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hey guys

just a quick update about my competition at this moment in time it is looking like it is not going to be happening, Gatsby's owner hasnt been able to be convinced to let me use him booo :( but theres still a chance that I am going to be riding but it is only a small chance that i will be competing, hate not knowing whether I will be or not! But there's still a 25% chance that i will get to ride arthur and do it on him! He's gone lame for no reason, but they are going to trot him up and see what happens on monday when he was trotted on the yard he wasn't looking lame but this could be very different when it comes to him being rode as nobody knows whats actually causing him to go lame.

Finally got a video of my boy up might not be the best but this was some canter work and for some pictures guys :) So below are some pictures of my boy, yes he can be a pain and over excitable but hey that's why i love them, these were taken from another video that it wouldnt let me upload thats about four/five minutes long and were just still's of certain parts of the video's hope you like them.

Cause Gatsby just loves to canter, I feel like I am flying when I ride this horse.

My Big boy at 17/18 hands i feel rather small

trying to get him to be more extended

showing off his size he didnt like the horse that was in front of him i think he thought that they were going to slow so that is why his ears are so far back but still i love him

Cause Gatsby thinks the purpose of life is to go as fast as he can, can i blame him no? do i love it? YES! Action shot from a film.

Cause he just looks so muscly in this picture and big he makes me feel small its almost like flying!

 So that's abit more about what I did in my lesson yesterday hope you all like it? Tomorrow is the beginning of my proper studying as I have my first two exams on Wednesday and need to be ready for them this year compared to last year! I am feeling nervous about them but confident that I can do well with them I've not got another lesson til next week on Saturday which is competition day so if I don't have a horse then I wont be riding I will update you all with any news I get on any of my lame horses! Hoping my boys are better soon.

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