A New Day - A new Post :)

Woop I am finally managing to update you all on everything that is going on even though at this moment in time it is not horse related but hopefully it will be soon!

Well what have I done today the shorter answer is not a lot well it didn't seem like a lot but geez I'm knackered today, last night I went to sleep between 3 and 3:30am I just couldn't get to sleep and me and my mum must have checked on little Brody a thousand times during the night to make sure that he was sleeping well and sure enough he was doing. He slept from 6pm all the way through to 7:20am this morning! Clever Little guy - sleep while you can, I like the way he thinks. Then this Morning I woke up at 10:30 I know late but the later the better is my thoughts! When I woke up I spent some time playing with Brody and then we shared some Pringles (he loves them almost as much as me ;). After that we got him ready for his lunch and I fed him his baby food today it was 'Fruity Chicken Casserole' and then it was 'rice pudding'  we picked today not him, unlike yesterday when he decided. (We put them in front of them and he picked). We then went to mother-care world and got him one of the rubber rings that have the support in the middle for him as he is only 8 months old (nearly 9). And went to Belper Swimming Pool after I spent nearly 30 minutes blowing up his seat ring thing (no idea what it's proper name is).

Now on to the horse part, after this we came home and I asked my dad if I would be able to watch the Equestrian Part of the Olympics, it was still Dressage all day unfortunately I was getting excited for the Cross Country but we have been told that it will start tomorrow from 12:30. That WILL be on my T.V. hopefully in the sitting room but I don't know! At the minute in the Team Eventing - 1st Place is Germany, 2nd Place is Team Australia, and 3rd Place is TEAM GREAT BRITAIN! WOOP WOOP! As you can tell when it comes to riding I am a huge supporter of my country, and also can not wait to see Carl Hester and Charlotte in the Team Dressage on Thursday and Friday. Now for the results of Team GB. 12th Place - MARY KING. 14th Place - Kristina Cook. Joint 17th Place - William Fox-Pitt. Joint 24th Place - Zara Phillips. Finally in Joint 39th Place - Nicola Wilson.

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A Girl With A Dream.

p.s. there might be more for you all later :)


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