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Hey guys,

Before I went to bed, I thought i'd tell you more about my day. :) as i said I would earlier. Today's been a pretty normally day for the most of it i suppose you could say, I had art for two hours this morning (A-level) which as much as I'm knackered I was glad about as my dead line is coming up on Friday lunch time will be glad when its over then I have two weeks off and then I will be starting doing my second year of A level work. I also had an hour of philosophy which I'm starting to get its only taken a year but I'm starting to get my head around it you never know one day it might make complete sense but I doubt it.

But on to the best part of my blog the part i am sure you are the most interested in, my horse part. So today was a good day for my riding whilest I didnt get to ride (not riding til Saturday too far away!) I worked on learning my dressage test the first one of two that I am going to be doing I found it okay to learn but I have a few questions maybe one of you guys can help me? I'm new at actually competing doing dressage i've done one maybe two dressage tests in my entire life. But this year I want to do really well I want to push myself more than I ever have before and thats what I plan to do! I found some parts confusing like 'give and retake the reins at X' does this mean for a 3/4 strides or longer (it wasnt very clear). Its small things like this that confuse me, have you guys got any tips for how to improve my test and make it the best that I think it could be.

Dressage Test 2011
Lots of Love
A girl with a Dream x


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