Sunday, 27 May 2012
Hey guys sorry that i did not post much yesterday but unfortunately after four hours in the hairdressers i was just a little bit tired! and below is the finished product purple hair that straight but does look pink in one light and I love it!

Purple and straight hair took for hours but it was so worth it!
But even the simple thing of getting my hair done was a fiasco! Mum had sorted out getting my hair done and had spoken to Laura (who does my hair) at 3pm on friday afternoon and got told that they had deffo got the right colour in for me cause the colour that I like is an unusual one apparently! But they then rang my dad's mobile at 6 friday night saying the wrong colour dye had been ordered! So whilest I was watching my riding lesson on saturday morning mum was ringing around all the hairdressers to be able to get me this colour and she did eventually manage to get it!

But on to the riding!
So as you all know mum wouldnt let me ride because of my hand! But instead i went to see my boy and to watch the lesson and by the end of it I was thinking thank god that I am not riding and just watching because they were doing trot and canter without stirrups and work without stirrups is just something I cant stand! But on to the best part pictures!
Kisses with my boy
My boy
cause mum was doing something and he decided that he wanted to watch
my boy is gorgeous

Funny faces
Then today I had a good day with my mummy at one of the dales watching what was happening and the dogs playing in the river all in all it has been a good weekend would have been even better though if i could have rode as well but hopefully two more weeks to go and that is it!Downside of the weekend being over tomorrow? School starts again and I can not write

Love A girl with a dream


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