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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
hey guys

I have just updated my photo diary this time you learn some more about my boy Gatsby and why i like that picture.

Once again today has been a day without riding but two more days and then I will be back on and i positively can not wait I am buzzing to be jumping again,  last lesson and then it will be on to working at broomfield again over the weekends for the next three weeks and then three or more days a week over the summer holidays so then there will be a lot more to tell you about all the wonderful horses!

Anyway tomorrow I am off to art galleries in london for the day, for an art trip so will have lots to tell you about that tomorrow

Until then
A Girl With A Dream

hey guys

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
well there has been no riding today, unfortunately :( but on Saturday that will change, however I have done horse related things because I have bought a new pair of Jodhpurs originally the plan was to get a pair of black ones but i thought i might as well get a pair of brown jodhpurs because i bought two brown hoodies so my thoughts were that  it would match!

Hope that you all liked the pictures yesterday, I have decided that from today on, when ever I post i am going to post a picture (on my new page) that I have taken that i really like to see what you guys think, seen as I need to start building up a collection of my best pictures in preparation for the Derby uni interview that I have to have at some point! These pictures will have there own separate page and can be found here!!!! So make sure to check it out and keep an eye on it!

Enjoy the pictures
A Girl With A Dream!

Finally County Show Update

Monday, 25 June 2012
So yesterday was Derbyshire County Show which I was just watching, not competing in, yet anyway! Hopefully when I have my own horse I will be, but that is a story for another time, right now its this years county fair that we should be talking about.

So we left at 8:30 in the morning to get there for roughly 9:00, I was supposed to be going with my mum, sister, nephew and her boyfriend, but they didnt go and I'm glad because I had a good time with my mum even though it was cold, windy and wet!

First of all we started off by watching some of the show jumping, there was some amazing horses and they all looked so good, they had amazing strides and jumped perfectly. I felt so sorry for this one girl because as the came up to this one jump the horse refused it and she got eliminated, but the wind was picking up at this point. Heres those pictures

Then we did some shopping and i got two new riding hoodies havent got pictures of them yet but i will do soon so will put them up when i have them. After that it was time to sit by the main ring ring and watch the monster trucks! One was called Big Pete and the other was called the Grim Reaper and the L plate was 'RIP BF' which made me laugh. Then it was time for the best part of the day THE ROCKING HORSE SHOW! The rocking horse show is a stunt group that was amazing it consists of four riders and then five horses, for me it is the highlight of the year and what i took the most pictures of!  They did several different stunts the first one was riding two horses at the same time, and was done by the main guy Guido! Then he jumped two horses over a normal jump then over a jump of fire! After this they did stunts where they would lie across the horses back do shoulder stands, jumping on and off whilest in gallop that type of thing. The funnies thing was when the other guy Dan (its two girls and two guys) tried to be pulled by horse on a skate board, the first time the horse snapped the strap he then tried again and let go of what he needed to hold, and had to wait for the horse to gallop all the way to the others as the horse would be running on its own! It was so funny to watch but got annoyed when he kicked his horse when he wasnt on it! Was not happy! I then met all the other guys from the show, at the end when we went to stroke the horses, and i said to Guido ohhh hes so cute, he replied 'Yeah so cute rearing up on me' which made me laugh now on to the pictures again :)

County fair picture and information will be up tomorrow

Sunday, 24 June 2012
Hey guys I will update you all tomorrow on everything to do with the county faIr, including pictured the original plan was to update today buy unfortunately I've got 699 pictures to go through and to pick the best for all you guys to see

Until next time
A girl with a dream xx


Weathers cold and miserable but plus side at this moment in time it has only been spitting with rain but now the wind is picking up now, sitting waiting by the main ring for the ROCKING HORSE SHOW!!!!!! BUZZING xx

More pictures

Hey guys just on my way to the county fair , will let you know about it later with pictures :) xxx

jumped Gatsby Again :D

Saturday, 23 June 2012
Jumping Gatsby, to start with we warmed up making sure that we did work in our light seat as well as just riding as if we were going to be doing flat work. This benefited the horses as it got them used to the idea that they were going to be jumping! Of course I was buzzing because I had my 17hh wonder GATSBY! He was once again perfect and helped me over some of the jumps and turns that I was not quite sure about. We then did some work over one pole and after this changed the pole in to a cross jump and went over that several times, just to warm the horses up and have a feel for what each horses jump was like! 

After this we started doing work on a course, there was 8 jumps in total all of which were cross poles and we did work going over, several of the jumps individually. We then walked the course so that we knew where each jump was, and in what order/how we needed to approach each jump. First to go was me, and to start with Gatsby was a little bit not lazy but not having the most energy because we had just cantered round the school what felt like 10 times because Gemma wanted all three riders to canter at the same time. Gatsby did not stop cantering but everyone else did! so we had to keep going. The second time doing the course we made sure to do plenty of transitions, walk to canter, trot to canter, canter to walk. Then jumped it again and although he fell back in to trot a couple of times he was much better off now that we had done the transitions. We then linked three jumps together, it was like a grid except that it was on a bend! 

Here are the pictures I hope you enjoy

Love A Girl With A Dream