This time next year I will have bought my own horse and will have so much more to tell you all, because I plan to keep writing on my blog, and letting you all know about the adventures that I am sure are to come. No-one said anything that was worth having in this life was easy to get, and that is one of the truest quotes that I think I've ever heard. 

Today I downloaded and printed out off the BHS website 'Buying your own horse' it is a guide of things that you need to remember when buying your first horse. I thought that it was really useful and highly recommend it to anyone out there who is buying there first horse. So head over to the BHS website to have a look. 

But I was wondering if any of you had any top tips about owning your first horse? Or the process of buying your first horse? I know it's not going to be a quick process and it's going to take time to find the right horse but I have every faith in myself that I can manage to find myself (with the help of others) my first horse. 

It's only a short post today to ask you for tips/advice on buying and owning your first horse, it would be greatly appreciated. I will have a better post for tomorrow. 

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  1. I bought my first horse, Orion, a little over a year ago! It's expensive not only buying the horse, but buying everything for him/her and paying for board, vet bills, farrier bills, etc.... But if you're up for that, it is TOTALLY worth it!

    My biggest thing, financially anyway, since I got O has been just trying to find the best deals on things for him and figuring out which products he likes the best. Example: I started out buying a bareback pad instead of a normal saddle because it was cheaper, and we pretty much only do trail rides. He has a nylon halter/bridle combo that was only about $15 (I think?). I also have lots of friends who were willing to let me borrow stuff that I didn't have in the beginning.

    I've put pretty much everything that's happened since I bought him on my blog, and there's a tab there that has links to for almost everything that I've bought for him. Feel free to check it out for ideas if you'd like. :)

    And if you ever have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! :)

  2. thanks :)

    it's been the price that I have been most worried about, if found a really good deal on stabling because at the college i ride part time at, as long as i dont mind them riding him/her i dont pay anything (except vets bills) during the term time and then its £5 a day during the holidays which is a lot cheaper than anywhere else that ive looked at, its a bit further away but works out to be a lot cheater.

    I will deffo have to check out your blog more and read through some of it :) the links to sound really really useful thank you so much! I'll keep in mind that i can ask any queestions cause I am more than likely to come up with something that I dont know the answer to!

    I've always wanted a horse since i was little and have been promised one off my dad but it's never happened, then a really good family friend promised me one and that never happened either so I came to the conclusion the only way that i will get one is if i buy my own!

    Thankyou for taking the time to comment xxx :)


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