seeing jack tomorrow

Friday, 29 August 2014
well there's no updates on the riding front as I haven't been at my stables since Monday evening but tomorrow I get to see jack and I am buzzing! While it means that I am going to miss my weekly horse  riding lesson I get to see my man and I can't wait for that. 

I also thought I'd update you on the fact that I am officially a cripple again for the next two weeks at least I had to go back to A&E last night because my hand was KILLING me! They took it out of a splint and straight away put it in a plaster cast, it'll be in this for the next two weeks and then they will tell me what's going to happen. It'll be re xrayed then they'll either put it in another cast, splint it again or just leave it back to normal but it all depends on what the X-ray tells them when I have it. At the minute I don't know what this means on the horse riding front or what I'll be able to do all I do know is that it's incredibly painful still and I'll be glad when it heals! 

Anyway guys I leave at 5am in the morning and am getting up at 4.30 so I'm going to head to bed, I'll keep you all updated over the weekend. 

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A Girl With A Dream

possible broken hand x3.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014
hiya guys well it's been a few days and I was planning on updating you all today. Unfortunately I won't be able to go in to as much detail as I want to because I am having problems typing because it looks like for the third time I have broken my hand again!  In the exact same place, how rubbish is that? But they can't tell me because it will not show up for another two weeks on an X-ray so at the minute it's back in a splint and I've got to go back to hospital in two weeks. 

Well Saturday I got to ride Gatsby again. We have been working on getting him in to an outline more consistantly but it took me seeing Fiona riding Pumpkin Pie for me to know what it was that I needed to do for Gatsby to work properly in to an outline. We got some really good work in the walk and trot (I have got pictures) and slowly we are starting to get it in the canter as well but by the time we move on to canter I tend to feel quite tired and weak on my left side. We did an exercise that we haven't done in a while where you go over three trotting poles in rising trot then the minute you've done them you ask to pick up the canter, doing a 20m circle before coming back to trot before the poles and repeating this process as many times as you want to. 

Sunday was an 10am til 6pm own a pony day, we found out that it was going to be an all day competition sort of thing. We would get judged on mucking out, grooming and tack cleaning we had about an hour to do each. In tack cleaning and mucking out I came third both times. Then for grooming I had to groom Rosie, I liked working with her because she pushed me to be firm with her because she's a little pony that if can get away with not doing something will do. But I got a second grooming her. I missed out on first because she wouldn't let me brush through her tail. Over all I came second and got a new pony club rosette (picture to follow). Then I got a 30 minute ride on Vettie. It's been a while since I'd rode him but omg it was the best ride I have ever had on him. For the entire 30 minutes I worked Vettie in an outline. It wasn't easy but we did it. We maintained the outline through transitions. In the trot which was hard because my left side wanted to give in. WE did 20m circles, rein back (which felt so weird on vettie compared to Gatsby) we did small amounts of Leg-yield but Fiona thinks that it is the best that I have ever rode Gatsby. But I am kind of gutted because I have no photo's or videos of it :( soooo gutted lol. 

Anyway my hand is now KILLING ME! lol 

Sooo Until Next Time A
A Girl With A Dream 

I'm Back!

Friday, 15 August 2014
Sorry guys I know it's been quite a while but to be honest I just haven't been in that much recently and then when I have been in I've been too tired to do any blogging. But I'm trying to sort out and get the blogger app working on my phone so that I can update on the move. 

Well life on the riding front is slowly moving forward, we haven't done any excessive work recently firstly because of the heat that we have had (it's just been too hot to work the horse) and when it's not been red hot we've had bad storms here! Secondly because Gats, hasn't been 100% sound. He's developed arthritis in his pastern in his front legs and the joints are fusing together in his hock on both back legs. He's also had the chiropractor out to adjust his back and he is now being rode in a dressage saddle that is being temporarily loaned to him until Jenny buys him a new one (we could be waiting a while). But he's working really well in this new saddle and this saddle helps my position loads! So that's a plus side. He's currently also having shock wave treatment every other week for 6 weeks. So hopefully thats going to do him some good :). 

Well tomorrow I should be riding Gatsby again but I might be riding Vettie as I have been riding him quite a bit recently because of the issues Gatsby has had. So I never know who I'm going to be riding until I get there. I have got some videos that I need to upload from last weeks riding lesson and also some photographs I want to share with you all from when I was at Bakewell Show. 

In other news Jacks doing okay, as expected he has his good days and his bad days but I've heard quite a bit from him this past week and it's now only 14 days until I get to see him again. So I'll have lots to share with you guys over the next few weeks. I've also got lots to tell you about what I've learnt on my BHS stage one. So stay tuned guys as there is going to be loads of updates for you to enjoy :D 

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A Girl With A Dream