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Hey guys

So ive just got back from my riding lesson and I had my boy Gatsby :') Love that pony he is great though I don't like his owner! Urghhh annoyed.com but more about that later.

So I rode Gatsby and did some canter work (there will be video's for you all) that I hope you enjoy hehe, feel free to tell me if you thing I need to improve things :) I always appreciate constructive criticism as my aim is to get better at what I do!

So below is a video of me and my boy Gatsby. He's the big black one and I'm the one that is wearing the pink top and beige jodhpurs :) So today we were working on getting better transitions for the dressage competition next week working going from walk to trot, trot to canter, halt to trot, halt to canter and then walk to canter. This wasn't easy because Gatsby doesn't like doing too many transitions and gets bad tempered when he has to work too much (or what I should say is when he thinks he's done too much work). But soon he'll be back jumping and I will be buzzing because he loves to Jump and so do i!

okay it wont let me put the video on sorry guys does anyone know how you do it??

But on yo my probably I told you guys about the competition that I was entering which would be next week only to find out that at the minute there are NO horses for me to ride as all the horses I ride are getting old and lame. Except for Gatsby, -.- so my teacher said that she would ask his owner whether it would be okay for me to use him (there excuse its an extra curricular activity so if his owner says no he doesnt have to do it! So guess what his owner said no! How annoying consider I ride him outside of term time which  is extra curricular and I am allowed to do that so what the hell thats what i want to know! So now I've entered a competition that I really want to do that I can't even have a sodding horse for!

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