Such a long day

Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Today has been a really long and tiring day with its fair share of arguments. When I woke up this morning I knew that I wasn't going to be at school because I had two essays that needed writing foe English. The down side of a weekend away is the fact that when I come back I have so much work to catch up on. It took me all day today write my essays. This morning my sister came around and it was sods law that my nan decided that it was today that she wanted to sleep in. So my sister asked if she could come back this evening my mum said yes. Well tonight my sister let everyone see how much she is not dealing with about my nan being ill. As she lost her temper one minute she was crying the next she was angry. To be honest I don't think that she nows how she is feeling. 

At the same time as she did last night my nan decided that she wanted to start getting out of bed and that she needed to go home (which is exactly where she is). Well we ended up with the district nurse coming out to give nan an injection and within ten minutes of having the injection and she was fast asleep and hasn't woken up so far. Nan has no night sitter tonight so my uncles come over for tonight to help my mum look after her. 

I'm too tired to keep writing so that's all for now. 
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A Girl With A Dream 

Post two

Monday, 29 April 2013
First off I want to thank everyone for the birthday messages they were lovely. Today has been a long and tiring day. I forgot to mention in music earlier post about two kids at center parcs Zona threw the beach ball down the deep end of the swimming pool so I went to fetch it and when I came back there was this little girl standing there she looked to be 4 or 5 and in this really sweet voice she asked if she could play with us so zona and I said yes if you want to. So for ages we were just throwing the ball back and forth. Zonas and I would take it in turns to lift this little girl up so that she could send the blog back to the other person. Then her brother turned up and asked if he could play to so for about 20 minutes we were just playing with these two models. Until sadly we had to go. 

My mum did end up bringing my mini down for me to drive it back I had one problem in the car park where I let my drive us out and then we switched back. Then on drove the 50 minute trip from Nottingham to west hallam for my riding school. It was the pony club launch day. When I got there fiona was getting ready and so was the area manager, she explained to all of us what pony club was about and the badges that would come. We got information, a bobbley eyed horse thing, and a catalogue of pony club things that you can buy. Fiona was talking to the area manager and said that she had already got her dressage team sorted and looked at Jaimie-Leigh and I. The area manager then asked if she was going to do championships. Fiona just gave us a look and we both thought yeah she is going to do this. It's going to be so fun. After the pony club thing was over fiona said that I could stay to help out so I got Gatsby and rascals feed and gave it to them when they were done eating I cleaned out their feed buckets. Skipped out the stables, hung their night time haynets and filled their water buckets up for them then as it's still quite cold I put their second rugs on. I was surprised to find that when my mum came to pick she up she had got my nephew with her, she had text me earlier but I was that busy that I didn't have time to look at my phone. 

When I got home my mum decided even though I'd been asking all weekend to tell me how ill my nan actually is. But the fact that my mum wasn't telling me kind of gave it away about how ill she was. Basically it doesn't look like my nan going to live for long, I'm not talking a few weeks, I'm talking only a few days, which was a pretty rubbish end to what had been a fairly good day. She's now got to have a hospital bed instead of her bed because she's not safe. She also has to have a night sitter to keep an eye on her to give my mum a break. Last night this worked really well, so far tonight so much. In less than an hour the nurse has been in to my mum three times.

I'm now knackered and feeling the need to go to sleep.

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A Girl With A Dream 

Blog post one of two.

This is going to be my first of two posts today and will be about my last post about my last day at centreparcs. Then this evening I have got my pony club launch evening so I will post about it after I have been to it. Last night zona and I went to bed fairly early and because of this zona and I got up about 8/8:30 this morning. While Zona played on her Nexas 7 tablets I spent some time reading everyone's blogs. Then we remembered that Jeremy Kyle was about to start so we put that on, at this point there was only me and Zona up, then when her mum and dad came in the sitting room her Dad made us all laugh by pretending to be one of the chavy people off Jeremy kyle. 

This afternoon we went up to the dome again. I love it there cause there is am inside bit that's lovely and warm but then there's an outside bit as well so when you go outside the waters really warm and if it's sunny it makes the water even nicer its lovely. We spent some time chilling by the pool. Then spent some time playing with a beach ball that Zona has got and we were attempting to play volley ball in the swimming pool it was awesome and we had a great laugh cause we are both pretty bad at it. We also spent some time in the hot tubs and omg they are the hottest hot tubs that I have ever been in they are so nice. You can probably tell that they are my favourite place to be. 

Them we left there at about 1:30 after we had washed my hair so that we could have lunch at the cabin because at 2 my mum is leaving my house to come and fetch me I think she's bringing my mini so that I'll be driving my mini back but it depends on how on time my mum leaves on which car she brings which I don't know yet because we're just eating lunch so I will have to wait til she arrives to know which car she is bringing. 

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Equestrian At Hart: Contest: Rolex Edition

Sunday, 28 April 2013
Equestrian At Hart: Contest: Rolex Edition:

Hey guys above is a link to Hillary over at equestrian at Hart. She's currently running a competition so why dont you head over to her blog for a chance to enter.

Centreparcs Day Three

Today is my third day at centreparcs and also the day that Emily goes home. This morning we woke up at about 9:30 which was a lot later than we got up yesterday. I had a really good nights sleep it really surprises me every time how comfy the beds are, after wrote my post last night we just lay in bed chatting for a while and somehow ended up singing Disney songs it started because zona went 'omg a kite' no idea why as we were in a pitch black room, and I just burst out with 'lets go fly a kite' and after that we just ended up going through all of the Disney songs. I know we are definitely not normal. This morning when we got up zona spent some time playing on her nexas 7 tablet and I git out my PlayBook to read everyone's lovely blogs. I'm loving reading about Rolex who knows maybe one day I will go. Then we all had some breakfast and Norma and Ken (Zona's mum and dad) went to walk molly, their dog. who is a really sweet border collie. They always walk molly in the morning but decided to go and book a table at the pancakes house for us tonight to go out for a meal as Emily's mum and dad are coming to spend the day before they take Emily home.

The rest of the afternoon until about 6 O'clock this afternoon we just spent time chilling in the dome. Zonas parents came down as well as Emily's parents. We got some video's of us going down the slides and the boat rides its great I love it. I can't wait to see the videos. this evening we had a wicked time zonas mum treated us to a carvery as a treat for my birthday and Colin and Emily's 6 month anniversary we also got to see a magician and it was so funny for colin to see that he really didn't know it all. He acts like he knows better than everyone and to see that he didn't was just awesome. It's been a great day and now we are ending it just chilling out watching tv Emily's going home soon so by the time that she gone there's going to be no point going out to the disco as we would becoming back soon anyway. We offered that we would walk the dogs to save ken and Norma a job but Norma said not to because it's really muddy because it rained earlier. 

It feels so odd having not rode this weekends as there's not many weekends that I've missed it except when it snowed and then I only missed two. But with my shoulder being sore I think it might be good that I've not as it will give my shoulder time to settle down and sort itself out. Tomorrow I go home the weekend has gone so fast. I'm not sure if I'm driving myself home or if my mum's bringing her car I guess I'll just have to wait and see. But as soon as I leave centre parcs im going straight to the stables because it's the pony club launch evening so I'm buzzing about that. Even though I won't ride ill still get to see the big fella himself. 

I also got to meet a new horse riding friend. Emily who is Colins girl friend is big into horse riding. So it was awesome to meet a new horse riding friend I've added her on Facebook so I am pretty sure that we will stay in touch. Over all I have a really good weekend and think that we will stay in touch. 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Post from centreparcs

Saturday, 27 April 2013
Hey y'all

Ive just got in bed after a long but great day at centre parcs I love it here. We arrived yesterday at lunch time.and the first thing that we did was go to the dome and go swimming. My best mate then surprised me by giving me a bag full of presents (pictures to come). Zonas mum and dad through a surprise birthday party we had food and cakes and just had a really good time. We then went up to the bowling part of centreparcs that has disco it was really good and I loved it. We had a laugh then came home and watched Eastenders. 

Today we got up really early. We watched some television and had breakfast so I took my time just chilling out and catching up reading everyone blogs. Then when we were eventually ready we all headed upto the dome. Which is like this massive swimming centre that has slides and hot tubs and just places to chill by the pool. It's lovely and I always enjoy myself and we have laugh. This evening I had pie and chips we then went back upto the disco where we had a few relationship issues between my best mates brother and his girlfriend. So now im just chilling in bed chatting to my best mate about the work that she does at a nursing home. 

Now on to pictures 

Love this picture and my flashing 18 badge we had a great day on my birthday but I missed my mum and dad it felt weird being away from them. 

Love this picture to this is me and the best one we had such a good time.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream 

It's my birthday.

Friday, 26 April 2013
Today its my birthday. I woke up nice and early to undo my presents before ny brother went to school as later on today I will be going to centreparcs with my friend zona the same girl that I went with last year. The funny thing is that not only is it my birthday it is also zonas dads birthday. So today should be a pretty interesting day I'm really looking forward to it. Because I got a car recently my mum got me a sat navigation system for my car. The great thing about this sat nav is that it also works as a hands free for my mobile phone and I can also put music on it from on my ipod and play it through my car speakers. My brother got me a 16GB memory card cause as you can imagine I love my music so will probably have quite a few songs on it. I also got a 'Black x' perfume that I have wanted for years but that I wasn't expecting i love it. One of my understanding gave me 18 £2 coins which I thought we pretty funny, it was stiff typical uncle Neil thing to do. My uncle Robert gave me money and so did my nan so that will all go into my bank account later today. 

Either on monday, Saturday or today my pony club joining pack should come, but they haven't been able to send it me yet because one of the things that they send out, they're having to wait for as they have run out but they are having more printed so the lady said it should arrive any day soon. 

Now I need to get ready to go to centreparcs. The only downside of going to centreparcs is that I don't get to ride Gatsby this weekend but I do get to see him on Monday as it's the launch day for pony club. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Textiles deadline

Thursday, 25 April 2013
Today was my textiles deadline so it has been a really busy day. I mounted up all my extra photos in the back of my folder my mum helped me by creating me a designer care label that I love. With my textiles coursework now complete it means that I will have more time to focus on my textiles theory and my English example work which means that I might just be able to bring the grades back up but who knows we will have to wait and see what happens closer today. 

Tomorrow I go to centreparcs for the weekend so I am sure that there will be lots of pictures for you all and hopefully it will stop raining and the sun will come out for the weekend. Who am I kidding? But a girl can wish anyway! 

So far I've taken my car out everyday since I got it a week ago and today was by far the best ride. I managed to do a hill start without stalling. Get us to Sandiacre which is a 20/30 minute drive from my house and park in a parking space all without stalling. Then I reversed out of my parking space well what you don't know is this was the first time I have ever reversed and I didn't stall. I drove us back only stalling once this was by far the smoothest journey that I have had so far. I also manage to get up the hill and change the gears correctly now this is important to me because where Gatsby is now I have to go up a hill. So now that I know I can get up that hill its one less thing to worry about.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream 

Tomorrow is my textiles deadline.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Today has been a long day so this won't be a long post. Tomorrow is my textiles dead line so I haven't really done anything but textiles today. Today also would have been the first day of my A2 art coursework it was so annoying to know I've worked for a year at my art work and three weeks from the end I have had to give it up.
I also had some really exciting news for me today. As my textiles dead line so is tomorrow i needed to take my pictures in my garment tonight. Well as you will all know recently I have been working really hard to lose weight. About a month ago this garments fit me like a glove well not now. The garments massive on me! I even had to get my mum to pin me into the garment. I was buzzing that I lost weight now all I need to figure out is how to get the garments to stay on for the final textiles fashion show. The pictures that I have taken today will be in a post soon. 

I need to be up early tomorrow to finish of  my coursework 
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

A productive day today.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013
Today has been a really good day. I got to bring my art home so when my mum dropped me off for school in the morning all that I had to do was pick it up from my head of years (meaning that I didnt have to see my art teacher) which was great. I then had my timetabled English lesson, which we worked on a practice essay. then during what would have been my first art lesson of the day I stayed in English and wrote three quarters of an essay the last bit I plan to do tomorrow. Then in what would have been my second art lesson of the day I went to textiles and decided that I was going to write question cards as a way of revising for the key aspects of the textiles theory. 

During my lunch break my mum met me outside school she got me out of the busy part of Duffield and Little Eaton then we found a safe place to switch and I drove us to Matlock. We soon discovered another reason as to why I was stalling. When I was trying to find my biting point I wasn't getting enough revs up and I was snatching the clutch upto much and far to fast. When we figured out all of this as well as the hand brake discovery I was soon stalling less. I was managing to stop at junctions in the road as well as traffic lights and set off again without stalling it was awesome! We had quite a long drive and in an empty car park i managed to have a go at reversing and I expected to stall but I didn't so I was really happy with this. 

I then went back to school as I had another textiles lesson but this time I was working in my coursework so I was getting my folder done. All I have left to do now is take pictures,of my final garments do quite couple of samples and print out a couple more pages there really isn't a lot for me to do. I'm so close to the end that I can see it now. Tomorrow morning if the weather is nice I am going to take my photographs foe my textiles folder.

Until next time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Day Out with friends. Driving. Sixth form.

Monday, 22 April 2013
This is just a quick blog post, I went out with Dean and sue again today and we had a really good time. As an early exams well done and getting a car present they bought me a bag that will go perfectly with my sixth form ball dress. I also had a dress fitting to do with letting my dress out that I ordered and came in the wrong side. Now all I need to figure out is how to have my hair and what to do with my nails. 

I've taken my mini out everyday for the past couple of days. Changing my gears has become much smoother and my stalling has become less. We figured out that the reason that I was stalling was the fact that I wasn't putting my hand brake down fully. Once I realised this I was stalling less. I also managed Togo up a really steep hill now two days before when I tried to go up a less steep hill I stalled and my mum had to get in the drivers seat and get me up the hill. Well not this time I managed to get to the top of the hill. Fair enough it was pretty slow but the important thing to me was the fact that I did it without stalling. I was so pleased that I managed to do this. I also found out today that I have got an aux connection which means that I can play my ipod through my speakers which I didn't think I could do so to find out that I could do was an accidental but amazing discovery. 

Tomorrow I get to pick up my art work. It has been gotten out of the art room so that all I have to do is go and see my head if sixth form to pick it up and then I will have no artwork left in school. Tomorrow will be the first day of my new time table so it will be interesting to see how it is going to work. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Picked up my car and a great ride

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Gatsby and I had a great ride this morning we have decided that until I feel confident riding without my stirrups. We started off doing about 25 minutes riding with stirrups the rest of the time was working without stirrups. We warmed up making sure to ride long and low. Gatsby was really stretching and it was nice to see. We then moved on to the trot work now for some reason my position was blocking me from getting Gatsby into an outline. But the minute that I took my stirrups away I could get Gatsby in an outline i was so surprised we then decided to move on to doing leg yielding and shoulder-in in the walk and trot without stirrups we finished my lesson with me riding without stirrups. I had a great lesson it was so much fun and something that I can't wait to keep working on. It really improved the position of my leg quite quickly. 

Then it was time to go and fetch my car the drive up was long it just seemed to take forever. When we got there I got given the rest of the paper work and they bought my car round the front my mum drove the car out of the middle of Stoke and we put petrol in and switched places. To start with I felt really rusty when I got in the drivers seat as it has been more than five months since the last time that I have driven a car. I stalled a few times and when I couldn't find the right gear I started to panick but by the end I was okay. After lunch my mum and I went on a circular route that's about 20 miles to give me a but more practice and I felt so much better. I didn't stall anywhere near as much I got the right gears the majority of the time even though they were not the smoothest transitions up and down they were a lot better than they had been earlier in the day so I was really happy with this. I love my mini and am buzzing to do more driving in it. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

One more day to go.

Friday, 19 April 2013
This time tomorrow my car will be parked on my drive after I have drove it back from Stoke. One of my longest and all time best mates is coming with me to get it and has decided she is having the front left corner to put in it as much blue as possible. While I love pink Evie hates pink and loves blue.

Not only do I get to pock my car up tomorrow but I also get to ride my favourite horse yeah you have got it, Gatsby i might even be having my first bare back ride ever as fiona thinks that it will be a good idea. I have always wanted to try it but I have never had the opportunity to try it. Or a instructor that would push me to do it. Hopefully there will be some video's and pictures of the work that I do tomorrow. I am so excited and none that it will be a good day but for now I am tired so I'm going to head to bed so that tomorrow comes quicker. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

A quick post.

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Well today's post may end up as a bit of a rant about art. So nothing to do with horses will be in this post. so if you don't want to read it I completely understand that. 

Today it has been confirmed that I am no longer doing my art a level course. Unfortunately the issue has not been able to he resolved and to carry on doing the course would stress me out to much and in turn would cause me to be ill. I can't go in to the situation completely because it is being looked into by my school so until that is done I am not really able to talk about it. While I agree that dropping my art is for the best it annoys me that I've spent a year working damn hard on an A Level that with 3 weeks til the end I am not going to be able to finish. It's basically letting my art teacher win but I'm just too tired to keep fighting with him. 

This afternoon my sister came over for tea. Which means that I got to see my nephew which always makes me feel better. We had cuddles, played games and wandered all over the place. We made 'gran gran laugh when he insisted that he wanted more cake, he got grandpa grumps to pick him up to play with the dolphin wind chimes that I have got. He terrorised the dog trying to follow her all over the place, for some reason angel is terrified of brody but today she let him get closer to her. We had a good time overall and my sister got to spend time with my nan. I don't think that my sister actually got how ill my nan is. 

Tomorrow I have a day off school so I'm going to help my mum do some of the jobs that she needs doing. Like the food shopping then I think that I am going to do some school work but who knows what the day will bring. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Car photos

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
After having a great day yesterday today has turned out to be not so great. The short story is basically I am no longer an art students after a problem I've dropped art. but that's a post for another day. This post is pictures of the things for my mini and my mini enjoy!! 

My car mats black and pink the drivers one is the only one that has the graphics on and up the side you can see where it ways powered by fairy dust. I caved and got more in this set. 

This is the folded up boot organiser inside it has two big sections perfect for camera equipment of horse riding things. and on the end you can see in this picture there is also a flap for storage.

The inside of my boot organiser. 

This attaches to the sun visor its perfect for storing CDs and things like that.  

The tax disk holder 

This is allowed the collection I have of the powered by fairy dust accessories. Except for my mats as I couldn't figure out how to get them in the pictures as well.

Side view of my mini these next few pictures have been taking off the Internet. Because I didn't take any photographs when I went to look at my car.

Back view of my mini. 

The boot of my mini. When the boot organisers not being used it will be in one side behind the nets and my riding hat will be in the other one.
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A Girl With A Dream 

Mini dayy

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
I am officially the proud owner of a green mini one 1.4l with 43000 miles on the clock. This lunch time my mum and I made the trip to Stoke to look at the car. I loved it the green was a really nice shade of it.  we payed then and there for it. So I get to go and pick it up and drive it home on saturday after I have had my lesson on Gatsby. On the way back we stopped at Halfords to buy the L plates that I was going to need and while I was there I looked at the 'powered by fairy dust' range of car accessories they are all pink and black. I knew I was going to need mats as my cars not coming with them so I got the black mats and then on them is pink stitching then it has pink stars on it and a pink fairy and up the side of the mat on the drivers side it says 'powered by fairy dust'. There are all sorts of different things in this range so I think that i will be getting more from this range. When I go and get the car on Saturday my best mate Evie is coming with me. She will be in the back as because I'm a learner I need my mum to be in the car with me. I'm so excited to get the car on Saturday and then be able to drive it and it's a nice run back that the car is going to get. 

This evening I have been doing some of my textiles work I printed all the last of my sheets then cut the pieces up and my mum helped me to double mount them. There's three more pages that need doing in my textiles folder but I ran out of the gold paper to matt and layer them with and I haven't wrote those three pages yet so that will be what I do in my double textiles lesson tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will be sunny in the morning so that I can also take mt garment pictures that need doing. 

I'm really excited it seems like things are finally starting to fall in to place I've already found a perfect place to keep my riding stuff. I am also going to need to find a place to put all my CDs the first one that will be put in my car is nickelback it is safe to say that I am a huge fan of them I love them. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Mini and day out.

Monday, 15 April 2013
Hospital appointment went well this morning. I git left with an open ended appointment. To go back if I thought that there was something that they could do to help me. they said that they thought I was doing well with my coping strategies and being able to ride more, as well as setting myself small goals. So that's went really well. I then spent the day out with Dean and Sue we had a really good laugh and other thoroughly enjoyed it. We went past chatsworth and got to see all the deer they were so close to the road. It was an 'i wish I had my camera with me' moment. Then we just chilled out and had a laugh. 

I also have some good news for the past two days I have been looking for cars more specifically a mini. Well we find two and neither of them turned out to be any good. We then found a red one that looked promising but by the time my mum got hold of the person the car was sold. My mum then found what they said was a 'british racing green' Mini One 1.4 for £6000 which was initially more expensive than the original cut off point on price. My mum asked me if I minded it being metallic green, well to my mum and I its more of a jade green it is really pretty. I love it it has roughly 40000 miles on the clock so should last me a fair while. Tomorrow I am going to look at the mini and if I like it I will be paying for it then and their. So I might have my very own car by Friday or Saturday. I'm really excited about this and cannot wait. I will be able to tell you more about it tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything works out thus time. I'll leave you with a picture of it

Until next time 
A Girl With A Dream 

One long day

Sunday, 14 April 2013
Tomorrow I am going to a hospital appointment to see the pain clinic I am not holding out much hope that they are going to be able to do anything as they said that they couldn't when I went to see them this time last year. But I agreed with my consultants that I would go because when it gets to June he will no longer be in charge of my care because i will move on to the adult doctors. so he thinks that by me going to the pain clinic it means that if I have a bad turn that I will have a link and someone that I can get in contact with. 

After that I am going out with some friends that I have known for years and went out with a couple of weeks ago. I know that we are going for lunch to this awesome fish and chip shop restaurant so that's going to be awesome they seriously do the best ever chicken nuggets I love them. But not sure what else we are going to do. 

Today hasn't been the best day so I am going to end this post here.
Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream 

Finally no stirrups.

Saturday, 13 April 2013
No stirrup work with Gatsby. Yep that's right I finally decided with a push from my riding teacher to loose the stirrups. I was nervous but I knew that I needed to do it and that doing it would make me feel more confident. I started off by warming Gatsby up with stirrups getting him to work long and low. really stretching.  He was great and you could see on Gatsby and rocky their heave line working not sure if I've spelt that right and you could also see all of their top line working it fascinated me and I cant wait to learn more about it. when I had worked him on both sides I decided it was time to pick up the contact and getting him working in an outline it took a while to get him into it today as it was fairly windy. We moved on to the trot fairly quickly and he was so much easier to get in to an outline he looked fantastic if I do say so myself. His trot was lovely and when we decided to move on to the no stirrup work. We did a few transitional and his trot was so easy to sit to it was like sitting on a really comfy chair i loved it. when I had done this I moved on to having my stirrups back. I spent about 20 minutes working on doing pole work to start with Gatsby was really lazy but by the end he was picking his feet up and he was great. He started to really work. I didn't do any canter work with him today as we decided that I need a change from it and so did Gatsby. 

We have also discovered we think why I have issues with my left leg. Fiona thinks that when I came off Arthur last year that I pushed my pelvis out of place so it is slightly misaligned. She asked if she minded her moving my leg in a circular motion when she did this to my right leg it moved really well when she did it to my left it was stiff and locked in place. Painful! So fiona has suggested that I go and see a chiropractor as that might help me to balance better and make my seat stronger as she says it's secure and it's good now but it could be better. 

That's all for now, no pictures as my dad took me riding.
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

The end of the day and I'm one sleepy girl.

Friday, 12 April 2013
Chilled out day today. I got a lie in this morning as we were not doing the shopping until after the doctor had been. we thought he would be coming in at lunch time but he didn't come til around 1:30 which was fairly late for him. He didn't want to change any of the tablets that he has put her on as he didn't think that she had given them long enough for them to start working on her. Basically the problem is that her heart is failing. Nan's being having morphine as a relaxant and to help her breathing and she was working herself up about it because it is an addictive drug. But she has been told that the small dose and not frequent use of morphine isn't going to do anything to her other than make her feel better. 

After this we had to do the shopping in less than an hour as my brother had git a hair dressing appointment. The supermarket was packed with old people and people that just wanted to stand in the way and then when asked to move got grumpy which was annoying. When we got to the end the check out person that we normally go to wasn't there so we went to the one that had the shortest que. Well the person on this one wasn't very helpful and just kept talking to other people so wasn't doing his job very well. He didn't put bags out, take the security code off dvds and was pushing through stuff so fast that we couldn't pack it in time. Mum decided not to say anything as we were in a rush. Then when we went to leave the scanner things at the doors went off, the checkout person had not scanned the barcode on one of the products properly. 

This evening I went to a youth group that I go to. I chatted to Steve who's just got married (he's one of the people that help there) and he just got back from his honey moon he was talking all about the sunsets and the animals in Africa it was really interesting and next time he's going to show me some of the pictures that he took which I can't wait to see. We played some games of pool and talked about cars.  Then mum came to get me now I'm watching eastenders.

So that's all for now. 
Until next Time 
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A day at the stables

Thursday, 11 April 2013
This morning was time for me to get up and early and go up to the stables to help out.  I had to be there for 8:30 and I was staying there til 10:30 we mucked out all the horses, cleaned there waters and put fresh in and then we filled the haynets and hung them up as well as filling the hay nets for tonight. when we had finished that we swept the yard and had finished 20 minutes early so I was talking to Elaine and Fiona about pony club. The launch day for pony club is Monday 29th April at 4;30 every 12 weeks there will be assessments towards badges. Well work through bronze the gold levels and then levels E to A and at either a or b we can do our stage three. Instead of having to do one, two and then three.  I can't wait to do it, I've sent my pony club form off today. 

Mum picked me up at 10:30. we then had to go to the other side if derby to dressmaker about my sixth form ball dress. To start with she didn't think she could do anything but when looking inside and seeing how big the seams were she thinks that she can let it out and Anything extra off the length of the dress can be used to create extra panels that will make it closer to the correct measurements. so hopefully it is going to fit by the time that she is done.  My sister then came over to sit with my nan so that my mum could take me back to the stables. We took my nephew with me so that he could see the horses even though he kept calling them 'dogs' he also got to meet bliss the dog who sniff do him and let him stroke her and brody kept calling bliss 'a woof woof'. 

When I got to the stables we bought all the horses in. Then had a cup of tea and while I was doing this the farrier came. While they got to work I groomed Gatsby and got him ready for his lesson after the girl rode him I got on him and rode time the next lesson person was in we worked in serpentines, sitting trot, and going over poles. It was really good he was responsive and active and I had fun riding him all though after paint balling yesterday I ache like helll. I untacked Gatsby and practiced plaiting his tail. I skipped out and then watched the farrier for a while. Gatsby had got another lesson so I tacked him back up and got him ready. While Gatsby was being ridden I groomed prince as he's not been clipped and was shedding like mad. We then checked and topped up their water, put in their night time hay net and gave them all their feed except for Gatsby as he was being rode. when the horses had finished I cleaned the feed buckets and then my mum came to get me when I left Gatsby was still having a lesson so I shouted by to Fiona and we went to the Chinese to get my tea. 

That's all for now 
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Paint balling madness

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Well today I went to the wildlife leisure place to go painting, the only downside to this plan was that I had to be up and out the door by 8/8:10am now for those of you that know me I am not a morning person. But I'd told my best mate that I was going and that was that.  For an hour we had to stand around waiting for everyone to get organised because there were that many of us. But once we could get going the adrenaline started the first game that we played was capture the flag. We split in to two teams that we stayed in for the rest of the day unfortunately this meant that Evie and I were going to be against each other. This really bought out the competitive side in both of us which can be either really good or really bad. We drew on the first game and then we had time switch bases and a the way through til about 2 minutes off the end of the game we were going to draw again but at the last minute the other team did manage to capture our flag, we then just chilled out for about 15/20 minutes before moving on to the next game called the tower. The first time we got absolutely slaughtered we had to carry a 'bomb' and get it to the tower. The second game we won we had to get the bomb off the other team and stop them from being able to get in the tower. With 5 seconds to go we managed to kill the last player and get hold of the bomb. Then we did the caravan game the first game the team that I was on one, the second game was a bit of a disaster. The marshals were not clear enough with the whistle signals, Spencer thought that the game was over so stood up. The next thing I knew he was rolling around the floor in complete agony screaming and crying. Someone had shot him in his privates. Needless to say the game was ended and we decided that it was time for lunch. After lunch there was going to be three more games. The first one Spencer wanted to sit out and asked me to so I agreed. So we watched it our team got trashed!! The next two games moved on to being in open fields..the first was called trenches it was basically what it says we were in trenches you had to get to the middle of the field get hold of a flag and take it to the other teams base and put it on a pole. The other team got the flag first but our team managed to get back hold of it and put it in the other teams base. The last game was called suicide alley and I chose to sit this one out because it was more open and there was a higher risk that I was going to get shot in the stomach. It was all open and just hay bales to hide behind. We almost won but didn't which was kind of annoying over all it was a really good day and I am glad that Evie convinced me to go we all had a good laugh. On the way back we opened the windows in her car turned up the music and sang along to the radio. On the way back we stopped at the shop and got an ice cream and we also got one last opportunity to have a laugh about Spencer but he knew we were joking. 

Tomorrow is going to be another early morning for 8:30 I need to be at the stables to help out and I will be there til 10:30 then will be going back up again later to get a ride in on Gatsby but inbetween that my mum and I need to go and see a seamstress. My ball dress came and is the wrong size. I wouldn't mind if it was to big but it has been made to small. So we need to find someone that will let it out unfortunately it needs to be let out quite about as they've made it at least 2 times to small. The most annoying thing is the company isn't taking responsibility for it they offered a refund and are now taking it back. Urghh so annoying I wish people would just accept there own mistakes. 

In other news I've got some more art work to do so I am going to do a sheet on Friday as my own a pony day has been cancelled, then a sheet on Saturday and another sheet on Sundays meaning that I have got all the art sheets done that he wants me to do. I've just been enjoying my PlayBook that much that I haven't wanted to do art, and for the past couple of days I've had some really good times with my best mate. Evie and I have also decided that we really want to go quad biking now that is something that I know that I will be good at because driving is just something that I picked up easily. That and in year 6 we built a go kart and I got the fastest and best driver award!! 

Until Next Time. 
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Helping out and paint balling

Tuesday, 9 April 2013
Sorry for no blog post yesterday I fell asleep at 6:30pm last night and slept through til this morning. Last morning I went upto the stables and spent a few hours mucking out I also got to experience a vet coming out. She was coming to see elaines shetland ponies Rocky and Dixie. I got to see this really cool mini x-ray machine I'd never seen it before and thought that it was cool that they could take x-rays at stables. I also sorted out that on Thursday I am going to go and help out in the morning and then at 2 I'm going to go back home to get a free ride on Gatsby for the work that I have done. Then I should have been doing an own a pony day on Friday but fionas had to cancel it because they're was not enough interest. but I will be having my normal riding lesson on Saturday. 

Tomorrow I am doing something that I never thought I would do. I'm going paint balling my best mates been having a bad time recently so today we went through your out for a drive we went all over the place and just had a laugh. We found a cool new tack shop and sang along to music while driving. She asked me that because none of the other girls are going if I would go with her and I agreed that I would do. I am mad for agreeing to it but you never know it might be a laugh. 

Tonight my uncle is over so while he's here to look after my nan it means that we can watch some of the tv programmes that we enjoy first and foremost eastenders. I love that show. Now we have holby city which is something that my mum likes but that I've not been as keen on however recently I've got quite into it. well that's except for the surgery scenes. 

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Another post from my PlayBook

Sunday, 7 April 2013
First of all I would like to say wow at this moment in time I have had 5592 Page views when I first started this blog I never thought that many people would read it.

Today has been a fairly relaxed day I didn't think that I was going to be up that early this morning as I wasn't going anywhere. But I was awake nice and early this morning. When I first woke up I spent some time on my PlayBook putting my riding videos on to  YouTube and then uploading them om to here. I did it all on my PlayBook and found it was actually much faster to upload videos on to YouTube than if I had been using my mac. after this I had something to eat and watched a riding programme on the horse and country channel about Tina Cook. I found it quite interesting but also quite inspiring how when she is in the saddle that nothing else that is going on in her life effects her performance. I know that when I am having a bad day I let it effect my riding and that's something that I really want to stop doing. Then I went for a walk with my dad and my dog I was really happy by the end of it because the first time that I did this walk when we got to the top of the hill I was really out of breath when I did it today I didn't get out of breath so that has to be a good sign. 

Then when we got back I went in to see how my nan was doing and then I was going to curl up in my room and do some art. my nan had other plans she had decided that she wanted me to sit and keep her company while I was doing my art work. So I did. Don't get me wrong i like spending time with my nan but I don't like working in my Jan's room because it is quite uncomfortable. Her wrist looks awful she has had it out of a cast for less than a week and her arm looks awful. It's double the size of her good one and she says it feels like it still has a cast on. Now I've broken my hand twice and have never had it feel like this. My mum, and I think that it still looks broken. She also says that when she moves her hand side can feel the bones grinding together. Another thing that me and mum are taking as bad signs. She says that she had it rex-rayed but it just looks awful. She still can't do anything with it.  I think the most worrying things is the swelling though. 

I've just washed my hair and am now back curled up with my PlayBook. Tomorrow is another early start as I am going up to the stables to help out. I don't think I will be riding tomorrow. I've also filled in my pony club form other than a bit that Fiona needs to fill in and then I can send it off.

Until Next Time.
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Videos from my lesson on the 6th April 2013

Here's some video's of Gatsby and I in our lesson yesterday. Compared to a few weeks ago I think you can see a big difference the transitions are smoother and the canter work is generally calmer and lasts for longer. I am really happy with how my canter work is developing. If anyone has any suggestions or tips after they have watched the videos then please feel free to comment with them. I appreciate everyones advice. I hope that you enjoy the videos. 

Until next time. 
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Ride on Gatsby and my PlayBook arrives

Saturday, 6 April 2013
Well this morning my PlayBook came I was really excited and asked my mum to wake my up when it came even if that's at 8:30 this morning. I set it up even though my mum had to help me with setting up my Emails because it wanted to know all the advanced settings that I didn't know. 

Then it was time to go and ride Gatsby he was abit of a pain when it came to grooming him as he has issues with people touching his ears so he kept putting his head really high. When he was eventually clean I tacked him up and it was time to get on him. When I got one him the sun was shining and it turned out to be the perfect weather it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. It was just right. Only down side was that there were millions of flies, and they were driving Gatsby and Rosie mad. I quickly sorted my girth and stirrups nd moved on to warming him up. Fiona said that we were going to carry on working with the canter and then maybe move on to working on the sitting trot but doing it without stirrups the thought made me nervous but it's been something that I've been wanting to do recently. Unfortunately I never got round To working without stirrups so that will be something that I will work on later in the week. Jaimieleigj was riding rosie to start with but the flies were effecting her that badly that she switched on to using Rocky to start with she was really nervous but she did settle in to him. We moved on to going over three trot poles in rising trot then the minute we had gone over the last pole asking for canter catering a 20 metre circle then repeating we would do this three or four times on each rein. We did this for half a lesson and then moved on to doing something different. 

We then worked on, 'riding the rail' it was similar to riding western. First of all your moved on to trotting either sitting or rising when we had got a steady rhythm we then started really using a long rein, almost holding on to the buckle on the reins. The aim was to continue riding in a nice rhythm not speeding up or slowing down. Gatsby and I found this fairly easy as I knew he wasn't going to do anything. After spending 10 minutes riding like this I moved on to doing some leg yielding to make a change from doing the canter work. He was really well and we got some nice soft and smooth leg yields. We then walked around on a long rein to cool down. After that Gatsby was being used for another lesson so I helped the girl get on him and then returned home.  

Mum got some good videos on my PlayBook so I will put them in a post of their own. When I got in my mum and I went to clean dads car. Then it was time for the grand national every year for as long as I can remember my mum puts a bet on for everyone in the house (we pick our own horses). Well this year my mum put a £1 bet on and she managed to win £84.50 the horse she had bet on had odds of 66/1 so you can imagine the look on our faces when mums horse won! 

I think that's all for now so I'll leave you with a picture of Gatsby from today. By the way excuse any bad spelling this post was done on my PlayBook 

Until next time 
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Gatsby Time tomorrow, but today a not very interesting day!

Friday, 5 April 2013
This morning I was dead excited because I thought that my playbook was going to come, so I wasn't very happy when the post came and it wasn't there. Because it hadn't come I went to help my mum do the shopping then when we got back I went to see my nan for a bit and thought that I would look online and see when it was going to be delivered, well when I looked there was no sign of it. So mum rang Royal mail and they hadn't got it, there wasn't a phone number to ring the company that I got it from so it was just going to be a waiting game. However just now (10pm) I thought that I would check online and see if it showed up on Royal Mail and it does! So hopefully it should be coming tomorrow, one of the first thing that I am going to do is put the Kindle app on it, and maybe instagram! I know that it comes with a word on the go programme and things like this, so it's going to be fun playing with it and getting to look at it and know it better. 

My sister was also supposed to come today so when we got back from shopping I was sitting around waiting for her and my nephew to arrive, but they never turned up and we didn't hear from her until late evening time. Then she rang us to tell us that she hadn't been able to come because Brody wasn't very well. She's hoping that he will be better soon and if he's better by monday she's going to come around after I've been helping at the yard. It will be good to see her and my favourite little man! 

Tomorrow I get to spend time with my favourite horse in the world, Gatsby, I'm going to be working on cantering, and trying to not only get nice transitions but also to get him to canter in an outline this should be fairly interesting as it's something I'd never even thought about doing. It's also the grand national tomorrow now while I don't like horse racing my Mum has always put a bet on for all of us in the house so I've got a bet on SeaBass, this is the only horse with a female jockey, there was two other reasons why I picked this horse, the first being Sea Bass came third last year, the second being that the race colours are purple. Oh and the odds were good at 11/1 now they've gone down to 8/1, maybe I'll win this year! 

Until Next Time 
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Good New's for Nan = No More Cast

Thursday, 4 April 2013
Today was the day that my Nan was going to hospital, we managed to get her to the hospital by using the ambulance people that fetch you and bring you back, on the way there they had enough room for my Uncle to go with her as an 'escort' which everyone agreed that she really needed, however on the way back they didn't think that they would have room. When they got there she went to have a chest x-ray first, and then she was going to the fractures clinic the first part was relatively easy, the second part not so much! Turns out when she was in hospital over a month ago the ward decided to cancel the appointment and didn't tell anyone! So my Uncle and Nan stood their ground and insisted that they she was to be seen today! So while they had to stand and wait they did get seen. I'm not sure whether she had it re x-rayed but she has had the cast taken off. Both my mum and I were surprised that they didn't give her a splint to support the hand whilst it is getting stronger. On the way back they did not have enough room for my Uncle to come back, so my Mum waited for my Nan to be bought back and my Dad and I went to pick my Uncle up from the hospital and bring him back to my house so that he could pick his car up and drive back to his house.

Recently my Mum and I haven't been able to go swimming, because of my Nan needing 24/7 care. So while my Nan was at hospital this afternoon my Mum and I took the chance to do some jobs and to go swimming. Well we didn't actually swim we spent some time in the sauna, steam room and hot tub. It was good and really relaxing. Then came back home and watched some T.V.

Tomorrow my sister should be coming over and my blackberry playbook should come! Super excited I can't wait. Hope everyone's having a good week. Riding time on Saturday!

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream

Relaxed Day.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013
Today I spent the day at home, I've not been sleeping very well recently so when I didn't get up early my mum let me sleep in for a bit. When I did get up I went to keep my Nan company for a while and wait with her until the Doctor came. When he came he told us that until next week at the earliest there is nothing that he can do because he couldn't even get a reading on her blood pressure, and her pulse was very weak to. Tomorrow my Nan's going to get her cast taken off so that should help her to do more things and while she is there she is going to be getting a chest X-Ray. So that our Doctor can figure out what he can to do to help her. But at the minute it doesn't look like there is a lot that he can do for her. 

For a while I have been looking at Kindles and I've always liked the idea of a Kindle and my dad's got one. Tonight I decided to have a look at what tablets were out at the minute. As some of you will know I am blackberry addict. My phone's a blackberry and when I change it, it will be another blackberry that I get. So when I saw the Playbook I was really excited, but didn't think I could get it BUT I managed to find the PlayBook online for cheaper so my Mum and Nan have each given me £20 towards it so that I was able to buy the playbook. This will be really helpful for me for when I go to centre parks because my baby laptop (a notebook I've had for years) is really slow and doesn't work and I really didn't like the idea of taking my Mac to centre parcs I don't know why I just really really didn't like that Idea. So being able to get a smaller tablet that I can use to get on the internet was really helpful for me and will allow me to do work at the same time as well as being able to update my blog (hopefully)! 

Tomorrow while my Nan is at the hospital my mum and I are hoping that we are going to be able to go swimming then I am hoping to go for a walk in the evening with my dad, on Friday my sisters coming over to help me look after my Nan while my mum and uncle go out to do the shopping so I get to see my Nephew too! Then Saturday I am FINALLY going to get some horse time! 

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Day out with friends

Tuesday, 2 April 2013
Today I went out with Dean and Sue, when I first met them I was working at a stables and used to lead Sue when she was having a lesson and we just got on really well, which was awesome and we have kept in contact ever since. Today we went out to look at some art things at the range, as well as things for the Garden and the house, and then went to this really nice fish and chip shop, it is lush! Then we went up through chatsworth to see the baby deer but they weren't out today, so we pulled up in a lay by and just sat and had a chat for a few hours. It was really fun and gave me a break from doing work. I always enjoy going out with them and because I've got two weeks off we're going to go out and do something next week as well. 

Unfortunately I won't be having any Gatsby time tomorrow. I was originally going to be going up for 8:30 but then we realised that there would be no way for me to get back as my Uncle is a way on business, my Dad's at work and my Brother can't look after/help with a lot of the things that my nan needs doing, the other deciding factor was that my Nans doctor is supposed to be coming to see her tomorrow. So instead I am going to do some art work and go up Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next week when I've got all/the majority of my work done. 

I think that's all for now. Tomorrow I'm going to post about a stables and house that I've seen in a magazine and let me tell you living there would be heaven! 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream.

The Artistic Side Of Life

Monday, 1 April 2013
Today's been another day when I managed to accomplish doing some more art work. I decided that no matter how much I try and put off doing it I am still going to have to do it and I can't change that, so I'm  not going to complain (much) and just going to get on with it. Today I did an artist study that I'll be able to mount up Wednesday/Thursday time as I have run out of black A1 card, so that's two sheets down and just another four sheets to go! Then after I had done that I decided that I was going to do some English work too, before we broke up we got given a sheet that was split in to two columns, one column was filled in with important things to do with Paradise Lost and the other side was for us to fill in with links/comparisons/quotes from the White Devil.  I think to make it as thorough as possible for revision that it is going to take a couple of days for me to get it done. But once I've done it I think that it is going to be really helpful.

Tomorrow I am going out with Dean and Sue for the day, which I'm looking forward to as it gives me a chance to get out of the house a bit, because at the moment other than my riding and a youth group on a Friday my mum can't take me anywhere because of looking after my Nan so until I get a car (which won't be until after my birthday, which is the end of this month) I can't really go anywhere. I don't mind because I know my Nan needs looking after, but sometimes it's just nice to go out and do something different. We were supposed to do it last week after I did my Theory Driving test but because of the snow it just wasn't possible but luckily we have had no snow this time! 

When I get in from my day out I plan to do some more art work, probably more idea's and I am going to email my English Teacher to ask for a Practice Essay question so that I can do a bit more revision. I don't expect to get a reply until Wednesday so that will be what I will do on Wednesday. I'm also hoping to get a bit more riding time in over the next two weeks off school because that always helps and last holidays even though I only ride twice extra it proved to have really improved my position but also to relax me and get me to move WITH Gatsby! The plus side is that now the clocks have gone forwards we are starting to get lighter evenings!

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream.