Well guys i will finally be able to update more and post more because I'm sure its been pretty boring with the major lack of riding time! Well that changes tomorrow because I AM BACK RIDING AGAIN! woop woop so got a lesson hopefully on Gatsby tomorrow but even if its on Arthur I am just going to be happy that I can ride again thats all that matters :')

So tomorrow there will be pictures for you all! Got cleared by the hospital on Tuesday but I have not had much time to update cause started my A2 course in sixth form and its already taking up a lot of my free time, I'm working through lunch though so that i dont have to work as much out of school and can focus on the horses :'D

Well i promised you some pictues from Centre parcs, so that you could see what that week was like, some of them are pretty fun others of them arent so funny but they are still good to look at and good memories, also lots of pictures are on my camera that i need to put on my laptop i might do that now! Putting them on now so that you will get to see them, meanwhile look at the ones from my phone :P 

So tomorrow i will get back into updating you on my riding, and will have plenty of pictures if mum will take them :') 

here's all the pictures for my lovely followers :)

my girl <3
cause we dont pose that much!

me and zona :P

me and zona the first night

Swimming times, hairs changed colour from the chlorine

had my hair died pinky purple this is what it looked like

smiles :D

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream <3


  1. Yay! Glad you get to ride, I can't wait to hear about it.
    btw - love the pink hair!!

    1. Thank you very much :)
      just off riding now so will post again in about 2 hours <3


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