hell yeah!

hiya everyone its me and I am back again :) two posts in one day you lucky people!

Time for the bad news then on to some seriously exciting things! The bad news is that when on the way to my sisters, my mums car started making a funny noise (we wouldnt have heard it if we hadn't got the window open because I was too hot and we hadn't turned the music off because we were going past a horse! The car started self revving and me and mum jumped out when there was loads of smoke just coming up from under the bonnet, the RAC comes out and they think that the car was using too much detail and was not working properly! So now she has another car for a bit its a honda and is nice!

Now my good news I WILL be seeing the Spanish school of riders (this year will also be a special year as it is the first year to include a female, in the production! Also carl hester will be featuring there and its worth going just to see him!

Until I put the pics on
A Girl With A Dream xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your mums car.

    Very exciting news though.

    1. Thanks was pretty scary glad it's over!

      I can't wait to see the Spanish ridin school I've always wanted to and now I get the chance so I'm buzzin xxx


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