going mad!

Today I slept up until 1:30pm after a rather rough nights sleep because of ache's and pains waking me up none stop! Took me forever to fall asleep but then did manage to sleep and mummy decided that it was best that I stayed asleep with having my textiles exam tomorrow, which involves two hours of both writing and drawing and I've got to manage to wash my hair some time tonight.

Update for you all on how I am feeling slightly better, but deffo not 100% better. My head is still really hurting but i suppose that is to be expected with having a concussion and have been sick today as well. My hand is really saw and aching and feels exactly like it does when I broke it last time.

Mum emailed my school teacher (head of sixth form) today to say that they might need to sort out special circumstances for my exam, and was expecting that I would get a fine that's what has been done! But Mrs Walton just replied and said that she would have to check whether i was allowed them or not but I think surely enough I should be allowed them considering everything that is going on but god knows! My uncle (who's a retired teacher) has also said that I should be allowed special circumstances for my exam.

I also need to text lauren (head of my yard) about whether or not I can ride this weekend and explain to her what the hospital has said, but really do not want to do it because then she could say that I am not allowed to ride because of the possibility that I could have a broken hand! So it might mean no Gatsby or other horses but I am hoping that that is not the case! URGH! Want to ride but have a feeling that Lauren is not going to let me ride but hey ho I'll let you know!

Love A girl with a dream x


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