hey guys

well there has been no riding today, unfortunately :( but on Saturday that will change, however I have done horse related things because I have bought a new pair of Jodhpurs originally the plan was to get a pair of black ones but i thought i might as well get a pair of brown jodhpurs because i bought two brown hoodies so my thoughts were that  it would match!

Hope that you all liked the pictures yesterday, I have decided that from today on, when ever I post i am going to post a picture (on my new page) that I have taken that i really like to see what you guys think, seen as I need to start building up a collection of my best pictures in preparation for the Derby uni interview that I have to have at some point! These pictures will have there own separate page and can be found here!!!! So make sure to check it out and keep an eye on it!

Enjoy the pictures
A Girl With A Dream!


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