Paralympics - who's to come?

Monday, 27 August 2012
Well I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of the olympics and before they were on I didn't really have any interest in watching them at all, but from watching the first day of the eventing, I fell in love with them, more so than I thought I would do, only the horses of course though! So when the paralympics start I think I will find my self glued to the seat watching as much as possible of the riding, and probably nothing else. In so many ways I have more respect for the paralympics than the normal olympics because while competitors in any of the two olympics HAVE to work hard I personally think that the people competing in the para-olympics have to work just that little bit harder to get what they want! But by no means does that make them my favourite as Carl Hester will always be my favourite rider and a rider that I have 100% respect for. So I decided while reading 'Horse and Hound Magazine' that I would let you all know about Team GB's riding team so here you go:- 

Lee Pearson - Above is a picture of Lee Pearson riding his horse Gentleman, an 11 year old gelding. He has rode at Sidney in 2000, Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008, making this his fourth olympic games. He is a triple Gold medalist, and his disability is that he has Arthrogryposis, this is a condition that restricts Joint movement. He controls his horse using his hips as he can not move his ankles or his knees. 

Deb Criddle - Above is a picture of Deb Criddle and her 12 year old gelding, Akilles. She has also competed at Sidney, Athens and Beijing Olympics and her best result was that she was a gold medalist at Athens and the 2003 world championships. Riding Akilles in 2011 she was a Gold Medalist at the European Championships. Her disability is that her side was damaged in a motor cycle accident, she lost the use of her right arm which was later amputated. She defied doctors by being able to walk again after the extent of damage to her leg.

Sophie Christiansen - Above is a picture of Sophie Christiansen and her 15 year old Gelding Janeiro, One again she has competed at the past three olympics, and was a bronze medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Sophie was born two months prematurely with Cerebal Palsy, which limits the use of her muscles. 

Sophie Wells - The next rider and the fourth is Sophie Wells (picture above). This is her Debut to the olympics (although she was a reserve for the Beijing games) and will be riding her 15 year old gelding Pinocchio. She is a double gold medalist at WEG 2012 and won Hickstead under-21 able bodied international in 2008. Her disability is the fact that she was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a condition that has caused her to lose fingers as well as the feeling and movement in her feet, she also suffers with Nerve damage and pain in her lower legs. She is one of the youngest riders at 22.

Natasha Baker - Finally is 22 year old Natasha Barker  and her 11 year old gelding Cabral. London will mark her Debut to the Olympics the same as Sophie Wells. Her best results are winning triple gold at the para dressage European Championships in 2011. Natasha's Disability is that she contracted a condition called transverse myelitis 14 months ago, this left her with permanent nerve damage, and a extreme weakness in her legs. To command her horses, they have been trained to respond to seat aids, and voice aids.

Well I am tired tomorrow I am going to spend time writing about out my all time favourite riders. 

Unti then 
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