Exams are OVER!

woop so i am so excited until next year my exams are all over! hehe no more left to do! but textiles was a nightmare, mum managed to get my special circumstances and one of my teachers was trying to be really helpful by suggesting  that i used a laptop to work with as i still can not type! but then my head of sixth form decided that it would be better off that I didn't use a laptop so i was a bit like okay wtf? but the nice lady that was doing the exam decided part way in to it that i needed to use a laptop because  it wouldnt be fair for me not to use a laptop.

But on to the horsey side of life I havent done any riding since my accident but I text lauren today to let her know what the hospital have said plus side she did not say that I could not ride but  she didn't say that I could either. But i think mum has already decided that I won't be riding so instead I am going to go up and spend sometime grooming Gatsby and other ponies because that always makes me feel better! and I am going to take some pictures of the horses moving as i wont be able to ride. but mum has said thats okay and i am going to go and listen to the lesson to so i know what i would have been doing.

Anyway thats all for now as i am tired and aching
Love A Girl With A Dream x


  1. It always feels so good when the school year is over!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!!

    1. yeah feels good ive got a few weeks left where i start next years course but it will deffo be more chilled xx

  2. congrats on finishing exams!! :) great blog, very inspiring! i agree, dreams do come true, with hard work and dedication!

    1. Thank you very much :D glad that I am inspiring someone out there :') I think if you work hard anything will come true xx


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