Sleep... that's what I want and lots of it!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013
I don't think it is going to be a late night for me tonight as I am just completely and utterly shattered and I haven't done anything to make me feel this tired, I think that the problem is my Art Teacher, mentally I am completely on edge wondering what he is going to do next, especially with tomorrow being the Art Deadline and I think that that is what is making me feel so completely and utterly tired, but hey-ho life goes on.

Today I have been doing some more horse work, as you all know i do art and I learn best by using bright colours, and drawings, so today I decided to do a drawing of the Gastrointestinal tract, I still can't spell it so I am hoping that's right. On one of the slide shows on the Lecture there was a diagram of a cartoon horse and then inside the horse you could see all the parts of the tract so I went on Google and managed to find the same picture and then I copied the picture coming up with this:-
You can see my face peeping round the notebook, I was trying to take a picture of this on my webcam so that it would be easier to upload so that I could put it on here. This diagram names the main parts of the tract, as well as how long they are, and some basic facts about them, I love drawing but normally don't like what I do but I do love how the horses head looks.
I have also signed up to another course this one is on Photography, so that I can get a bit better understanding of the work that I am doing and in doing so I am also able to improve the quality of work and make the customers work even better at least this is the plan for me! I find the great thing about these courses is that they are all online and you don't have to do it at a specific time. It could be the middle of the night, any time of the day and it's great. I am learning so much as well as doing my school work and I think that all of this is going to help me in the future both in My university course, but also will help me with Rosamber Photography and owning my very own horse. It seems at this moment in time that everything is falling in to place, all the things that I need to happen are happening and for me that's great, it's easing the stress a little bit.

I've also started some new English Literature course work, I love reading, it really is something that I enjoy doing. Yesterday we started a new book it was called 'Paradise Lost' don't know if anyone's heard of it? It's book nine in a series of books and the actual genre is that it is poetry, based on heaven and hell and good and bad, as well as god and satin, and I'm finding it really interesting, it sounded weird and boring to start with. Next we will be studying the White Devil, don't know if anyone has heard of it or no what it is about?

Now it's time to curl up with Angel, our family dog, although she really is my mums, and go to sleep.

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A Girl With A Dream.

This time last year

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
This time last year I hadn't started writing a blog, I just simply didn't have the time for a blog, I had made one, but never bothered with it in fact i can't even remember what it's called or the password for it or anything! A year ago I was extremely stressed out as this was the final week for my art Unit One and then it was time for the Exam Paper to come out. Well not so this year, my art journey has been filled with ups and downs and a subject that I used to love, I now spend a lot of time hating but I think this is because of my Art Teacher. See my art teacher has to have everything his way and if it's not all his way then he gets grumpy. Earlier this year he was told that he was pushing me to hard and it was making me feel ill, I was over working myself and leaving no other time for any of my other subjects and because of this my Exam Results suffered a lot. Well I have decided that this is simply not going to be the case this year, yes I want a good grade, but I don't want a good grade at the risk of my other subjects! That's just not how it works at all! So even though my art deadline is on Thursday I am NOT getting stressed out I have done the best that I can do and I don't think that it is fair to ask for anything more than my best, sure I might have less A1/A2 Sheets of work than other people but I know that the sheets that I have got are to the best of my Standard. Today I had art and just got on with what i wanted to do and decided to just ignore my Art Teacher, he was being tetchy and snappy and I just wasn't in the mood to put up with it, why should I? Just because someone else has annoyed him doesn't mean that he should be allowed to take it out on me! I'm not saying that he has to be super nice but I am saying that people need to be treated fairly. Okay rant over! 

This morning was the first full day back in school in two weeks and it was so tiring. I had PDC as my first lesson during this time I put important horse Clinic dates in my diary and just spent some time reading all your lovely blogs. Then it was time for English and we got a new book to start reading and it is some exam work that we are working. The first one is a poem called Lost Paradise and the Second one that we are going to be looking at is the white devil. Then I had art but I think we've all heard enough about that. After this I had lunch then a free, during this time I looked on my university course stuff and found some new video's and presentations and decided that I would do my assessment when I got in. Then I had textiles and just did some boring folder work. 

I did the Assessment twice as we get three chances because the first time I only got 90% and the second time I got 100% right so I was really pleased to see that I got 100% right in the end. I then started a thread on the discussion forum for the course about the assessment and have spoken to what seem like lovely people that are really interested in the Subject. There's not been a lot else going on and after being in school all day I am really tired so I am going to call it a day here and say, 

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A Girl With A Dream :)

Day before going back to school

Monday, 28 January 2013
There has been some horse related things going on today but no horse time until Saturday. Today I got up and did some Art work so I am hoping that my art teacher is going to be happy this week and manage to not complain at me, but knowing him he will still find a way to complain at me, but that is something that I am used to now. 

Then I did some work on my Equine Nutrition course, I was mainly just writing notes, but I just found it all so fascinating, I really do, I'm looking forward to getting involved in discussions to do with it and just learning more about an animal that we all love, I' keep looking on the discussion forum. I think I am also going to take L.Williams advice and look on the website and see what other courses that I could do, I am hoping there will be something photographic on there as you all know that I want to start a photography business and also I am doing a university photography course but any little bits of advice that I can get to help with that is going to be really helpful.

Thats all for todays post I am too tired to think of what else to write about and need an early night as it's school again tomorrow, I really think I am at the point where I just want school to be over and be able to move on to the next thing in my life, which is work and university.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream


Sunday, 27 January 2013
So today I got en email saying that I was starting the course and could log on to check what was going to be happening in the first week! Well I was that excited that I just decided to watch the first video, I learn better by taking notes while people are talking and three and a bit pages letter after an 8 and a half minute video, I was even more excited. The course I am finding so interesting and I just want to learn more, It's like my brain is a sponge that is absorbing everything. I can't wait to be able to learn all these new things and then be able to put them in to action. I also find it so odd or maybe Ironic is the better word that i started off doing a series for this blog on 'How the horse works' and then a few weeks later a course about Equine Nutrition appears for free. At the minute it seems like luck is on my side and things are just falling into place.

Today I haven't really done much after two massive branches fell down at an old couples house across the road from me that are good friends, my shoulder has been really really aching. The branches happened to be a lot heavier than I was expecting them to be and when I was carrying them they felt like a heavy weight on that one arm and it didn't bother me after I finished carrying them. Then when I woke up this morning my ligaments/muscles in my shoulder were just aching way too much and felt too tight. So I have just spent time resting it today.

The only thing that I really did today was some textiles work, it's not for school or course work it's something that me and my mum agreed to make for my sister. It's one of the cultural suits that are worn with the sparkling fabrics and pretty embroidery and my sister asked us if we could make one for her, but she didn't have any patterns just a internet picture and a quick look at an old one that she has got. So me and mum have drawn all the pattern pieces from scratch and have got some but not all of my sisters material so couldn't do any more. Then tonight I pinned the pattern pieces to some old fabric that my mum has got and cut them out adding a seem allowance. So tomorrow If i feel like it I can just get on with pinning the pieces together and doing some sewing. As much as I don't like the choice of clothing I think that it is something that is going to push my textiles skills giving me a better chance to improve them. 

Whats next? For me the best news ever the snow has gone! For those of you that know me you'll know that I think that the snow looks lovely but I am accident prone so me and snow don't go together. After a really heavy downfall of snow on friday night, Saturday night there was a big downfall of rain that cleared the majority of the snow away meaning it wasn't as slippy/dangerous for me and also that I should be able to ride Gatsby this weekend!

Oh another bit of good luck, I got some business cards for free for Rosamber Photography. I was looking at Huddle Buy and sent mum a bit about it and she started looking in to it more and found a page that was for free business cards, the only thing you had to pay for was P&P and I think it was really good. Let's hope look stars on my side and that things keep getting better. 

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Frozen toe's, two horses, wet socks and soo much fun :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013
Today I got to work with two different horses, but in total we used four horses. The snow came thick and heavy last night, and at one point riding wasn't an option. The roads were full of snow, you couldn't drive on them and it was just getting worse. This morning mum text my teacher, Fiona, to ask if the lesson was still on and it was, as long as we could get there and mums new car did get us there without complaining about the snow although the roads were no where near being clear.

When we got there I had 40 minutes to play with Gatsby and groom him and it felt weird to groom him with hardly any mud on but it was fun, and he was being playful including letting me stroke his ears which is something he used to love but something he now HATES! He didn't like it but he let me do it and because he did that he got rewarded with lots of Carrots! He was a happy boy after that :'). Then I tacked him up only putting on his boots and borrowing Elaine's horse, Soloman's Lunging Bridle. It was really difficult and to start with I couldn't really figure it out, as I had never lunged before but by the end of it I felt really confident and happy to be doing it, Gatsby was going really well, stretching and putting his head down and really working well eventually I got the hang of how to do transitions with him and I cannot wait to do more Lunge work she even said that I could do it again if there was a day when I felt down and not well with my stomach that I could lunge him instead and do Parelli, which is the next thing that we got to do. 

We then picked out Gatsby's feet making sure that there was no ice left in his hoof so that he wouldn't slip and hurt himself, we then put his stable rug on and his heavier weight rug on to keep him warm while I did some work with Soloman. To start with Fiona showed us about what parelli is and how to do it she went through the seven games with us, she did demonstrations using a horse that she did the breeding of, called Thomas, you could just see the trust and the love between the two of them and it was soo cute to see. She explained about each of the games and then we got a go to try most of the games, it was so fun and I can definately see the advantages of using Parelli, it is something that i had watched on TV but I had never had a go at doing it. I worked with Soloman and also got to chat to Elaine about how long shes had him over all it was a really really good day and something that I would definately really like to do again. Now on to some pictures for you and a Video of me lunging.

Below is also another Edit that I have done as Rosamber Photography, I wanted to show people that you can do alsorts of things and there isn't anything that will be done more than once it would all be unique to you. 

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A Girl With A Dream. 

Dancing Queen

Friday, 25 January 2013
After the day I have had today the song 'Dancing Queen' by Abba seems to fit quite nicely with my day. This afternoon mums car came back, they had removed the 'third pedal/second accelerator' and they had also taken all the loose cabling stopping it from messing around with the radio which should mean that the Radio and central panel won't have any more problems with them. The car was supposed to be back for 10am so that we could do all the jobs in it at once fill it up with petrol and do the shopping, but mum got told that we wouldn't have her car back til 1pm and then it became 1:30 they might make they're mind up one day, and actually stick with it. So this meant that this morning we went to do the shopping and then later in the afternoon we went to fill the car up with petrol making what should have been one trip became two trips. 

We then decided to wash both my mum and dads car so that the grit and salt that has been on the road does not effect the paint work on the cars, what should have taken us less than an hour took us nearly two hours because everyone it appeared decided to wash their cars too.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that should mean some Gatsby time at West Hallam Riding Centre but it all depends on how the weather goes over the night, as at the minute it is snowing heavily again meaning that the outdoor school will be covered in snow and could also be turning in to ice. But Fiona has said that she will do possibly lunging but other unmounted things, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will have some pictures and get to do some things that are horse related.

Back to the dancing though tonight I went to a youth group type of thing, loads of my good mates where there tonight, including Evie, who I spend a lot of time with and from 7-9 we spent the entire time laughing and giggling and just playing on Just Dance four, we all had such a laugh and burnt a few calories which was great. Evie then offered to drive me home so that my mum wouldn't have to and she's not been passed for that long on her driving test and this is the first time that it has snowed since she had passed. Originally she said she was going to go along the main roads because we just didn't know how snowy the back roads were going to be snowy. She said we would start off on them but if it got too snowy she was going to turn back and go along the main roads, but it didn't and we kept going and she didn't skid once and dealt with the snow really well. She's loving driving and seems to be having fun :) 

But thats all for now, hopefully I will have pictures and video's for you tomorrow.
Until Next Time 
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Professors and Snapshots.

Thursday, 24 January 2013
Well while I am trying to think of a post title, I thought I would start writing my post and thinking about something that was catchy that I could put as a post title. So what have I done today? Well after the car accident during the summer, my mum had to see Professor Angus Wallace who has dealt with the complicated history that is my mums shoulder. None of her muscles work the way that a 'normal' persons do. We saw him and he gave us the good news that nothing in her shoulder needs re-operating on. We then did some jobs and came home and I was going to put some posters up but never really got round to it. I felt too tired as for some reason all day I have just wanted to fall asleep. We then went 'swimming' but never did any swimming and instead just decided to chill out in the steam room and the jacuzzi which is my personal favourite, I could spend hours in there but it wasn't as hot as normal today.

But I haven't really done anything that is exciting that I thought you guys would really want to know about so todays post is going to be relatively short for once as I just can't think what else to blog about. So I will leave you with some collage's that I have been doing :) 

here you go 

This was a phone picture that I edited for someone so that is why there is a slight pixelated effect. But it was the photograph that she wanted to be edited so it was the one that I used :)

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New car and mad electrics

Wednesday, 23 January 2013
Well as some of you will know mum wasn't happy in her old car after two accidents one that included a lorry driving into the side of my mums car with my mum, my sister, my nephew, and I in the car. So her and my dad decided it was time for a new car so mum started looking on the internet and decided that she quite liked Nissan. To start with she liked the X-trail but soon decided that she preferred the Nissan QashQai (I swear that's hard to spell). So the day after she had found one we liked we drove up to check it out and make sure she really liked it  and she did, so a week ago (just before all the snow came) my mum, brother and I drove up to fetch it and it is such a comfy car and the plus side Mum's going to be able to pull a horse trailer but we will come to that later.

Mum decided that with my brother being a huge bike fan and taking his £2000 bike everywhere, as well as mum needing to take his mates and their bikes places, that she was going to get a bike rack, this was a huge accomplishment for me to because to do this mum decided that she wanted a bike rack that attaches to a tow bar :) which means that mum is officially going to be able to tow a horse box when I have my own horse so excited!!!!! But the car didn't come with a tow bar so mum had to get one fitted so on monday we booked it in to be done and it took five hours and was finished by the end of the day. 

Then on the way back the radio literally started having a mind of it's own, it was tuning its self, changing stations, clicking like when you press it but no one was pressing it, and if you tried to stop it then that just made it even worse. So mum booked it in to go back to where the tow bar was fitted because our logic was they've done something with the electrics and thats affecting it. So mum and I sat for two hours with nothing to do and in the cold work shop, the next day while they went over all there wearing and it was all right. Strange! Then we discovered that any where on the centre panel below the radio, above the radio, by the hand break, by the gear stick if you even touched it, it triggered off the whole radio thing and the same happens if you went over a bump. They then found wiring that was disconnected at both ends and was going no where, but it was still attached to the loom of the car. Then something even weirder turned up, while the electrician was looking at the car (its an automatic) they found a third pedal hmmm odd, and when the third pedal came down the accelerator went up and it was still attached to the engine :S. Now surely this is dangerous? You could accidently lower the left pedal switching where the accelerator is think your pressing the break and your not your accelerating, it could cause an accident. So mum rang where we got the car up from and to cut a long story short, we've got a hire car and her car is back at the garage attempting to sort out the mess that is the electrics. 

Have you guys noticed the new botton that is to the right of this page? If so why not click on it and here you can like my facebook page and also see the latest things that I am doing :) 

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Rosamber Photography

Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Well guy's there is nothing horse related going on, but I can say that I am really missing my horse time and I can't wait to see my favourite horse again as well as all the other horses! But I have been spending some time doing some photo edits, so I thought that I would share some of the edits that I have done with you. 

What else have got to say? Not a lot really, mum got a text off Fiona yesterday and she said if the weather is still like it is then on Saturday we would have some grooming time, unmounted workshops and possibly some lunging which I am major excited about as I have always wanted to and just never had the chance. Also I have been invited to a party that the owner of Star the shetland pony is throwing to say thank you to everyone for spending hours out searching looking for Star, and of course he will be there too, so I will finally get to meet the little Shetland that has captured everyones hear. 

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the major electrical car issues that we are having, if only life could be simple for once!

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University Course

Monday, 21 January 2013
Well I thought I would blog about this now, even though it is earlier in the day than I would normally sit down to write a post. Every couple of days I get a horse and hound newslettter, this tells me about all the latest things that are going on in the Equine world and I read something that sounded really interesting to me and something that I thought would help with me wanting to own my own horse this year. The thing that interested me was the chance to do a Five week 100% free UNIVERSITY course based on Equine Nutrition.  

I asked my mum what she thought about this and she said 'no knowledge is useless knowledge' and that if I wanted to do it, it would be useful and would come in handy in the future so today I signed up for it. Oh did I mention that is online and will only take up three to four hours a week? I think that is something that most people can say is extremely useful and helpful and I am really looking forward to doing it. 

So for any of you fellow bloggers that might be interested in this course here is  link to the course information :)

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A Girl With A Dream

Star the wonder pony

Saturday, 19 January 2013
Today began day four of the poor miniature shetland star being missing, so me and my best mate Evie who had stopped at mine last night decided to head out again to look for him, we spent two hours walking from way he had last been seen and were rather disheartened to find nothing, with the weather as it was last night (Heavy snow) and no sightings of Star things were not looking good. But today against all odds star proved that he was a fighter and returned home to his family. He had run down an alley way near his home and got trapped under a tree, so he was staying sheltered but couldn't get out, his owner went out knocking door to door, and was told that they had heard an odd neighing sound coming from down the alley way. Heidi rushed down the alley way to find a very cold star who had lost a lot of weight over the four days but other than that wasn't harmed at all, she rushed him home to wrap him up in blankets and gave him access to plenty of food. It looks like someone was watching over this special little pony and keeping him safe.

There was no riding for me today which is what allowed me to go out looking again we walked over three miles according to google maps. My mum had text Fiona this morning to see whether my lesson would be on or not and because of the snow the school had turned to ice and was just to dangerous to go out in, so that meant that I didn't get too see Gatsby either :((. I was going to go and groom him but decided that my time was better off spent looking for the horse. It's been decided that if the weather stays the same next week I will either do some stable management or lunging or something along those lines so that I still get some pony time. I think this whole thing with star really makes me realise how lucky I am to have such a great horse to ride, that I trust more than any other animal. 

When I got in I curled up for a while and started to get really sleepy but just couldn't seem to nod off so today I have spent a while working on building my website and making it so there is at least something there. I know this is going to be something that isn't easy today but it's something I want to do and believe in and I think that is what will make it work. If anyone wants to check it out its any comments about it will be welcome :) So feel free to let me know what you think. You can also like our facebook page from the website too :D 

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Friday, 18 January 2013
Today I spent two hours meeting up with the locals to try and bring Star home, He is a 32 inch (height) Miniature shetland pony that has severe skin problems and is used to living in doors because of it's size so is Not used to the cold without at least 3 rugs on. Unfortunately the pony has no rugs on, but has got on blinkers and miniature driving harness and is pulling a blue sledge unless this has come off anywhere. We searched through fields, Privet property, cricket courses and golf course and found nothing, there was no marking, no poo or anything to let us know that he is still in the area. A reward has now been offered to anyone that manages to get Star back to his home and family, and his medication as it can be fatal if he does not take this as he has severe skin issues, he is distinctive as half of his mane is missing. We are all extremely worried as the night that he went missing he was hit by a van, that didn't even stop to tell the owner. We all hope that this little pony is brought home safe and sound. There have been what could have been a couple of sightings of him in the local area but nothing for definite. Please keep this little pony in your thoughts and prayers because tomorrow enters day four of this horrible tragedy, there will newspaper work to do with him as well as appearing on the news tomorrow. The more people we can get aware of this pony the more likely that he is to come back until then we are going to look for him until we know what has truly happened to him! 

The next thing people will do is continue the search, as well as hand out leaflets and posters, if the horses has been taken it will put pressure on the thief to bring him back but also if he's been seen if only for a minute there is a chance that someone will come forward. 

I'll keep you all upto date! 

Until Next Time 
A girl with a dream


Any one in the Derby Area can you please keep out for a black Miniature Pony, He's from smalley and was last seen at the smalley cross road on the way to derby but know one know's which way he went after that! There's search groups out today and it is going to be in newspapers and on the news but the most important thing is that we manage to get this little pony home safely to his family that are really missing. He is roughly 30 inches tall I think and was last seen with blinkers and a driving harness on, like in the picture that you will see below. He also had a blue slay attached to him. He is tiny and could be anywhere even in someones back yard, the family are really worried about him and don't even know if someone has seen him out and taken him and planning to sell him. EVERYONE CAN YOU PLEASE COPY THIS AND LET AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SO THAT WE CAN GET HIM HOME SAFE!!! If you can go out and live locally then please do even in this horrible weather, it is getting cold out and there's a lot of snow meaning the pony can be camouflaged so please if your only going to work or to the shops keep your eye out and this gorgeous little pony in your thoughts. The family urges everyone in the horse community to pass this on even if they don't live locally!


No horse time but a pic of Gatsby

Thursday, 17 January 2013
Well so far there has been no Gatsby time :( this is one of the main reasons why I hate snow because there might not even be any Gatsby time this weekend, as where I ride now we haven't got an indoor school yet :( but hopefully that is going to come some time this year, making the winter days a little easier to ride in. So today i put a BBM status that I was going to be gutted if it snowed much more cause i wouldn't be able to ride then I went on facebook and found i was tagged in a picture and thought ohh  this is weird only to find someone had put a picture of Gatsby on for my to ride. 
Gatsby says hello hope your enjoying the snow I know for a fact my feet don't like this horrible white stuff.
Tomorrows post will be longer but tonight I am really tired and just want to curl up and sleep, which is odd because I got a lot of sleep last night/this morning. Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment, and as long as we can get there and its not cancelled because it is snowing there is a chance that might be the last appointment with this Doctor. However we ill have to wait and see if it snows because according to the weather there will be a foot of snow over night, that is far too much for me and if it does I''m hibernating because for those of you that know me you will know that I am really clumsy, hence a broken wrist two years ago during this kind of weather. 

I've also been putting posters out in places today, they're A6 Size and are to promote Rosamber Photography for people that are in the local area, I have also got all my order forms for the minute sorted in A5 and also A5 Price lists that can be given to customers in the future, now the next thing that I need to do is my own business card that I can hand out to people when they ask me about Rosamber photography. Also my mum is going to buy me a domain name meaning that I can have a Personal Business E-mail address but also a proper website that goes along side my blogsite! 

That's all for now. 
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Cribbing - How the horse works series

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What is it?
It is not a disease but is an inappropriate behavioral pattern in horse, and can also be called 'Sterotypic Behavior'. Like humans animals can exhibit Obsessive compulsive behavior, that is non-lethal but can still be destructive, well horses to exhibit repitition and habitual behavior, that can be difficult to control and stop. Cribbing is when a horse places his upper incisorts on a hard object e.g. a stall door, and sucks in large amounts of air. They make a gulping noise, and will repeat it. It's not related to nutritional disorders or any illness, but is linked to boredom or nerves. This is more annoying than it is an actual illness, however it can lead to superficial health issues e.g. enlargement of the throat muscles. It can also be mistake for wind sucking. As the horse cribs the arch in the horses neck causes the horse to swallow air.

Teeth marks can normally be found on a stable door, or any other wood pieces. Top front teeth, the incisors are more worn than would normally be in a 'normal' horse of its age. Arching the neck while grasping onto an object with the incisors. The horse could also make grunting noises whilst Cribbing.  
Normally it can be linked to boredom, stress or nerves in a horse. Horses that are hyper active and appear tense and highly strung and are kept in a place where not a lot is  happening during the day, for example not enough time in the pasture, are more likely to develop such behavior issues. Other stereotypical behaves that are similar to this are stall weaving, where the horse constantly moves back and forth in its stall and pawing at the ground. Horses can develop several of these issues over time.

Cribbing Behavior is easily seen, this then makes it simple to diagnose. A vet is not required as it is not a medical issue, but it can also be a good idea to get the vet out as they could perform a complete physical exam which could show up underlying illnesses or injuries that are causing the stress or discomfort. The vet would also want to take a closer look at the horses mouth to see if there has been any changes in the teeth.

Normally you need to find the cause of the stress, nerves or just plain boredom. If it is due to boredom then the treatment is to find something that stimulates the horse making it less bored this could include stable toys or more activity during the daily routine. Also a Companion for your horse could help, also make sure to increase the amount of time grooming and riding your horse. If it is to vent too much energy then more time riding helps or more time spent out in the field. A cribbing strap can be used this is secured round the horses throat and behind his ears and jawline. It stops the horse from flexing his neck when he tries to crib. It is not painful for the horse and doesn't prevent the horse eating or drinking. An extreme treatment is surgery. However it is something that may never be fuly stopped.
Living and Managing the problem?
Keeping a horse stabled to long is what often leads a horse to this vice or behavioral issue in the first place. The closer you keep a horse to its natural environment the less likely the horse is to develop this issue. The best living and management of your horse is to give the horse enough activity and fun to stop boredom.
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Collegial Equestrian Blog hop

Well seen as there is nothing going on for me in the horse world today I thought that I would do the blog hop now, and probably a smaller post later just about my day in general, random thoughts you know the normal kind of thing that I tend to do.

So while I was reading some blogs I noticed that Equestrian At Hart and Viva Carlos had done a blog hop that had been started by Collegial Equestrian and thought why not I might as well join in too soo here goes.
So here goes the theme is Share a memory from: 
  1. The first horse experience that you can remember. 
  2. Your first 'aha' moment - when something really clicked for you as a rider.
  3. Entering the Ring. Could be your first show, or another time when simply entering the arena could be considered a 'debut' of sorts.  

Here are my answers:-
  1. The first horse experience that I can remember, was seeing horses and always wanting to stroke them and getting my mum to pull over at the side of the road next to a field where a horse was and just sitting stroking the horse, I was horse mad from the start, and when we used to get to bring our own toys in to Primary School, I always bought in my toy horses. 
  2. My first 'aha' moment was probably riding Jake, a horse I've rode for 10 years now and a horse that really taught me how important my seat was. Jake used to have a habit of taking off on people he'd get bored and you could see him start to play up, he did it one day and I just really got right I need to keep my heels forwards, not move forward and lose my position and stay sitting tight in my seat whilst asking him to stop what he was doing. 
  3. Entering the ring 'debut' moment, for me this was riding Tobias a horse that I used to ride at Broomfield College, he was a gorgeous 16.2hh Piebald horse, I can't quite remember what breed and it was the first ever show I had done, and I remember warming him up and feeling really nervous, then we went in to the ring and everything just seemed to click, I was nervous but not as nervous as I thought I would be and I was even surprised that all though Steph was reading out what to do, I could remember it on my own. 
First Ever Dressage competition on Tobias mentioned in my answer to Question Three.

How to join the blog hop:
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  6. The list will update on everyone's blog automatically once you sign up!

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Busy Days

Tuesday, 15 January 2013
well today I finally started my own business it is called 'Rosamber Photography' and is aimed mainly towards Equine and Pet photography in my local area. A couple of days ago I made a logo for my company and was contemplating buying a domain name but the price put me off (until mum said you wouldn't say no if I was paying for it to which I said yes please' who knows what else is to come). I then created a Price list and made a website through a blog. This contains prices, what I do and who I am and why I want to do photography. 

So above is my logo it is a mix of two of my names Amber and Rose, originally I had wanted to do 'AmberRose' but surprise it was taken so my um came up with this name and once I had got that I came up with the logo so what do you guys think? If this works my weekends are about to become really busy but it won't mean my hour and a half with Gatsby gets cancelled that is NOT going to happen. Not much else has really happened today.

So far now
Until Next Time 
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How the horse works series - Swamp Fever.

Monday, 14 January 2013
What is it? 
Swamp Fever is a horse disease that is caused by blood sucking insects. The virus is a lentivirus, much like HIV to the human. Swamp fever can be treated through blood, saliva, milk, and body secretions. However the infection is mainly given by biting flies e.g. a horse fly. The virus survives up to four hours in the carrier. Mares can also transmit the disease to their foals. The biggest risk of transmitting the disease is when the horse is ill, as the blood levels of the virus are at theie all time highest.

This form is the sudden onset of the disease at full force. The symptoms will include high fever, anemia, weakness, swelling of the lower abdomen and legs, weak pulse and an irregular heartbeat. The horse can also die suddenly 
This is slower, and has a less severe progression of getting the disease. The symptoms include recurrent fever, weight loss, an enlarged spleen, anemia and swelling of the lower chest, as well as other symptoms.
The horse tires easily and is unsuitable for any work. may have a recurrent fever and may show signs of anemia, may relapse to the subacute or acute form, even several years after the original attack.
Equine Infectious Anemia also known as Swamp Fever, is a virus that is carried from horse to horse, it is often carried by biting insects for example, mosquitoes. However it can also be transmitted by needles that are not sterilized and other medical equipment.

Symptoms can include the horse having a raised temperature, the horse could appear and feel extremely weak, losing coordination, and their overall health will decline. The fever will tend to spike very high and then decrease, this can happen either very quickly or it can take a while. Jaundice and Fluid Retention may develop, also Small lesions may form on the tongue.

Symptoms may disappear causing the horse to seam as though it has recovered. However the horse may remain a carrier of the disease for a long period of time, the only 100% way to make sure that the horse has completely got rid of the disease or whether the horses is still carrying the disease is by doing a blood test called 'Coggins'.

A Coggins test can identify the possible carriers of the virus, the individual can then be treated appropriately. Insect Control can also help to prevent the horses from getting Swamp Fever.  It is important to try and destroy the flies and mosquitoes that transmit the disease by doing this it might cause a decrease in the number of cases a year that have Swamp Fever.

Horses that are found to have Swamp fever must be kept in quarantine and away from other horses to make sure that the horse is not spreading disease to other animals in extreme cases it could also mean that the horse needs to be put down.

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First Bit of Snow here in the UK.

Well Last night, I walked out the door with my mum to go and fetch my brother and said 'at least it hasn't started snowing yet' then I looked outside and went 'Damn I spoke to early at this time it was only very small almost pea size snow flakes that were coming down but they were starting to settle, my first thought was oh no here comes the Hazard zone, it might sound mad but me and snow DO NOT go together at all. Two years ago on the first day of it being snowy, I managed to fall over and break my hand and damn was it painful, I was soooo annoyed, and ever since then I just haven't liked snow, it causes too much of a hazard to me. However I do think that snow looks pretty, the snow kept coming all night and settled, cancelling my plans to go out with friends today as the roads were to icy and not what we are used to. 

Then when we were watching Morning TV it got me really thinking, any other country when it snows they keep going, and don't come to a complete standstill but not here in the UK. Here when it snows trains and flights get cancelled, people don't go out because the 'roads are too Icy', no-one wants or feels like they need to do anything. It made me think that maybe the UK should take a page out of other countries books and keep going, otherwise every year we are going to have the same problem. But moving on from my complaining about the snow. I have got some pictures but won't be posting them until tomorrow.

On to news what's been happening today? Well my family didn't stop just because it was snowing, today was the day that the papers came so that my mum could go and get her new car so after my brother did another one of his mock exams, we all headed up to a place near Sheffield to get the car, everything went smoothly and on the way up there I even managed to get some sleep in the car, for some reason I felt really tired, I have no idea why considering I haven't done anything all day. 

Also hear is the second video that I meant to post last night of me and Gatsby, this shows some canter work, and also a really nice walk to canter transition that wasn't asked for and Gatsby decided that he wanted to do. I was rather proud of how well he dealt with my completely shocking riding, he handled it really well and was so sensible. I LOVE Gatsby. 

If you guys want I can also give you a web address that will send you to my youtube channel and there you can see all of my riding Video's as I try to make sure that I put them up on youtube and facebook straight away, if I don't do this they are added to my youtube account at some point during the week. 

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Photographs and Video's

Sunday, 13 January 2013
Here are the photographs from our lesson :D

Trotting Gatsby with Longer reins to warm up

I just like this photo

Impatient Gatsby is showing his face, think he wants people to hurry up.

Shoulder in Gatsby says 'no to lateral and go to forward.'

Sitting Trot work.

More Lateral work but in sitting I think that says it all.

Just Chilling with Gatsby, One Happy looking Pony. 

Okay so here is a sneak peak at one of my video's this one is just trot work and I will be putting another video up tomorrow that includes the trot to canter transitions and a very nice walk to canter transition that Gatsby decided that he liked and wanted to do. So proud of how far this horses come and so happy to have been a part of it! The changes in this horse are amazing, and he just seems so happy these days, but on to the video: 

Until Next Time
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Finally an Update

Sorry guys, the past two days have been quite busy. Friday I ordered my first thing for uni and that was a new Kipling Bag, I love those bags and think that they just last for a really long time as well as being practical, and looking good which is always important and another good thing about this bag is the fact that it was on offer! EEPPPPP! 

This is the bag and of course it is in pink, because by now I am sure that you will all have guessed that my favourite colour is pink.
I then went to my local youth group on friday night and had originally planned on updating my blog when I got in however my best friend Evie asked if I could stop at hers for the night as she wanted me to help pick a song for her Baptism, needless to say we never got round to it, maybe next time we will actually remember instead we put some films on and curled up with her dogs. We then couldn't stop laughing because we decided that we wanted to watch Catwoman and every single time that a cat meowed on the T.V. the dogs would look at the screen and bark, typical! Then the dogs decided that they wanted to squish me in to a corner, they'd be doing this to Evie for the past two nights, so it gave her a night off from it!

Then it was Saturday so we woke up and while I was waiting for my mum to pick me up to go riding we decided that we were going to act like little kids and watch the Rugrats, this is just a normal saturday morning for us. I finally asked Fiona if we could go back to Canter work and as you can imagine it was an eventful lesson. This would be the second time since June that I was cantering Gatsby and only the fourth time since I had come off Arthur, you would think by now that wasn't bothering me but the lesson proved me completely and utterly WRONG! We started off doing 12 minutes of walk which was going really well, he was forward and you could tell that he was really excited. He was moving well, bending and stretching really well all though Fiona asked me to stretch him more so that he was ready for when I decided to move up and later move on to the Canter work. Gatsby then told Me when HE was ready and warmed up enough to move in to the trot work, when I asked him to be more forward he was really wanting to go in to the trot, we did some rising trot and spent a good 20 minutes working on this. We then moved in to doing some sitting trot work as this is where I have started to tense up and move my body forwards, eventually I got my hips looser and could feel them really moving with the horse and that I wasn't fighting him but that I was gradually becoming one with him and moving with him not against him. Then it was time for the canter work it started well as I managed to pick it up with him straight away, all I had to do was tap and he went on up in to canter, but he didn't stay in canter he decided when he wanted to stop and later on we discovered why, I got better at this and was doing really well on the left rein, then we had to move on to the right rein and this is the side that I landed on when I came off Arthur at broomfield. My shoulder was constantly pushing forwards and we came to the conclusion that the problem was I hadn't properly got over falling off Arthur. So for now we are sticking to working his canter on the left rein and when I am more confident with that we are going to move on to the left rein, we finished on a good note with Gatsby popping straight in to canter, we came to the conclusion that he was only doing a few steps because he KNEW that I wasn't ready for it so it was his way of looking after me and saying 'No Amber we aren't doing this cause you are not happy doing this'. We ended the lesson on a good note with me picking up a canter off the left lead, for 3/4 strides. There are some video's and photographs but I will put them in a post of their own. 

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Something beautifuil

Saturday, 12 January 2013
First of all something beautiful is the topic.

Something that I find beautiful is animals in general not just horses but all animals. and I did a GCSE topic based on this as well as an AS topic based on this to do with wild animals. so here are some pictures of Animals that I have taken of the years.

My dog on Christmas Eve.

Hidden Otter can you find it 

And I have a huge thing about Leopards

Textiles AS is Finally over!

Thursday, 10 January 2013
Today was my day for my retake of my AS textiles Exam and I went in feeling confident about it, I had revised a lot this time I knew my stuff and I was ready for whatever was going to come up. I was sitting right at the back of the hall, which i preferred and there wasn't that many people, that were doing other exams, well other than my entire textiles class that was retaking the exam. The first section was really easy and was on fibre's which I had been revising with my mum whilst washing my hair after we had been swimming. The next section that we had to answer was to do with environmental and ethical issues, I also found this quite simple, although with having broken my right hand twice, my hand was really starting to hurt by this point, but I just ignored it and got on with doing my paper that was the important thing. Then the final section was to do with what fibre blends, fabrics, embellishments and fastenings make for a good school skirt, we then had to judge between two skirts which was the one that fitted the criteria that fitted the most. That's a basic nutshell of what we did during my exam. 

After this I went home to a freezing cold house because guess what there was problems with the heating again. Over night the boiler had drained of all water leaving the house freezing cold, mum tried to sort this and then when my dad went to check on my brothers radiator he walked in to find water coming out of the attic/roof area and going everywhere, everything was getting soaked. We turned the water off and mum rang a plumber while I was in my exam and he came pretty quickly but he is still here trying to sort it all out, he looked at the plumbing and found that there was water going everywhere because a mouse that had gotten in the roof had been chewing through it for some time and caused quite a big whole but then pressure from the water made the whole even bigger. So my dad ended up taking me to school and dropping me off so I arrived 30 minutes early for my exam, and then came home at the end of it because I was just completely knackered, with not sleeping well recently. Now I am off to google horses illnesses and decided what I will be posting about next in my 'how the horse works series'.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013
What is it? 
Colic is a word used to describe abdominal pain, it can initially indicate that there is a problem with the gut but it could also be other organs that are contained within the abdomen. There are so many different causes for the it can range from something as simple as the horse isn't digesting it's good but could be as complicated as a twisted gut. The main thing to remember is that prevention is essential, the risk of a horse getting it can be reduced by simple management techniques but it can never truly be eliminated. 

As well as obvious general changes in a horses temperament a horse with colic can also show other signs. Here are the signs that a horse might have colic, restlessness and pawing at the ground, sweating and an increased heart rate when there is no apparent reason for it. Trying to kick at the stomach because it is irritating them, going as if to urinate but not being able to. Attempting to roll and an elevated pulse rate.

Why is Colic so common? 
Horses originally had a different diet to the one that we expect them to eat nowadays, the time and manner in which horses eat has changed considerably over time, even a horse that lives off grass has a different diet to its elders. However his intestines have not changed to match the changes that have happened in the diet, as a result horses are susceptible to digestion problems. Horses are also not able to vomit meaning that the can not get rid of toxins, or food that hasn't been properly digested. Because the animal is a herbivore the guy has a large absorptive area, this leaves the horse susceptible to toxins being absorbed very quickly. In herd situations natural feeding is grazing on the move, and is known as trickle feeding, this means the horse eats large quantities of low energy food, through out the day spending roughly 16 hours every day eating. Horse management today consists of two hard feeds, rationing hay and sometimes stable for eight hours with no food or exercise, this is so different to the lives that horses have been designed to lead. A horses change from natural or ideal situations means that the horse can react to extra stress, which is often a cause of Colic.

Preventing Colic? 
Making sure that the horse always a fresh supply of water. The horse also needs small and frequent feeds of concentrates if necessary. Hard feed should only be used as a supplement to grazing and high fibre food available to horses. Make sure to plan a diet that consists of high fibre content, using hay and a ratio of roughly at least 60 percent hay. Make sure that the food is in good quality, and making sure that it is not mouldy. Set a regular exercise programme making sure tat the horse is fit enough for what you want to do. Make sure to cool off after riding, and when changing food do it slowly, not in a rush. Make sure that you have regular dental visits. Don't let the horse have to much lush spring grass as this is a change in the diet. Ensure to worm regularly and have a daily routine. 

What to do if a horse Colics? 
Call a vet immediately, by checking the pulse, temperate and respiratory rate frequently you will be able to tell when the horse is having problems and not on his/her normal levels. You must remove food from the horse. Make sure the horse is in a safe area and check them, make sure the areas free form hazards. If your horse appears to be anxious, attempting to roll and restless and is in a safe area  keep watching but do not interfere. If the symptoms are mild walk the horse gentally but follow vets advice. 

What to do while waiting for the vet?
While you are waiting for the vet to be called you need to try and keep the horse as calm and quiet as is possible, keep an eye on the sign and do NOT give the horse anything to eat or drink. Look when the horse was last wormed and check if anything unusual was eaten prior to the symptoms occurring.

In Mild cases of colic, the vet may give the horse drugs to relieve any pain and help to get the horse to relax, this may then allow the gut to start working properly. Keep an eye on your horses progress and keep your vet informed if any changes occur. In more serious cases that do not respond to initial drug treatment, the vet may decide that the best option is surgery, this means the horse would need to be transported to a local equine hospital. If you know your horse has a history of colic, keep a really close eye on your horse.

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Day before the exam

Today is the day before my textiles retake exam that I told you guys about earlier in the year. In the lesson today we decided that it would be beneficial to do a past paper as this would get us used to the layout and the set up of the questions. We decided that we also wanted to get a feel for how the paper was marked so we did one question and then had to mark it. I think that I marked it fairly and i even had to get my mum to recount my marks because I was surprised when I got 50 marks this was a B, we can safely say that it is an improvement from the last textiles mark that was a U.

After this we were supposed to have English, well that didn't happen only three of the people turned up for the lesson so we got sent away to do some revision as I had spent all of lunch revising I decided that it was time to just relax and chill out! So went to the sixth form centre, and sat with some mates and while they played chase, I got my diary out and wrote the majority of the important dates down that I could remember without looking at my computer.

Then it was time for Art, I was actually looking forward to it for once, well that changed the minute we walked in we could tell that he was in a bad mood and this but everybody on edge something that we are all used to, but something that I don't think we should have to put up with I don't think that it is fair at all, but hey life isn't always fair is it? During the lesson I took some more time to add shadows to my final piece to make it look a bit more effective. The lesson was then over and I had to carry two things from last year one that was heavy and a lot bigger than anyone and height ways it is almost as tall as me but I also had to carry my final piece out, it's a good job that mum was ready to undo the boot for me before I dropped everything! 
My final piece this was taken yesterday before I had time to add the shadows it is done using pencil, pencil crayon and pan pastels.

My next post in my 'How the horse works series' is going to be on Colic 

Until Next Time 
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
What is it? 
The hoof wall is made up of an interlocked outer layer that is insensitive this is called the horn and is supported by an underlying inner area that is sensitive this is called the Laminae. When Laminitis occurs the blood flow to the laminae is affected, this causes inflammation and swelling in the tissues that are with in the hoof, it also causes extreme amounts of pain. The Laminae doesn't get any oxyden or nutrient rich blood causing the cells to become damaged. If the cause is removed and treatments is started as soon as the first sign of the condition shows, the laminae stays alive, however if it is left untreated it will begin to die. The Laminae supports the pedal bone (this is in the hoof) and the weight of the animal. In extremely severe cases of laminitis the pedal bone can sink and rotate, because the Laminae can't support it also from the pull og the deep digital flexor tendon.If the pedal bone sinks too far it can come through the sole of the foot. In the majority of cases this is irreversible however, in some very rare cases it can be cured, but this would require time, patience and a lot of money. While Laminitis can affect any of the feet it is more common in the front feet. Any horse or Pony can be affected by Laminitis. 

There are a number of different things that can cause Laminitis or make the horse more likely to get the condition. Animals that are overweight or have suffered from Laminitis previously are particularly susceptible. A high intake of sugars and starch can also cause the condition this is because it causes an overload in the digestive system, with the undigested sugar and starch pushed through to the hindgut. Bacteria then breaks this down causing acidity in the hindgut, this then kills the bacteria that digests fibre. This then causes toxins to provoke a response within the horse, this then disrupts the blood flow. A dramatic change in the environment, more so for over weight animals can trigger the condition. Severe infection is another cause, Toxaemia also known as blood poisoning can result from any condition where a horse suffers a bacterial infection e.g. a severe colic attack. Concussion is a common cause, if a horse has been worked fast for a long period of time on a particularly hard surface for example trotting on the roads, this will then affect the Laminae, especialy if a horse has a poor quality hooves and Finally another big cause is cushings disease.

Acute Laminitis. 
Horses that suffer from acute Laminitis symptoms generally tend to appear very quickly and tend to be extremely severe. The horse will not be  able to or be very reluctant to walk or move and may take to lying down and not wanting to get up. The horse will be visibly lame, especially when on a hard surface or moving in a circle. The horse will also have an increased digital pulse in the foot. When standing the horse may well lean back on to his hind feet, he does this to release pressure of the front feet. They will have pain in front of the point of frog and when walking may place its heels down before its toes.  They can also show symptoms similar to colic.
Chronic Laminitis.
A horse will show signs of ongoing symptoms, they are generally a result of a relapse from previous attacks. The hoof will have the appearance of growth rings around the hoof wall, this generally indicates the horse has suffered from laminitis in the past. Make sure not to confuse these with hoof rings which show a lack in nutrition or because of stress. Often the heel will grow faster, and the white line on the hoof will have visibly widened.

It is important that you call a vet straight away and follow treatment plans. The right treatment needs to be administered as soon as possible to provide pain relief. Advised to move the horse in a small pen or stable and make sure the bed area has a deep bed of shavings to provide support. You need to remove any feed including molassd licks, but make sure to keep fresh clean water. A vet will advise a suitable diet. They should have a companion nearby. You could stand in a stream to make the animal more comfortable for a SHORT time. X-rays may be needed as well as a farrier visit.

Horse owners should monitor their horses died, horses should be feed according to their workload and type. Follow the rule of feeding little and often, this is like the horses natural feeding pattern. Never starve a horse or pony as this can lead to serious health issues. Restrict grass intake as it is very high in carbohydrates. Maintain a good exercise programme. Make sure a farrier checks there feet every 4-6 weeks. Check the horses digital pulse frequently as a change can then be detected quickly. Make sure the horse is wormed regularly following a vet programme.

Below are pictures that show a horse standing in a laminitis stance next to that is an image that shows a healthy hoof and then below that a hoof that has acute laminitis. I hope this helped :)

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How the horse works series and a school day

Yesterday I did a post on Cushing's as it was an interesting thing to learn about but such a sad thing to, and I got some comments on it that made me think that I am going to do a series of posts, looking at horses' health, whether it would be main illness that are really well known or it could be laminitis (can't spell it sorry guys) or just facts to do with the structure of the horses digestive system and how it works. I don't know fully yet but it will be to do with horses health and how the horse works. How the horse works will look at different horse personalities, as I got a book a couple of months ago all about different ways that the horses mind works, and it is something that fascinates me and something that I think that people that are like me will also find interesting to! If I have time later I might do another post, that looks at one of the things that i have mentioned above but I am pretty tired tonight so I can't guarantee that one. But is there anything that you guys would like to know more about or ride more about? 

So on Sunday I am riding Gatsby, you gotta love that horse, and have been thinking that I would really like to do some canter work on him as the last time I did it, it didn't end how I wanted with Jaimie-leigh falling off and getting hurt (by the way she now has to go to Physio as she's still having problems with her shoulder). So the lesson kinda ended on a bad note with Gatsby because he was getting his way far too easily, and just stopping whenever he wanted to and not when I told him too. So if it is dry which has been the main problem since then, I am going to ask Fiona at the beginning of the lesson because she has said that even if Jaimie-Leigh didn't want to do something I normally would still be able to do that. For example Jaimie-Leigh doesn't jump but I like jumping so would still be able to do that and get my confidence back doing it. I am also considering asking her if we could do some pole work. 

On to how my first day back at school has been, well it felt far too long and far too tiring, at least I'll probably be able to sleep well tonight but I don't want to sleep before Eastenders is on because apparently loads is going to be happening on it and I just love watching it. My first lesson today was English which was just going over some of the themes in 'The Tempest' written by Shakespeare. We looked at old past paper questions and went in to detail about how to answer some of the questions. Then it was two hours of Art initially I was dreading this but by the end of the lesson I was quite happy, I then spend my lunch and my free working on my practical textiles, two hours of sewing beads on sent my hours funny. Then it was time for my actual textiles lesson and during this time I spent time revising for my retake textiles exam on Thursday. 

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