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hi y'all well there's been no riding today unfortunately not sure when there next will be but hopefully there will be some soon as I am missing it like mad! 

okay so today's thing that's got me thinking is... the horses Rhythm. Now to most people this doesn't sound that important but to us horse people it is a key thing when riding, whether when doing flat work or when Jumping.When Jumping it is Important to keep an even rhythm because it helps to set the horse up for the jump that is about to do and it doesn't make the jump appear to be sloppy. Also because if your horse keeps speeding up and then slowing down, it makes the horse unbalanced, which gives you more risk of knocking a pole down or of slipping out of canter (if that is the pace that you are in). 

Another thing that I would like to mention is riding a straight line in a dressage test. When Gemma first started teaching me she spent two or three weeks making us ride a straight line which to start with I thought was boring, but I didn't realise how hard it was. When riding a dressage test the majority of the time the judge will be positioned at 'C' so can tell whether you halt straight, whether when your riding down the centre line you are moving slightly to the left or slightly to the right. When we were doing it Gemma told us to focus on a particular place that was in the middle of the school this could be 'C' or if there's something else in the same area using that like in our indoor school behind 'C' is a door and above the door is a green fire escape exit light, so you could choose to focus on that. Riding a straight line is where the majority of people lose their makes because they might move slightly to the left or slightly to the right. I think that it is really important now to practice riding that straight line til its the best of our ability. What do you guys think? 

Today I have finally got round to spending time doing textiles work. Yesterday my mum and I went to the Hunkydory Craft Fair at Donington Race Course in the Exhibition hall. While we were there we had to wait for an hour to get in as they had sold far too many tickets. When we got in it was packed and we found that a lot of the stalls where selling the same thing. I ended up purchasing some water colour paints that are pearlescent (making the water colours sparkle and glitter). I also bought some pan pastels, as they were on offer at 3 for £15.99, I bought a baby pink colour, orange and a deep purple, and have used these on my textiles coursework that I have been doing. I am now two pages off finishing the first section of my coursework portfolio, including doing three title pages, that I have done the backgrounds using the panpastels then have drawn two (on each page) people in different belly dancing positions, I then added colour to them using paint (acrylic), glitter and glue, and finally guilding flakes. I will post pictures of these tomorrow when I am in a better light so that you can see what I have been working on. So I am a little bit closer to being ready for school which starts back again in three weeks, not a lot closer but a little is better than none.

Tomorrow I have got a hospital appointment, that is to find out whether or not I have got a stomach ulcer, we might be getting closer to finding out why I have got all the stomach problems that I have. Then I will be heading over to my sister's house to watch Brody whilst her and my mum go to the Doctors.

Until then. 
A Girl With A Dream.


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