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Hey guys,

sorry about the delay in updating it has been a pretty insane week, to say the least. After my fantastic ride on Gatsby on Saturday I was back up at broomfield on Sunday and was watching the open day which was amazing, I will post some of my favorite pictures from the day I took 250 so narrowing it down might be a little but hard but hey i will try to :P It was good seeing all the horses riding and then being able to give Gatsby some fuss too :')

Then on Monday was a pretty boring day, back at school and we were just getting ready for meeting Paul Smith in textiles and other than that all we were doing was watching films, some which are weirder than others but was generally good, Tuesday bought on ART :'D which was good except Mr Davies was a bit of an idiot but hey what is different there?

Wednesday night was more art, a lot more art, but it was good because he was in a better mood today and that obviously makes things a lot easier. but then I went to give Wera a DVD of her riding from Saturday so I was able to watch Gatsby jumping, and give him some loving :') and that was just amazing seeing him cheered me up to know end, Simply because he is the best horse in the world! He is just amazing there will be pictures of that too!

Then today I had my driving lesson then was off to London to see Paul Smith :) it took us three hours to get there, but when we got there it was one of the most memorable things ever! He was so lively and almost 'child like' then he told us that we need to 'stay and be childlike not childish but childlike' and i think that is something that is going to stick with me forever! He then showed us around his studio that is based in London, he also showed us all his collection for next year and the designs for his winter collection for next year it was amazing :') now on to the pictures


  1. Love the pictures! The horses look very professional with their manes plaited.

    I have a confession to make. I have a very difficult time reading the cursive font. Maybe, I am alone in this. My eyes are not the best!

    1. Aww very sorry didnt reallise it was hard to read will change it when I get in, and make it easier

    2. changed the font hope its easier to read now :) xxx

    3. Much better! Thank you.

  2. Your welcome glad this one is better :)! Xxx


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