fire crackers, horses, and results day!

hey y'all.

sorry its taken me so long to reply I have been meaning to do it for days, and kept thinking 'I need to update'. Then I look at my laptop and think what was it that I needed to do. Well here I am back again with new things to tell you all. 

First of all is my riding lesson that I went to on Tuesday, I rode a 17/18hh horse that looks like a brown shire horse, and he is called Jerry, He was at my old riding school called 'Parkside' in Alfreton. (There will be pictures of him to follow later). We went for what was supposed to be a quiet hack out around Alfreton park at least this is what it started out as. The first quarter of the ride was calm until we got into the woods where there were four idiotic boys, messing around with fire crackers as you do! Then followed the horses down and tried spooking the horses on the road that goes through the park. Then they started throwing the stupid fire crackers again and almost ended up hitting one of the other horses! Seriously how immature, and pathetic do people get these days? But that's all the riding I have done I want to do more but somehow I do not see that happening much this holiday on the plus side theres always the next one! 

Today was results day and I would love to say that things are going really well but they aren't as good as i was expecting them to be. I got a D in both English and R.S. my best result was a C in art which is what I was predicted from the start so at least I managed to get that one! Then I got a stupid flaming E in Textiles which I am beyond pissed about, because I don't think anyone wrote to the exam board about me doing it with a broken hand but hey ho I can retake it in january and I will be doing so! 

That's all for now is now time to take my sister for one of her check up appointments. 

Until Later

A Girl With A Dream


  1. Those boys sound really immature and stupid. Someone could have been seriously hurt. I would have gone over and given them a piece of my mind.

  2. Jerry was really spooky dont blame him at all, couldn't believe it I was fuming and two of the girls who have livery horses went absolutely ballistic at them caused it had nearly hit there horses was three inches ish off hitting one horse xxx


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