Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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hey guys sooo updating you on my life!

not much is really happening im doing my art coursework the majority of the time which as you can probably imagine with a broken hand is not the easiest jobs and am spending a lot of time reading fanfictions (stories based on books that are already out but some of them are really good and they fill up time when theres not much else you can do) so my next theme for art is as my art teacher keeps saying 'afternoon tea' which is what it says looking at cupcakes and still life drawings which is something that i have never really done except when drawing flowers! Below is a picture of the cupcake that I have done and either in this post or my next post I will try and put a picture of the drawing of cupcakes on a cake stand that I have been working on all night.

Cupcake cut out on the cricut (take a look at my mums blog and see who she follows for more about what a cricut is) i then empossed and debossed the broen and pink cupcake and stuck them together (you can see the dots that are little hearts on the brown) and then on the pink I embossed it and then where it had been embossed I put glitter over the top in purple pink and gold that was two hours ago and it is still drying!
Unfortunately for you all over the next week my updates are going to be a little bit slower you might wonder why? firstly i am going to centreparcs for a week with one of my best mates Zona of course the plus side of this is that there will be lots of pictures for you all and but I will be taking my smaller laptop and not my mac so will keep you guys updated as I am going to possibly be riding since the first time that i feel off eeppp!!! But also my Mac Bookair has had a creaking noise every time I opened my lid for the last few weeks but then last night my screen cracked for no reason so using my Mac which is the only laptop that I tend to use, is a little tricky as the crack keeps growing urghhh annoying.com!

As you all know I broke my hand falling off Arthur which has meant that there has been no riding for me for a while :( but in two weeks I am back in hospital to get my hand re x-rayed then hopefully guys I will be back riding! You would think that after riding Arthur my relationship with him would suffer but it doesn't seem to have, when I saw him on saturday he was rubbing against me and my mum (though more my mum but this happens with all animals so shes banned from my horse jokes) and then when i was stroking him he started to fall asleep I do love that horse in a odd kind of way!

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