plaits, falls and a bruised/grazed shoulder

so as your guessing from the title of this post, its been a interesting day at the yard for the competition i got there at 9:30 to start getting Arthur ready for my test that was at 11:13 at least that what i thought was going to happen whoever said life was easy was deffo not telling the truth!

Arthur's bum all plaited and pretty and looking good clean for once it makes a change!
He was fine when it came to tacking him up and I even managed to stand behind him and get a picture of his bum butt if only it stayed that simple but it didnt! I tacked him up and things were going really well as much as I don't like him I thought things were actually going on him, He let me get on him, tighten his girth (thank god my stirrups were already long!) and start walking down towards the bottom school where I was going to be warming up! Arthur had other ideas, he heard an engine start up and it spooked him so he a u turn went straight in to canter, and starting going mad, I was holding on pretty well until he decided to go down the drive way and saw the thing that had spooked him so he quickly changed his mind and started doing an s turn but because of the speed that he was going at I went one way and he went the other way, So I ended up coming off him, wacking my back on a concrete step thing and grazing it all and keeping hold of him whilest he was being a prat thank god for the fact that I kept hold of him or god knows what that pony would have done!

Then Lauren said she would walk him down to the bottom of the school and i was to get on there! well he was fighting with her the entire time, steph made the call that he was to lively to be being rode, and that he needed to go back to his stable, and Lauren started to walk him back up then BAM bolt number two and he escaped from lauren with no rider on him running around the yard going mad god knows what was up with him, so tomorrow I plan to go back up to the yard to get my jacket but I also need to check and make sure that arthurs okay for my own piece of mind!

Anyway arm and shoulder are hurting now so thats it for today!
A Girl With A Dream x


  1. Wow, what a wild day! Glad to hear that you got away with just a few bruises. Hopefully Arthur is ok, too, and is feeling a bit less crazy tomorrow.

    1. Yep wasn't what I expected that is for sure! But went to the hospital to get checked out and all is looking good just have to wear a splint until they can tell me if my scaphoid bone (in my hand) is broken or not (it doesnt show up on the xray for 10 days apparently! Went to see Arthur this morning and he seemed in a better mood and wasn't bandaged up or anything but no one was around to ask to make sure he was deffo okay but he seemed fine! xx


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