I am back again and will hopefully be posting more often again.

Well guys it has been a little bit hectic the past few days since I have posted.  On the Friday we took my sister to get her new car, its a bright red it looks good and it is a Ford KA just like the last one that she had, except her last one was black. Then in the afternoon I went up to one of my favourite places in the world! BROOMFIELD! I have got some pictures that I will post for you all later. I didn't do any riding (don't think my stomachs up to it) but I did spend two hours fussing horses and mucking them out! To 'normal' (Non-riding people, I actually think that they might be the ones that aren't normal but who knows?) people this might sound pretty rubbish but to me I absolutely LOVED it! When I walked in to the front barn which is where Arthur is, the first thing that he did was make a noise at me until I walked up to him to stroke him I think that he wanted me to talk to him!

Then on Saturday I spent the day ill in bed because I kept being sick, and I ended up sleeping for either 21 or 23 hours not sure which but then I was active after that! Sunday is when things became a little bit more hectic sunday night I was still being sick, so mum decided to ring the hospital my consultant wasn't back until monday so they decided that they wanted me to go down to a&e and that I needed to be checked out, so they did MORE blood tests (fifth one in less than a month you might as well turn me in to a needle cushion with the amount of needles being shoved in me). They then decided that they needed to admit me, so that was a rough night at 5am I was woken up by someone else being admitted, to start with I thought they had been burnt so had some sympathy for her until I found out that she had actually got so drunk that she was paralytic and had, had to have her stomach pumped! Yep after that my sympathy for her was GONE! Then the next day we found out that one of her friends had been admitted and her sister had almost been admitted to, and they all thought that it was soooo funny! The WORST part, guess how old they where? TWELVE YEARS OLD! THATS RIGHT TWELVE! What is the world coming to. These days hey?

Back to more horsey things, because of that I have missed the past few days of the olympics :( but today I managed to catch up with it and although I was gutted to miss Carl Hester's test he was of course riding the famous Uthopia absolutely gorgeous horse! He ended up in third place with a percentage score of 80.571, a very impressive score, however this score was NOT enough to keep Carl Hester secured in second place, and is looking at a bronze meddle when he goes on to the next rounds. However Charlotte Dujardin smashed this score and came in FIRST place on the fabulous Valegro also known as Blueberry and got an amazing score, with a percentage of 83.286. This talented rider is looking at a GOLD MEDAL! Also whilest on the news of the olympics, I am sure you have all heard by now but for those of you that have not heard, Team GB, got a GOLD medal for the first time in sixty years. In the team show jumping, Team GB is representing the country well and I am sure will continue to do so.

Tomorrow's post will probably be a shorter one as I am off to see my sister and am at her's for the night so will not be putting much but you never know I might just suprise you all and write another long one but you will all have to wait and see!

Until Then
A Girl With A Dream!

Best news possible

Thursday, 2 August 2012
Got in from a great night with my big sister and good day with her and just thought that it was time to check up on the olympic score, completely buzzing! Carl Hester and Uthopia is currently in first place with a score of 77.720 completely amazing in second place is also another Team GBR Laura Bechtolsheime and Mistral Hojris (slightly paculiar name if you ask me) with a score 76.839, to say this the first day of Dressage I am So excited, hopefully we will manage a gold medal! Not getting my hopes up, because you never know what is going to happen next! But is a good start for us in the UK.  Denmark is running in second followed by Spain in third. Between second and first percentage wise there a space of 5% woop woop. So who knows what tomorrow will bring. Can't wait to see or hear that. For those of you that want to see Charlotte on Valegro she will be doing her test at 14:10. I will be at broomfield at this time so I will have to catch up on that.

Tomorrow is the day! I am going back to broomfield so will finally have something horse related for you all that I am actually doing not that has been on tv or a mates done or I have read about it. It might just be telling you about who I turned out mucked out that type of thing but it will be better than nothing! 

Now on to my favourite part of today here's the pictures of my new curtains and some photos from the night with my big sister, baby nephew and big brother :') xx

Love A Girl With A Dream