Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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jumped Gatsby Again :D

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Jumping Gatsby, to start with we warmed up making sure that we did work in our light seat as well as just riding as if we were going to be doing flat work. This benefited the horses as it got them used to the idea that they were going to be jumping! Of course I was buzzing because I had my 17hh wonder GATSBY! He was once again perfect and helped me over some of the jumps and turns that I was not quite sure about. We then did some work over one pole and after this changed the pole in to a cross jump and went over that several times, just to warm the horses up and have a feel for what each horses jump was like! 

After this we started doing work on a course, there was 8 jumps in total all of which were cross poles and we did work going over, several of the jumps individually. We then walked the course so that we knew where each jump was, and in what order/how we needed to approach each jump. First to go was me, and to start with Gatsby was a little bit not lazy but not having the most energy because we had just cantered round the school what felt like 10 times because Gemma wanted all three riders to canter at the same time. Gatsby did not stop cantering but everyone else did! so we had to keep going. The second time doing the course we made sure to do plenty of transitions, walk to canter, trot to canter, canter to walk. Then jumped it again and although he fell back in to trot a couple of times he was much better off now that we had done the transitions. We then linked three jumps together, it was like a grid except that it was on a bend! 

Here are the pictures I hope you enjoy

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