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Well today I decided that I would make a post during the day instead of my usual habit of waiting til 10 o'clock at night and then deciding that I want to start posting, because by that point I normally do not feel like posting anything. 

So today my mum took me up to the Blue John mines jewellery shop at Castleton called 'Blue John Gem's' It's a really good shop and they sell all different stones these included, Amber, synthetic Opal, Blue John and Amethyst. With my name being Amber you can probably guess that I am always drawn to Amber, my mum's favourite tends to be Amethyst as her favourite colour is purple. I found myself a pair of not overly expensive dangly earrings (although it must have taken me over an hour to decide). My earrings are Silver and where they dangle it's a hoop and dangling inside the hoop is a piece of Amber. Also where the stud part of the earring is, it is a piece of Amber. 

Close up of earrings :')

Showing the size of the earrings
Close up of the other earring.
On to textiles work, so as I am sure you all know I am starting my second stage of A-levels and have chosen to drop R.S. (Religious Studies) because my uncle is an English Teacher so when I miss time from school if I am ill my Uncle can help me with English. I will still be doing Art and Textiles. For my Textiles theme this year I have chosen to base it on Belly Dancing because as a sport it is always one that I have liked but also because I just generally love the look of all the outfits. So below I have put pictures (all though some are pretty faint) of some of the first initial idea's that I have done, at some point I will also put on the same designs when I have painted them, and also pictures of my final designs and developed idea's. When it comes to the process of actually making the garment I'll also put pictures up for you all to see.  :)

It's too faint but this is one of my favourite designs.
A close up of the top, of the idea that is shown above.
really like the trousers on this one like how they are fitted and then flair out at the knee.
The skirt on this one would be made of a saree type material so would the top, as while this sticks with my theme it also adds a change.

Well at 6o'clock I started writing this post and now here we are at 8:50 and I am just getting round to updating the post and hopefully publishing it soon. Unfortunately there has been nothing horse related today other than spending some time reading horse magazines and looking on horse websites for new clothes.

Might post something again that's more horse related but until then I'm off to read 
A Girl With A Dream. xx


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