Silver Medal For Team GB

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Hi y'all, how you guys doing? 

So today was the final phase of the eventing both team eventing and individual eventing. Congratulations to Germany who came in first place, winning the Gold medal, while I wish that this was Team GB, that won Germany had stunning horses, and did extremely well so congratulations to them! Team GB managed to grab hold of the Silver medal and KEEP IT and in third Place was New Zealand, it was a tense moment watching to see whether Team GB would make it or not but with Tina Cook, Mary King, William Fox-Pitt, Zara Phillips and Nicola Wilson. Team GB did well in the individual eventing 5th Place - Mary King, Closely in 6th place - Tina Cook. Finally in 8th Place - Zara Phillips.  I think that the team did really well and it makes me proud  to be British somethings will never change! Horses are great. Truly do make my day hearing about horses. 

Moving on so today I have been working on making some new curtains they are going to be cheetah print, and when they are done and hanging I will post a picture for you all to see. My mums been helping me to make them because I have never made curtains before, never thought I would need to and technically I don't need to but I want too! 

Just off To wash my hair might be back later 
Girl With A Dream xxxxx


Monday, 30 July 2012
In my earlier post I forgot to tell you all that I am going back upto Broomfield on Friday only for the morning, cause I'm still pretty ill and HOPEFULLY I am going to get to ride tooo! <3

Day Three of updating my blog :')

Hey y'all I'm managing to update my blog like I promised. With the help of my mum who tells me when I don't double check my spellings, and when things don't make sense! Thank You Mummy.

Well today it was the dreaded day of the blood test! I had to have one to check that my liver was working properly, unfortunately I've had 3/4 in the last month so this time it really hurt, and it also hurts more because of how deep the vein is! Trust me to have difficult veins hey? 

Secondly I want to thank you all for sticking by and following me when I haven't been able to update as much as I would like to have, but now I plan to keep telling you more, even if it is just about everyday things that go on. Moving on to the better part of my blog, the part that I know you all love the HORSES! After all that is what we all love and are here about! So who's being watching the olympics? For those of you who haven't here's an update! 

Today it has been cross country day initially I wasn't a cross country kind of girl, I couldn't really understand it, then for my last lesson at Broomfield this term I got to try cross country jumping and I LOVED IT! The adrenaline was amazing and something that I really enjoyed doing. So today I have found the cross country part of the eventing particularly fascinating. Team GB are currently in 1st Place in the team rankings. And individually the results are as follows In Fifth Place - Kristina Cook. Sixth Place - Mary King. Joint 10th Place - Zara Phillips. 20th Place - Nicola Wilson. The fifth rider has yet to go but when they do I will let you know how it goes that's William Fox-Pitt. Will post again later to let you know how does.

While this is being a particularly good day for team GB, it has been a bad day for Japan with two of their riders being eliminated. This is the same case for Australia, Ireland and Canada. Just got the results and in 20nd Place - William Fox-Pitt. So that is the results for Team GB woop woop things are going well for the team, however at the moment in time they are stuck in 2nd Place behind Germany. Only showjumping left to go tomorrow will be thrilling and something to keep an eye on! As you guys have had no pictures of my riding here's the olympic team GB members and there horses.

Kristina Cook and Miners Frolic

Mary King and Imperial Cavaliar

Nicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz

William Fox-Pitt and Lionheart

Zara Phillips and High Kingdom
Love A Girl With A Dream

p.s. might be back again in a bit. 


Sunday, 29 July 2012
hey guys I was just wondering, if you could suggest any blogs for me to follow that you find particularly fascinating and learn a lot from! 

Also if you could tell me more of what you want to see on my blog? Let me know so I can make my reading for you guys more enjoyable :'D

*yawns* going to take that as my que to head to bed! 
Night everybody :') 

Remember anything you believe in is possible!

A New Day - A new Post :)

Woop I am finally managing to update you all on everything that is going on even though at this moment in time it is not horse related but hopefully it will be soon!

Well what have I done today the shorter answer is not a lot well it didn't seem like a lot but geez I'm knackered today, last night I went to sleep between 3 and 3:30am I just couldn't get to sleep and me and my mum must have checked on little Brody a thousand times during the night to make sure that he was sleeping well and sure enough he was doing. He slept from 6pm all the way through to 7:20am this morning! Clever Little guy - sleep while you can, I like the way he thinks. Then this Morning I woke up at 10:30 I know late but the later the better is my thoughts! When I woke up I spent some time playing with Brody and then we shared some Pringles (he loves them almost as much as me ;). After that we got him ready for his lunch and I fed him his baby food today it was 'Fruity Chicken Casserole' and then it was 'rice pudding'  we picked today not him, unlike yesterday when he decided. (We put them in front of them and he picked). We then went to mother-care world and got him one of the rubber rings that have the support in the middle for him as he is only 8 months old (nearly 9). And went to Belper Swimming Pool after I spent nearly 30 minutes blowing up his seat ring thing (no idea what it's proper name is).

Now on to the horse part, after this we came home and I asked my dad if I would be able to watch the Equestrian Part of the Olympics, it was still Dressage all day unfortunately I was getting excited for the Cross Country but we have been told that it will start tomorrow from 12:30. That WILL be on my T.V. hopefully in the sitting room but I don't know! At the minute in the Team Eventing - 1st Place is Germany, 2nd Place is Team Australia, and 3rd Place is TEAM GREAT BRITAIN! WOOP WOOP! As you can tell when it comes to riding I am a huge supporter of my country, and also can not wait to see Carl Hester and Charlotte in the Team Dressage on Thursday and Friday. Now for the results of Team GB. 12th Place - MARY KING. 14th Place - Kristina Cook. Joint 17th Place - William Fox-Pitt. Joint 24th Place - Zara Phillips. Finally in Joint 39th Place - Nicola Wilson.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream.

p.s. there might be more for you all later :)
Saturday, 28 July 2012
Also for those of you who are interested in my progress head over to my goals and ambitions page, and see four new goals one of which I have completed and also check out my other goals from when I first made my blog to see if I've met them!

A Girl With A Dream

Photo diary

Hey Guys if you head over to my page 'Photo Diary', and take a look at the new pictures as I started my blog entry for yesterday I have added two pictures at the same time for the 28th and 29th of July, I hope you like the pictures and if there is anything else you want to see on my blog LET ME KNOW :) xx

As Promised

Hey Guys as I promised an update :) 

I'm still missing Gatsby like mad hate not being able to ride and hate not knowing where he is! Hoping my dad will be able to find out where he is some time soon! Well who else has been watching the olympics? It was dressage today that will be continued tomorrow morning, not everyone in my family is a huge riding fan like me, my nan who used to breed horses didn't even watch it! But my dad let me watch two hours of it here and there, and I loved it saw some gorgeous horses. Tomorrow the days kicking off with Zara Philips that will be a must see I think, as she isn't riding the famous Toy Town does anyone know who it is now?  How are all your countries doing? It's more dressage tomorrow followed by cross country in the afternoon I do believer though it could possible be show jumping

Well today it's going to seem like I've done a lot but I have had a good day, even though I am aching a lot, it has been good. So this morning my sister Anne-Marie, or wee-wee as I've called her since I was little cause I couldn't say Anne-Marie and her boyfriend Mick went on holiday to Skegness for the weekend for a weekend of romance just the two of them (yeah I know it sounds so cheesy. So I helped mum look after Brody and got to feed him twice which I found really fun to do. 

He nodded off about 6ish and has been asleep ever since so I have spent this evening watching films, and curled up on my sofa, and now on my mum's chair colouring in on my Bamboo! I love that thing! Going to have to start actually drawing not just colouring in something, some time soon. Hopefully it will be sometime soon but not sure when. I'm also going to be trying to draw all my textiles idea's out on my bamboo.

Just measured my curtains and there are 92 inches by 54 and I am planning (with the help of my mum) to make my own curtains that match my animal print theme room! I know I am animal print obsessed, and always have liked it, the colour scheme of my room has gone from pink and purple to bright pink/hot pink (but making sure that it is NOT florescent pink you know the one that looks almost orange? I hate that colour) Back to the paint it will be a really girly pink and a chocolate brown :) woop woop so it's sticking with the natural colours that are in Cheetah print and white tiger prints, but adding the girly pink that I love! 

Right now I am off over to update my 'Photo Diary Page' with a new picture head over and take a look and see what you think :) 

A Girl With A Dream.

If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all, and bye bye Gatsby!

Friday, 27 July 2012
 First of all I want to say sorry AGAIN, for not updating as often as I want too! I am going to try and update everyday from now on, even if they are only short one line things, but at least you will all know that I haven't disappeared off the planet of the earth!
Well I thought once I was out of hospital things were going to get better especially for my riding, I was starting to plan all the things that I wanted to do with him over the summer because I thought that he was going to be at Broomfield so that I could ride him, it was all planned, I wanted to work on riding with out stirrups and staying confident, and also on trying to get back to being able to ride Arthur without having any problems, well that can happen but my plan for Gatsby that's not going to happen! The day after or might have been two days after I was out of hospital I thought that I would go and see Lauren and say hello to Gatsby even if I couldn't ride him, not exactly much to ask for is it? The bad news is that Gatsby's owner turned up she's decided she's taking him home for the summer, and we don't know if he is coming back in September! That will be the worst thing if he doesn't come back because that horse means the world to me!

Then yesterday I was at my sisters because I had stopped at hers the night before and we went shopping in the morning and thought things we're getting better again, we had a great time shopping got matching outfits, and she was getting matching bedding to mine! It was all going perfect until we had the idea that we would go to Markeaton Park and taking Brody in a big paddling pool cause we thought that he would enjoy that (and that we could act like little kids) well when we first got in her car it started making weird noises that just seemed to be getting worse and there was a weird burning smell. Well when we parked, and put the car in neutral it made a massive bang and jumped forwards, and started smoking. So we rang my mum and she told us not to drive it and that she would come and pick us up! Then on the way back to my sisters, a 40foot lorry decided to drive in to the side of my mums car, and keep going, it broke the wing mirror, scratched all the side and put a dint in the other side of the car, but we were lucky not to be squished. Now as I'm sure that you all know, if this happens both drivers are supposed to stop and swap insurance information but he kept going, we spent 10 to 20 minutes trying to get him to stop and all he did was swear at my sister who was going mad because her 9 month old baby was in the car too! 

One good thing that's happened is that Jordan's still being coming to see me, so I know that at least one of my mates care even if the others don't but that's there loss if they can't deal with me at my worst then they don't deserve to know me at my best! Another good thing is that I have managed to spend plenty of time playing and learning more about my bamboo wacom, which sooner or later I am playing to start using to draw all my ideas for my textiles! At the bottom of this post I will also attach a picture of my latest piece of work :). Also my blood test results have come back and are all clear which I know I should be happy about and thinking great that's a really good thing, but I am not because at the minute we still have no idea what has caused the problem with my liver, if it's gone and if it can come back! 
Below is a picture that shows you some of the things that I can do, including shading, drawing, tonal area's, and skin tone type of things! The background isn't perfect and I am going to try and delete more of the marks but yeah this is one of my drawings. Hope you like it. 
A Girl With A Dream! 

Finally updating you all about whats been going on

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
First of all i would like to say sorry to you all for not updating as frequently as I was doing I know i haven't been on a while, but do have a good reason.

Well the past week has been rather hectic but I've decided to sit down with my laptop and update you all which could take quite a while. Back in April I started being extremely sick and this lasted for about 12 days, during which I had two anti-sickness injections and ever since then I've had good days and bad days where i start being sick and then the next day i will be fine again. Well not the monday just gone but two mondays before that I started being sick again! On the Thursday of that week I got put on a tablet called Nefapam, which unfortunately made things worse, is it caused me to not be able to sleep, and also to get horrible pins and needles all up and down my legs and arms. This lasted up until Sunday morning where my mum rang the out of hours doctors and I went to the walk-in clinic where all they told me to do was to stop the Nefapam and start back on tramadol while this solved the pins and needles it did not solve the pain and through out the day the pain increased to the point where mum rang them again and was told that she needed to have me in a&e and seen within an hour. In a&e they did blood tests (hate them!) and I was told by one doctor that they had all come back clear. The next day I went to my gp like we had been told to, who told me that the doctor in a&e had lied and that my liver function had come back negative, and my liver was extremely enlarged so i needed more blood tests and my consultant got me an emergency ultra sound scan, so i had both these done the scan came back looking clear! Tuesday the pain continued and I stayed at home. Wednesday the pain was getting worse so my mum spoke to my consultant who said that it was time to admit me, from wednesday up until the monday just gone i was in hospital on the childrens ward. During that time i had more blood tests (I might as well be a pin cushion with the amount of needles ive had in me) and a chest x-ray which came back normal, but my consultant changed around my tablets and got me on a mixture that seemed to stop me being sick and ease off the pain. Yesterday I just stayed at home and relaxed and just spent time resting. I also got a wacom bamboo graphics tablet to use with my art (below are two pictures i coloured in using it) and then today Jordan came to see me and keep me company like he had in hospital to try and distract me from the pain a bit which was really nice.

Unfortunately because of being in hospital and being ill i havent got any riding updates to give you :( I haven't even seen any of the horses since I started being sick, but I am hoping that if my liver settles down that ill be back at broomfield in no time but unfortunately it could take up to 2 months for my liver to settle down! However I will keep posting and tell you about riding lessons that I have had in the past and experiences ive had with horses over the years.

 Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream xx

another quickie

Monday, 16 July 2012
just wanted to let you all know that I have updated my photo diary page, for the first time in a while so head over and take a look at is :)

just a quickie for my loyal followers :)

Hey guys

okay so this is just a quick one while its the break in Geordie Shore tomorrow i will update you all fully, sorry that I have not updated in a while unfortunately I have spent the past week in hospital with stomach pains,  and have come home with a whole load of medication, while tell you all more about that tomorrow

unfortunately this means that I have not been able to see Gatsby but I am hoping to be back riding again soon and then I will have even more to tell you all :)

Until then
A Girl With A Dream

hey guys :)

Thursday, 5 July 2012
Sorry that it has taken so long to post something not had the best week, with being ill the past two days and spending all day in a&e with my sister, who ended up getting that fed up that she told the doctor, what she wanted the doctor said 'we will see' and then came back with a prescription for them, can tell you that was a nightmare, when the two of us hate dealing with hospitals! But the plus side was that I got to see my big sister, who I adore spending time with and also that I got to see my cute little nephew, who is one of the best things around, hes so funny to watch and has some really funny faces, and he can say my name! which is always a good thing.

So i've not done much riding but I have been doing a lot of looking on line and have fallen in love with a new brand of riding clothes that I have got two hoodies from thats called, 'Rydale'. Don't know if anyone's got any opinions or comments on 'Rydale' Riders clothes but if you have let me know what you think of it, and feel free to suggest any other makes that you think are worth looking at.

Okay moving on to the picture of today, with not being well I haven't had time to put up a new picture on my 'Photo Diary' page well today I am going to be putting up a picture that I haven't taken but is one of my all time favourite pictures, and was taken on my lesson on saturday. let me know what you think guys :)

Hoping to be back up at broomfield this week if i am feeling better.

A Girl With A Dream xxx

cross country on gatsby

Monday, 2 July 2012
okay so yesterday was my last official riding lesson of the year as the college has now ended and I was riding Gatsby! I should have been riding Arthur but after having a mental breakdown at the thought of jumping him lauren suggested that I rode Gatsby. Gemma didnt tell us until we were on that we would be doing cross country practice all though this was indoor, this involved us learning how to do a cross country canter and how to take the jumps as a stride not preparing for them and then making it a individually movement.

So to start with Gatsby seemed quite lazy, there was nothing overly active about him, but then as the lesson moved on and the more transitions that we did the more awake he became, we did a jump that was a corner that was basically three wings, and three poles, two wings on one side and one on the other side, and then the three of them spread out making them look effectively look like a spread. We then also did a normal jump but with the plastic jump block things underneath the jump if that makes sense? and then we had a third and final jump that was just two fillers on the ground, and you had to make sure the horse didnt run out, gatsby thought about it but i am pleased to say that he didnt do it!

eventually we got in to the swing of things and i adored it, though i do plan at somepoint to try doing this again as it was deffo fun, my mum took some amazing pictures that i will share with all you guys :), if there was one thing i learnt from that lesson it was that when i loose my nerves it is possible for me to jump him well, and do my thing. I will write more about this tomorow

A Girl With A Dream