the heat!

well hey guys,

it seems like here in england we complain when its too hot and we complain when its too cold personally i would rather be colder than warmer why? because whenever i get too hot a get headaches (which are worse since i hit my head and then start feeling sick) and also its easier to warm yourself up. so what have i been up to? not a lot. Seen as i cant ride i decided that i might as well get my nails done for my holiday to centre parks that is in just over a week!

More natural than normal but still bright!
Yesterday I was supposed to go swimming with my little nephew but instead we went for a nice long walk maybe it was a bit too long in the red hot sun and we think that i ended up having sun stroke from being in the sun too long! so now i am spending the day at home away from the sun in the cold!

Anyway chat later
A Girl With A Dream


  1. I hate being cold! It makes me so miserable! And it's going to be cold and raining for the rest of the week (you can tell there must be a horse show going on). Although sunstroke is much more horrible. Last time I ended up with sunstroke I threw up almost continuously for hours. Not fun at all! Take care of yourself!

    1. i will do thank you! and i was like that yesterday night and afternoon i just kept being sick, i like the temperature when its not to hot and its not to cold if that makes sense? and yep whenever there is a horse show there seems to be bad weather! xx

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