Tomorrows My day off... along with the rest of the week... I wish


So todays my second day of my blog and at the moment theres nothing that interesting to say, why? Because nothing much has happened. But here goes...

Setting goals is something I always have to do, to keep motivated otherwise I start thinking well what was the point in doing that? And being a person that's got a long term illness I have to keep motivated, so todays goal was art, and design a new logo for my mums business. So far the logo's come on really well and we have thought of a few possibilities so far 10! My favourite is shown above the colour scheme is chocolate brown, lime green and Pink (the brighter the better I say!), how about you let me know what you think?

Another goal that I have been working on is losing weight as my riding school has a limit of 13 and 1/2 stone, which was great to start with but because of the tablets I am on my weight has gone up! Well thats about to change, over the past two months I have lost 1and a1/2 stone nearly 2 stone and I am still losing weight and weight 13stone11 at the moment, so I'm nearly where I am supposed to be and I want to keep going.

As for art, well my deadlines not til next week (Friday) but as per normal my art teacher has gone mad and decided that I need to do even more work, so I have three A1 sheets to do by friday! Is it possible with hardly any sleep I think it might just be, but I have to remember to revise for my other subjects as its this time of the year that causes my other subjects to take a hit, and this year that can not happen as I have just over one week til my first exam so it's safe to say I am going to be revising like mad.

Today's my day off from riding, (most people think I mean just not to ride, but I mean a day where I have nothing to do with horses) I would love to say that works, but as you can probably tell if you are horse mad with me it just doesn't work. Horses films get watched, I think more about my dream of my own horse, and I think more and more about my dressage competition on May 19th, I will take pictures to show you all!

Well thats it for now, might be back later,
Love, A girl with a dream x


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