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Monday, 2 July 2012
okay so yesterday was my last official riding lesson of the year as the college has now ended and I was riding Gatsby! I should have been riding Arthur but after having a mental breakdown at the thought of jumping him lauren suggested that I rode Gatsby. Gemma didnt tell us until we were on that we would be doing cross country practice all though this was indoor, this involved us learning how to do a cross country canter and how to take the jumps as a stride not preparing for them and then making it a individually movement.

So to start with Gatsby seemed quite lazy, there was nothing overly active about him, but then as the lesson moved on and the more transitions that we did the more awake he became, we did a jump that was a corner that was basically three wings, and three poles, two wings on one side and one on the other side, and then the three of them spread out making them look effectively look like a spread. We then also did a normal jump but with the plastic jump block things underneath the jump if that makes sense? and then we had a third and final jump that was just two fillers on the ground, and you had to make sure the horse didnt run out, gatsby thought about it but i am pleased to say that he didnt do it!

eventually we got in to the swing of things and i adored it, though i do plan at somepoint to try doing this again as it was deffo fun, my mum took some amazing pictures that i will share with all you guys :), if there was one thing i learnt from that lesson it was that when i loose my nerves it is possible for me to jump him well, and do my thing. I will write more about this tomorow

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  1. Ruffles said...:

    You guys look great!!

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