Printing and Developing

Thursday, 31 October 2013
Today has been a fairly productive day, this morning I went in to University to get some work done, I wanted to do some printing today and was surprised by how well it went. I didn't stay in for that long because I thought my sister was coming over and also because there was a group that was due to be using the darkroom. I was able to get in there for about an hour though. 

A film that I developed earlier in the week. I was so pleased with how these turned out.
When I got home I waited until the images were fully dry and then stuck them in my visual technologies book, tomorrow I need to do some writing to go along with the images. I also plan to do some more developing later on in the week or next week. 

Film on the roll, before it had even dried. It was such a pretty colour! 
This evening I went to my youth groups film night and we watched The Hunger Games. Now this series of films never did appeal to me and today I decided that while I probably won't watch the films I might possibly read the books. I think the story lines good and I like the idea I just don't like how it was done for the films. 

Plaits that I did during Pony Club on Monday. 

Tomorrow's my own a pony day and then possibly going out in the evening. 

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Photography paper

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Today I had off uni, which meant that I could have a longer sleep, that's always a plus side. I decided that tomorrow I would like to go and print some of my negatives. So my mum helped me to track down where I could buy Ilford Photographic Paper then my uncle took me to get it. For 100 sheets of 10x8 inches it cost me £40 which was really good compared to some other places that I looked at.

Then I spent this evening chilling out and watching tv. I also did a couple of drawings in my sketchbook. Tomorrow I plan to go in to Uni for 10:30/11:00 so that I can get my prints done. It will be the first time that I've done printing without the technicians being there, so I'm slightly nervous but also excited. I've got everything written down what I need to do. So I'm just going to have to get on with it! 

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Blog Contest

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Hey Guys,

For those of you that haven't already head over to SprinklerBandits blog and check out her competition. For the chance to win a Dream Horse Studio boot set! How awesome is that so go over and check it out NOW!!!

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Pony Club - Quiz Night

Monday, 28 October 2013
First off I'd like to say Hi Maddie (one of the girls from Pony Club who's managed to find my blog) and that I will put the Pumpkin pictures up soon! 

At University today we had a workshop on how to print and enlarge negatives. This was really interesting and something that I would like to do more of in the future. I also developed my own film for the first time in my life and I'm surprised by how well it turned out! I won't bore you with the details of how I did it. 

Then this evening I had pony club. The first half of the night we did a quiz (which my team one!!!) it was just a general horse knowledge quiz and the majority of things I knew. Then for the other half we spent time grooming the horses and putting them to bed. I helped Ella who is knew to pony club put Pumpkin to bed, and I showed her where things were. It was really good and I got to practice my plaiting on a shorter mane which was nice!

That's pretty much all I've done today and now I'm ready for bed! 

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New Winter Jodhpurs and Some Photo Editing

Sunday, 27 October 2013
So over the course of tonight/tomorrow a big storm is supposed to hit us. According to the map we are on the edge of the area where it will be so weather we get it or not only time will tell. 

Today I went to pick up a new pair of black jodhpurs that are for winter, as my denim ones are great but still don't quite fit 100% but I think that we are getting there! I then spent some time when we got back creating a new design for a Lino Print that I am hoping to go in and do one day this week. 

I haven't really done anything else today other than edit this photo. 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Day at the stables and LOTS of pictures!

Saturday, 26 October 2013
Today has been a busy day. when I woke up this morning I didn't think that I was going to stay at my stables for the afternoon because my stomach wasn't great but as soon as I got there I decided I would do. I am glad I did! 

We started off when I got there with me and JaimieLeigh giving Rascal and Sam a good groom as both of them were absolutely ditched! It was horrible. Then we switched horses to tack them up. I was riding Gatsby who was already being used in a lesson so I didn't have him to tack up and get ready but thats cool. Steph was here this week so that meant that she would be taking the lesson. She asked what we wanted to work on and I said I'd like to get him going in an outline again and also that I'd like to do some more work without stirrups. From the minute I got on I could tell he was going to be responsive. He was ready to go and I was ready to go with him. From the get go I didn't have to worry about forwardness I focused on my straightness and my position. But the good work didn't begin until I took my stirrups away, then I was able to get him going in an outline. It wasn't as good as last week but it was there. I had to get quite direct with him but the minute that I did he was like 'ok she's not joking'. We finished the lesson on a really great note!! 

No photos of my lesson yet! As I will be developing them in a dark room on Monday!

I then went out to the field to take some photographs of Tom who was lying down and I have to say he was being a proper little poser! Then I bought Chez in while Molly bought Merlin in. JaimieLeigh, Molly and I then went to work on getting Rocky who had just been bought in from the field. While the lessons were going on the three of us did some tack cleaning. Which was nice to do and we had a good chat while doing it. We then finished the day by skipping out all the stables. I then took some photographs for Molly (a different one) who was having a riding lesson that I can then use for my university course as well. After I'd done that I gave Gatsby a brush over and then tacked him up for his lesson and then it was time to go home. 

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feeling refreshed

Friday, 25 October 2013
After catching up on some much needed sleep (I slept from 7pm til 10am). I was up and feeling much better and more awake this morning. I got up in time to go and help my mum and Uncle doing the food shopping, as I know both their backs have been aching recently! Neither are feeling 100%. When we got home I decided that I was going to get some work done I got six pages done (3 in Visual Tech Sketchbook, 2 in Creative skills and 1 in Visual Studies sketch book). I felt like I'd really accomplished something and if I wake up in the morning I want to get another page done before I go to the stables. 

Then this evening I went to my youth group which was fairly uneventful up until the end where two of the lads (also one of them a good mate, and another a mate I know fairly well) managed to fall out. Not only that but Evie and I then went to the pub with them and the awkwardness continued. It wasn't the best end to the night but it was a good way to wind down. Now to take more photographs tomorrow and time to get some sleep! 

More photographs to come tomorrow also I'll share with you some of my Uni work. 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Cute Donkey Pictures!!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013
This was one of my favourites because this little fella just walked right up to me, he wasn't bothered about the camera or the flash it was lovely! 

I love this image I think the Donkey has really soft looking eyes and is just 100% adorable. This was on the manual settings and I was surprised by how well it worked. I'll definitely be putting this up so that if people like it they can buy a print of it. 

Mummy and youngster, the Little fella is only 18 months old and the adult is pregnant. They are so cute! 

I think that this image works really well because of the lighting but simply because it's really cute! This donkey is adorable but has the oddest markings ever. 
So these are just some photographs that I took today, I wanted to put them up now before I had chance to do some editing work on them so that people can see the before and after! I think they turned out better than I expected some of them to do and because of this will be using them for some of my module work. 

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A Girl With A Dream

Money making plans

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
It's been an exciting few days. Yesterday I had a full day at uni and we did some work looking at colour and also some work towards my mask module. Then we went out as a family to Cosmo for tea, it was really nice and I got to spend some time with my Nephew so that was really good! He is a proper little character and always cheers me up and makes me smile! Who needs retail therapy when you've got a nephew! 

Today has been a quieter day. I thought that I had got a workshop at University this morning, so I got up nice and early drove there only to be told the teacher had double booked the room. This meant that the older years got priority as it's a fashion room and they are fashion students. So I came home and just had a more relaxed day as I wasn't really feeling 100%, I think I've got a bug that's going around the university at the minute. This afternoon I did some photoshop work for my Visual Technology module.  So I've got my book half way filled up, the time seems to be flying by. Then I did some collage work, we got told we couldn't use images that you could tell what they were so I used coloured paper and my mums cricut. 

In other news I've joined DeviantArt, I want/need to start making some money, so I'll be putting certain photographs up of my work and if people like them they can download them or buy them as a print! So here's to hoping I'm going to make some money from that!

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Sunshine Award

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
I just got the sunshine award from Paola's Horse Blog, once again thank you, I really really appreciate it! 

The sunshine award is for people who 'positively and creatively inspire others in the blogoshpere'. The nominee of the award must do the following, thank the person who nominated them, nominate ten bloggers of her own, answer the ten questions given to her and post them and add the Sunshine Award Button to her blog. 

Here are the questions and my answers. 

  1. Mares or Gelding? Personally I'm a geldings fan every time that I have rode a mare something goes wrong, so I'm going to stick with my geldings! 
  2. English or Western? English for me! I've always wanted to try riding western but I have never done it, maybe one day I will but I do love Dressage! 
  3. Do you prefer younger or older horses? Erm... I don't have a preference as long as I get on well with the horse and know that I can trust them that's all that matters. I ride Vettie who is 20+, Gatsby who is 14 and I have rode other horses that are in between or younger than this. 
  4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero? No but I would love to try it.
  5. Do you prefer riding or ground work? I love both, I think ground work can really build up the trust level between the horse and owner. I also love the time that you can just spend grooming. I do love riding, I love the fact that Gatsby helps me become more confident in riding but also other aspects of my life. 
  6. Do you board your horse or keep him at home? I don't have my own horse but one day I will do. 
  7. Do you use all natural things or just commercial stuff (the products you use)? When I get my horse I'd want to use more natural things just because I don't like a lot of chemicals. 
  8. All tacked up or bareback? I've never rode bareback but would love to try it. I like riding without stirrups so will have to wait and see what the future holds. 
  9. Equestrian role model? Good one, but without a doubt Carl Hester! This rider is so inspiring, his whole career and life story makes me want to try more. I think he's a very talented rider and would love to be able to ride like that. But also Fiona, my riding teacher, she's really helped to build my confidence and make me a better rider and if I can do that for somebody else it would be amazing. 
  10. What's your one main while being in the horse world? To have my own horse and have a strong bond with them. Being able to compete would be great but for me it's all about finding that one horse. The horse that I feel like I can do anything with. 
I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to ask new questions or just stick with these ones? So I'll stick with these ones! 

Now on to my nominee's 

  1. Jen at Cob Jockey
  2. Shelley at Diary of a hunter Princess.
  3. Hillary at Equestrian at Hart
  4. Nicku at Polka Dot Periodical
  5. L.Williams at Viva Carlos
  6. Karley at All In
There are so many blogs that I love to read but these are just a few of my favourites.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

printing, darkrooms and plaiting

Monday, 21 October 2013
Today has been a long and at some points extremely tiring day. This morning we had got a lecture where we looked at different sculptures it wasn't the most helpful thing for me (photographer) but it was still interesting to see! 

We then went to Hobby Craft Where I put a new white paint and a new water brush thing, I wanted to get some guilding (not sure how you spell it) flakes but they hadn't got only multicoloured ones so I didn't get any. Then we went to McDonalds for our lunch which was nice the funny thing was I bumped in to Evie while I was there so Charmaine and Evie got to meet. 

When we had had our lunch we went back to the campus and did some work in the print rooms, I really enjoyed doing this (we used blue and red ink and made purple). I've never done until now Lino Printing so I'm enjoying playing around with that. They'll come in use for my Silk Screen workshop too, then we had an induction in to the Dark room, we didn't know we needed to bring film so we weren't able to actually do any of the developing process but maybe next time? 

At Pony Club it was mainly a catch up evening, but Fiona said if we didn't need to catch up that we would be able to come along anyway, so Molly and I worked on doing some plaiting on Gatsby. His main was to long to do it to start with so Fiona showed us how to pull his main using a Solocomb which was really interesting and then we got to work plaiting him up. It was really fun and I enjoyed talking to Molly, eventually we will be doing the plaiting badge! 

my attempt

Molly's go

my best one 
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A Girl With A Dream

Multiple Exposure

Sunday, 20 October 2013
Today has been a lazy day for me as I was not feeling 100% but I still got some work done. I did two pages in two of my books which is what I had wanted to do. I did some photoshop work that looks at multiple exposure photographs that I think has worked fairly well. 

I think the three photographs worked more successfully because you can see more detail and the horse is closer.

However I do really like this photograph and things that it worked really well. I liked that I was able to line up the fence and poles etc. I would like to look at the use of colour for my next experiment. 
Well that's all from me today, tomorrow I'm at Uni and am going to do some lino prints during lunch time. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


Saturday, 19 October 2013
Gatsby and I warming up :") 

Love this photograph of JaimieLeigh and I, think it's really cute :) 

Think these pictures show that I'm losing weight but also NO STIRRUPS and loving it! 

This photo and the one below it are my two favourite photo's oh and the one with JaimieLeigh

Love this feeling so much more confident and this horse has helped with that! He's proved to me that when I set my mind to it I can do it! 
Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream