Silver Medal For Team GB

Hi y'all, how you guys doing? 

So today was the final phase of the eventing both team eventing and individual eventing. Congratulations to Germany who came in first place, winning the Gold medal, while I wish that this was Team GB, that won Germany had stunning horses, and did extremely well so congratulations to them! Team GB managed to grab hold of the Silver medal and KEEP IT and in third Place was New Zealand, it was a tense moment watching to see whether Team GB would make it or not but with Tina Cook, Mary King, William Fox-Pitt, Zara Phillips and Nicola Wilson. Team GB did well in the individual eventing 5th Place - Mary King, Closely in 6th place - Tina Cook. Finally in 8th Place - Zara Phillips.  I think that the team did really well and it makes me proud  to be British somethings will never change! Horses are great. Truly do make my day hearing about horses. 

Moving on so today I have been working on making some new curtains they are going to be cheetah print, and when they are done and hanging I will post a picture for you all to see. My mums been helping me to make them because I have never made curtains before, never thought I would need to and technically I don't need to but I want too! 

Just off To wash my hair might be back later 
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