Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Arthur, Gatsby and new schools

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well its taken a while for me to update you all on everything that is going on but the truth is not much has been going on during the holidays and during the first couple of weeks at school but last weekend something horse related finally happened. 

I started my lessons back up at broomfield again, and Gatsby wasn't back! Lauren didn't know where he had gone or why. So I got told that the only horse that i could ride was Arthur, who as I'm sure you all know is someone that I don't get on with but I agreed to ride him and the lesson started off as a bit of an arguement because he didnt want to go one way, and i wanted him to but by the end of the lesson we were co-operating. We did some riding with out stirrups, as well as riding with stirrups of course and we were working on getting the correct seat position, which once you had it was great and Arthur was much more willing to move. But i still didn't like riding him! 

While i was riding mum and dad were talking to the mum of another daughter that was in the lesson with me and got to find out where Gatsby had gone to, and they told me so after the lesson, we drove to where he was moved to and got to see him :). The next day (Sunday) me and mum went back up to where Gatsby was to ask about having lessons on him up there instead of riding at Broomfield. We found out the prices and also that the person who teaches the lessons (Fiona) was a grand-prix level rider and that afternoon was going to a show with her horse and was hoping to win. We also got to meet Jenny who is Gatsby's owner who seemed really excited that I had managed to find where he had gone and that I wanted to ride him instead of riding at Broomfield. So on monday mum rang Broomfield and was able to get the money back for the course paid and arranged for an hours lesson on Gatsby this Saturday at 1:00pm and also arranged that I would be able to go up and tack him up and groom him before like I used to at Broomfield. So instead of going up for 1:00 i will be going up with my mum and camera for 12:30. 

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