Today we have been driving all the way to ripon in Yorkshire, to meet and pick up my brother from his annual camp, which he wasn't enjoying. Me and my mum woke up at 6 am got dressed, picked up Hannah his gf, and drove all the way to be therefor two minutes and to then leave again. So I decided that while we were driving home that I would take the time to post and update you all :)

Well so far there has been nothing remotely horse like in my day except driving past a horse box and saying wish I was ridin now! But so far no luck maybe later though got to stay positive

Today Ive decided to spend some time talking about lateral work doing things like leg yielding, pushing the hindquarters out on to an inner track in a school. When I first started doing leg yielding with gemma on a Wednesday night I thought tht whilst it was good it was also quite hard but I did really enjoy it the first thing that I did was work on turning on the forehand, I did this mainly when riding Gatsby but also once on Arthur however I didn't like doing it on Arthur as much but he was better at doing it than Gatsby! When riding Gatsby trying to turn on the forehand was difficult because instead of turning he would star going backwards, or he would try and rush through it the basic aids for this was pressure behind the girth on the side you want the horse to turn away from. The next thing that we did was leg yielding (where you make the horse move in a diagonal direction, I found this more enjoyable we started off doing it in walk then built up to trot and so far I haven't tried it in canter but I would like to try it in canter! The only problem I had when doing this was that Gatsby would bend his he's to far and fool you in to thinkin that he was doing it when in actual fact he wasn't!

As I am not riding at the minute I have decided that each day I will pick a particular topic to talk about and right something about that, for example today was lateral work tomorrow could be jumping but that is the type of thing that I am going to be doing let me know what you all think?

I would also like to thank you all for sticking with me even though I haven't been posting much thanks guys :)

Until next time
A girl with a dream x


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