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Hey everyone :) 

so it's may day meaning another day off from school, I would love to say that its for a break but nope it is another day of art work? The plus side of this I get to watch as many horse films as I want while working and also that I get to draw my favourite animal horses of course! As my theme for art for another week is mythical creatures. 

I've been thinking about a lesson that I had two days ago, I woke up and was buzzing I was thinking I was going to be riding Gatsby (Who is one of my all time favourite horses, hes everything you could ask for and more) I  got to the yard and saw the ride list and it said 'Arthur' also known as Arthur Bear. I wasnt happy to start with because he's the mardest cob ever, and doesnt tend to listen to people he's idea of fun is trying to annoy everyone else. But I got on him and thought I would enjoy my time with him anyway as much as hes not my favourite pony hes still good to ride. 

Things were going great until it came to cantering, Arthur is known for spooking its just what he does, so I wasnt too suprised when he spooked at a pair of fillers, that weren't where they normally are. But still I kept my balance on him and kept going. He did this two or three times and then eventually we were back to trotting, and he was being well behaved, we were riding through a dressage test (It was British Dressage Prelim 14) and he was fine doing it in trot. Then it came to cantering, the canter parts on our own with everyone watching well author had other idea's. He spooked at the same fillers again and again and again. Then we got him trotting past the fillers no problems, so we tried to do it again and canter and bless his heart he did it! 

If there is anything I learnt from that lesson it was this, we might not get to ride the horses that we want to ride, and we might wish to ride someone different but at the end of the day our riding will only improve when we keep riding the harder horses and keep working harder with them sure it might be more time and effort but I can guarantee that I will be worth it. By the end of the lesson I was so much more confident than I had been in a long time on him, and I enjoyed riding him.

Anyway Off to do some art again the joys! 
Until Next Time 
A girl with a dream x


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