If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all, and bye bye Gatsby!

 First of all I want to say sorry AGAIN, for not updating as often as I want too! I am going to try and update everyday from now on, even if they are only short one line things, but at least you will all know that I haven't disappeared off the planet of the earth!
Well I thought once I was out of hospital things were going to get better especially for my riding, I was starting to plan all the things that I wanted to do with him over the summer because I thought that he was going to be at Broomfield so that I could ride him, it was all planned, I wanted to work on riding with out stirrups and staying confident, and also on trying to get back to being able to ride Arthur without having any problems, well that can happen but my plan for Gatsby that's not going to happen! The day after or might have been two days after I was out of hospital I thought that I would go and see Lauren and say hello to Gatsby even if I couldn't ride him, not exactly much to ask for is it? The bad news is that Gatsby's owner turned up she's decided she's taking him home for the summer, and we don't know if he is coming back in September! That will be the worst thing if he doesn't come back because that horse means the world to me!

Then yesterday I was at my sisters because I had stopped at hers the night before and we went shopping in the morning and thought things we're getting better again, we had a great time shopping got matching outfits, and she was getting matching bedding to mine! It was all going perfect until we had the idea that we would go to Markeaton Park and taking Brody in a big paddling pool cause we thought that he would enjoy that (and that we could act like little kids) well when we first got in her car it started making weird noises that just seemed to be getting worse and there was a weird burning smell. Well when we parked, and put the car in neutral it made a massive bang and jumped forwards, and started smoking. So we rang my mum and she told us not to drive it and that she would come and pick us up! Then on the way back to my sisters, a 40foot lorry decided to drive in to the side of my mums car, and keep going, it broke the wing mirror, scratched all the side and put a dint in the other side of the car, but we were lucky not to be squished. Now as I'm sure that you all know, if this happens both drivers are supposed to stop and swap insurance information but he kept going, we spent 10 to 20 minutes trying to get him to stop and all he did was swear at my sister who was going mad because her 9 month old baby was in the car too! 

One good thing that's happened is that Jordan's still being coming to see me, so I know that at least one of my mates care even if the others don't but that's there loss if they can't deal with me at my worst then they don't deserve to know me at my best! Another good thing is that I have managed to spend plenty of time playing and learning more about my bamboo wacom, which sooner or later I am playing to start using to draw all my ideas for my textiles! At the bottom of this post I will also attach a picture of my latest piece of work :). Also my blood test results have come back and are all clear which I know I should be happy about and thinking great that's a really good thing, but I am not because at the minute we still have no idea what has caused the problem with my liver, if it's gone and if it can come back! 
Below is a picture that shows you some of the things that I can do, including shading, drawing, tonal area's, and skin tone type of things! The background isn't perfect and I am going to try and delete more of the marks but yeah this is one of my drawings. Hope you like it. 
A Girl With A Dream! 


  1. p.s. I will also take a look at all your blog's tomorrow to see what you guys have been up to! Once again sorry for taking so long to update you allxxxx


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