WOOP first ride on Gatsby in almost a month

During the time where I couldn't ride I thought that it was the worst thing ever, I wanted to be riding more than anything because it meant the world to me, it was my thing my hobby and the thing that meant the most to me and it still is!

Today I woke up buzzing I was riding again and that was all that mattered, I wanted to ride Gatsby but it didnt matter who I rode as long as I got to rode that was the most important thing to me! Then I got there and Gatsby was being bought in from the field he was filthy, muddy legs mud everywhere, its a good job that he had got his rug on otherwise we would all be covered in mud from him! Then I looked at the ride list to see who I would be riding and I was buzzing because I had got the horse I wanted I had got GATSBY!

I expected to be nervous because it was jumping again and I hadn't rode in weeks so I didn't care that it was jumping normally I would be really stressed out because it was jumping, and I had come off Arthur whilest I was jumping so I had this mental bloke, but not today! By the end of the lesson I got told by  Gemma that it was the best that she ever had seen me rode, and that by the end of it I was working with him more and predicting what he was going to do which apparently most riders can't do, I was so happy! here are some pictures for you all of me and my boy :P

Meet the Group me and Gatsby (the biggest) Emma and Billy (medium size) and Wera and Heather (smallest)

JUMPING! Blurry but i dont care

Gatsby loves jumping need to get my head up though!

Giving my boy a pat, while being framed by a jump

He added an extra stride inbetween this jump and the one before should have been 4 strides was 5!

Practicing my Light Seat
Because Gatsby loves to show off for the camera!

Because everyone else Canters over the pole Gatsby had to jump it!

And Last but not least another blurry one but I love seeing how good he looks jumping! 

Well that's all the pictures from today! If i have learnt anything from this lesson it is that I DONT need to be nervous when it comes to jumping because I CAN do it I just need to have the confidence in myself and I am fine! The minute I get nervous things go wrong, but Gatsby will look after me and at the end of the day I don't need to be nervous because this is what I love doing, this is what makes me, well me! If I couldn't jump I don't know what I would do, I saw Emma when she was jumping today react exactly how I used to when things we're not going right when jumping and I just realised how stupid it is, because while I am stressing out I could be actually enjoying my time riding and at the end of the day thats all that should really matter! Don't you agree?

A Girl With A Dream xx


  1. You guys look great! I'm glad your ride went well.

    1. Thank you very much he was fantastic :) xx


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