Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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day 2 of Magic's 'coming in to work' - lunging

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So today was the second consistent day that Magic has had to do something different, where he's had to learn and he's had to think about what he is doing. 

So I'll start with yesterday, yesterday Magic has had Bridle on again and went for his second walk out of the yard in a while. We did not walk far out just to the top of the drive and back, we then stood around and waited for a little while. Magic was super nervous due to the fact that he has never seen cows before. However he stood there nicely for a while and got used to the cows and I waited until he had settled down before bringing him back on to the yard. He then had to stand in the stable next to his (with his Bridle on) while he was wandering around, and at the same time I played Cow noises that I found on youtube (my mum's idea) to desensitise him to the sound so that next time it might be a little bit less scary. 

Below are some pictures from yesterday.
Such a beautiful big little baby. so proud of how well he is coming on at the moment. 
Today we did something a little bit different, I've recently been advised to start getting Magic used to listening to voice commands, to doing little bits of lunging (obviously not to much as he is still a baby). Basically just to get him working and using his hind end (which isn't very strong), and listening to my voice. Today was the first day that he had ever been lunged (there is a video below) my yard owner, Lynn showed me how to get him started, and he was so good, he picked up the idea very quickly and I was super happy with the work that we did. We only did 5 minutes each way but it very quickly became evident that he has already got a stronger and a weaker rein, this just happens to be the rein that I am also stronger on. So his better rein at the moment is his left rein and his weaker rein is his right rein. Please check out the video that is below. 

Tomorrow we will have another small walk out with head collar and bridle on, then on Thursday he will go back in the school again and I think that we will keep alternating days like this for a while just to get him used to it. 

So that's all for now. 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 

What a day?

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Not got much to say today, due to the fact that unfortunately I'm ill AGAIN. I thought that i'd still post even if it wasn't the most interesting post. 

So today i've had a fairly quiet today, the sun was shining and I wish that I had got the energy to go and sit in the sun but unfortunately I just didn't feel like doing it. I woke up this morning feeling sick, being sick, and being really tired. So my dad and Jack took the dogs for a walk with me, while my mum came around to try and help me sort out BT (I think that she eventually got there). I attempted to cook breakfast all though it ended up being bacon and sausage sandwiches rather than a full english breakfast like I'd planned to do for Jack. 

This afternoon we went out today the jobs that we had got to do, which included paying livery for Bella and Arthur and checking on them. Although it took them a while to decide they wanted to come down from the top of the hill and stop lying in the sun, they did eventually come down and if I do say so myself I think that they are both looking fairly good at the moment. 

I then went to my mum and dads to watch the grand national, my horse was so close to winning but had a knock at the last hurdle after being first for basically the entire race. It just wasn't quite Rogue Angels year this year but I still fell in love with the name. Magic enjoyed a full day out in the sun so i didn't actually see him today, but I will do tomorrow and will get you all more pictures.  I'm now off to go and get food as it's about to finish being cooked. 

So for that I'll leave you all to it and I'll be back tomorrow. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel

car desensitisation

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So as I'm sure that you will all remember I used to walk Magic out all the time on the road. Unfortunately he then got poorly, so we had to stop doing this as at one point he was on box rest with literally no walks. So today for the first time in ages I took advantage of the sunny day and we went on our first 'walk out' of the year. It wasn't long but it was good and it was well behaved. Lynn has quite a long drive way down to the farm, so to get Magic used to traffic again we walked to the top of the drive and then stood for a few minutes. 

Both my mum and jack were there to make him feel more comfortable with this and we took it entirely at Magic's pace. Allowing him to look at things but encouraging him to move on and not just stand still and freak out. We stood at the top of the drive for 5-6 minutes and just let him see what was coming and going until he was feeling much calmer and was happy to stand and trim the grass by the pavement! 

We then walked politely back down to the yard before doing something normal and walking around the caravans. Something that he has grown very good at. Since his poorly episode earlier in the year and the end of last year Magic is doing a million times better. He's calm, confident and a hundred times better. 

Today I sent his pictures and videos to an online friend that hasn't seen anything he's done since he's been getting better and she said that she was so impressed with him. That he was looking better and much happier and has advised me more about the bitting process. She's been a really good friend since I owned Magic and has always helped me out as much as possible, so when ever I have any questions she is one of the first people that I go to. 

I'm so proud of Magic's progress and think that he is really coming on. I haven't yet got around to putting his video of walking on youtube yet, so once I've done that I'll up load the video to here, but that will more than likely be tomorrow now. So on that Note I will leave you with some pictures of my ever growing beautiful boy. 
My pretty by isn't such a baby, with his bridle on, he's starting to look more and more grown up every day.

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 

some pics :)

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Well it has been a few days since my last post, I have wanted to post but unfortunately I've been unable to due to the fact that BT are awful. So I'm currently having arguments with them to do with why they can't provide the service that I am paying for. It's so frustrating and so annoying on my behalf. 

Magic is doing GREAT, he's turning in to a really lovely not so little horse. He's friendly, polite and always willing to learn, he's also completely past his food aggression phase and will now leave his food to come and look at you and have a fuss before going back to his food. It's taken a long time to get him to this point but now that he is here I am so happy about how he is doing. The most important part is how gentle and loving he is, I'm so impressed with him. Below are some pictures. 

My internet is now playing up again so I'm going to have to leave it at this quick short post for today. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel 

a brief update

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Hello everyone, 

Okay so it's been a really long time since I posted but this time it's not been because I was too tired or because I couldn't be bothered, it's been because I physically couldn't. So some of you that have me on facebook will know that I actually moved houses on the 8th March, this meant lots of decorating and actually left us without broadband for nearly three and a half weeks, when it should have been two weeks. BT have turned out to be a complete night mare but we have now finally got everything up and running, so I've spent the first couple of days catching up with my emails and the essential things and I am now getting back in to blogging both on here and my oriflame beauty blog. 

So we now have a two bed flat that's quite spacious, the dogs enjoy having more room to run around and play, I enjoy having more room and room to actually put things where they belong, which isn't always the easiest of tasks, and Jack enjoys having room to play on his playstation without the background noise of my T.V. driving him insane. 

We spent the first week completely decorating the flat, every room had it's own colour scheme but I was determined to get a room done at a time so that I could slowly unpack everything  and get rid of all the boxes. The first room that I got done was the front room, the colour scheme in there was all chocolate browns and beiges, we go the T.V on the wall and some lovely crushed velvet curtains that my mum made. The next room that we did was the bathroom, as I love bedrooms that are quite dark the colour scheme in here was black and red. The third room that we did was the kitchen, jack and I made a deal that I could have a pink kitchen if he could have a yellow bathroom, so my kitchen is bubblegum lilac and pink, while the bathroom is bright yellow and navy. While i initially wasn't keen on the bathroom it has slowly warmed to me. 

The dogs are now enjoying the fact that they get to go out more often and get two walks a day for about an hour every day. They then also get walked by me in the evening, during the two walks that jack comes on they get to go off the lead and chase after the balls. When I take them we walk around the roads and they have to stay on the leads and walk nicely. They're having lots of training done at the moment and are becoming lovely well behaved dogs. 

Magic is doing really well, he's now out all day without a rug. He's happy he's having no health problems and he is growing really nicely. He's calm and much better when being handled and has basically lost his entire food aggression, he still has days where he feels quite arsey about it but they are coming few and far between so that makes me happy. He gets complimented on how he is starting to look and I'm hoping this year to really start working with him and developing his skills. While he has had time to be a baby, it'll soon be time for him to start working and developing himself. 

Until Next time 
Amber, Magic, casper and diesel