so as you all know i am back from centre parcs but was too tired to post a long detailed post last night i am not guarentiing this ones going to be that detailed but here goes sooo..

i went last friday with zone her mum and dad, colin and his mate cameron, and the first day we just kind of chilled out unpacked and got settled in and we all had a laugh, the next day the swimming beginnning we went swimming at about 9 and still til about 5 to go home in time for tea to the come back to then go out to the club where we stayed til midnight and then we all walked back and crashed on the sofa, it was like this everyday for the rest of the week the earliest that we got in being mid night, i had a boyfriend for part of it cameron but he ended up dumping me but we are still mates and we had a good time while we were there! Only bad day was Tuesday where i spent the majority of the day being sick but cameron and zona stayed and looked after me and colin seen as colin was being ill too! was not a good day, the sickness lasted until yesterday morning and so far i haven't been sick since then! I didn't do any riding as my hand is still in a splint but we had a good time and spent the majority of time chilling out either on our own or with the guys :') there are pictures but i have not got them on my laptop at the minute as colins not put them on facebook and neither have i yet! but i will do soon!

As for the horsey side of life i got a text off my mum and then off my friend mel saying her horse has had its foal and it is called DJ or diamond jubilee being the full name but he also goes by Diamond too, i have got a picture of him but have not put it on my laptop yet so that will be up in the next post!

so guys whats been going on with you the past week?
Love A Girl With A Dream <3


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