Okay so this post has taken me a while to post for several reasons but the main one being just how angry this woman has made me. 

For those of you that have been following my blog for a long while you will know that back around October of 2016, I was introduced to a woman called Nicki Williams, she was a friend of a friend that was supposed to be opening a centre for rehoming and rescuing animals, but also for horses working with soldiers that has PTSD. We hit it off straight away and came what I thought to be good friends. However warning bells should have probably rang sooner. By January or February of last year the horses that I had agreed to look after (that she had got on loan) Bella and Arthur, she was being threatened that she would have them taken off her by the control of horses act, because she hadn't been paying the rent for the field. Although Nicki reassured me that she had done, she even showed my 'payments' that had been made to Angie. I ended up getting abuse off Angie (the woman that owned the field). But anyone I arranged to have Bella and Arthur moved, I went to see them every day and looked after them until something happened and she informed Jade that she was to have Bella back and send Jade's foal up to be with Arthur but if she could not do this then Jade was to have the pair of them back as you can imagine this caused huge amounts of distress and upset to all parties. I even had Nicki ring me up 'sobbing' over how I had been treated. 

As this year went on I went to view several properties with Nicki that were supposed to be THE property, the perfect location, she'd got the investors, she'd found the horses, blah, blah. She 'employed' Jack and myself to 'work for her' FOR NOTHING! We'd get the odd lunch out and told us that the work that we were doing the money would eventually be reimbursed! HA, is all that I can say to that! She would always be planning on meeting us and then come up with some reason why she couldn't, and it was always be the last minute that it would be cancelled. She only ever paid petrol twice but she could afford to jet off on holidays easily enough. There was then one Friday when we were supposed to meet up and she kept us hanging on ALL DAY until in the end she text saying that she was in the middle of an important meeting that couldn't possibly be left and we'd have to rearrange. She was due to be going on holiday abroad so we should all have a week off and then we could decide where we were going. I heard nothing off her, then when she got back she sent this arsey email blaming every body else for what was actually her problem, and if anyone had a problem to please speak up. So i explained my issues and it was on this note that she decided to 'call it a day'. When i tried to be civil and talk to her she then threatened to get me done for harassement, called me a gold digger and was just all around generally awful! In the end I blocked her and said that I wanted nothing to do with her. However when she then started making threats towards my partner and my mum I got involved again. To only get more threats. 

We eventually did some digging in to nicki to find out that she had been charged with animal cruelty and BANNED from having animals! She was due in court for fraud of totals over £100,000 on several individuals. Jade's horse that she had got on loan had been one of the animals that were siezed off her. She then went to Jail for fraud and got out just before christmas now here's the catch. Nicki Williams had £4000 in the form of an investment off my uncle that she is refusing to pay back, we've tried to get her done for fraud and the case isn't strong enough so my aim is to now let you ALL KNOW exactly what is going on and who she is so that hopefully none of you will ever be this unlucky! Below you can find pictures that are to do with the animal cruelty case and Nicki Williams, there are so many more things that she has done but if I wrote them all down the post would just be far too long! 

This is one of the many links to do with Nicki Williams

The photographs below show animals that were left in a cage for 17 hours roughly without food or water. Unable to move around and be pets. These are just some of the animals that were seized off Nicki in October of 2016. The last photographs show some of the conditions that the animals were left in to fend for themselves.

The main reason that I am showing you all this is because I do not want anyone to become conned by this woman again, I'm hoping the more awareness that can be raised about her the less likely this is to happen to anyone else. So if any of you guys want to share this post so that more people can see then please do so, and if anyone has more questions then please let me know!


  1. Also known as Victoria Williams

  2. oh yes! I forgot to mention her other names!

  3. I've spoken to someone recently about this cretin. she is still doing fraud. known as Victoria Nicole WILLIAMS - born April 1974

  4. Would love to put an end to her fraudulent ways, thank you for your comment!

  5. Amber rose can you please contact pauline alcock on facebook please. I dont want to put a number on a live forum

  6. Hi amber rose,it was me who anonomously posted earlier, my name is zoe mckell and me and my 12 year okd are the lastest victims of niki and her lies, i wanted to stay anon earlier as i hadnt confronted her yet but if you could okease call me on 07941003212 then i would appreciate it. Im desperate to warn other people about her,she has ruined my life and financially abused me and me n my child are now homeless because of this bitch

  7. Yep. She also conned me too. From July to January - we were supposed to make a video project, but she'd always cancel the night before. She did this for six months, then refused to pay, then accused me of harassment and threatened to call the police. She told me she was in hospital waiting for a transplant - or that she'd fallen off her horse and broken her ribs. It was all obviously lies.
    I would love to make sure she never does this again. Thanks for posting

  8. This woman has now turned up in Matlock, Derbyshire and is calling herself Nicki Matthews!!

  9. This woman is now in matlock and has been conning an old lady with dementure. Police are involved. She has also been looking after someones horses and has just had 2 cats seized from her. She has again been saying she is buying expensive farms to run a business. She is runnin a holiday let called Warneylea on the A6 if anyone wants to know where to find her. She seriously needs stopping!!!

  10. Running WarneyLea and Warneylea Annex Darleydale Matlock. This woman is horrible in everywhich way. Please can someone post here where she served her time and how long she got, she is going by the names of Nicole Mathews and Nicki Mathews. I am trying to find out as much as I can for obvious reasons.


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