a year as a rider

Wow its october already time sure is passing fast don't you all think? This time last year I was riding at broomfield and we had just got the new international sized indoor school, which kept us out of the horrible winter that was sure to come in the later months and it did, though it was not as snowy as the years before who knows if the snow will keep coming each year. Now I've left broomfield and am trying to take my riding on to a high standard and make me riding into the rider that i want to be but along the way many things have happened, so im going to highlight just a few.

I had my first ever fall off a horse in all the years that I have been riding and man did that hurt, I was riding Tuesday a 15hh coloured horse, she's  not a cob, but she IS very spooky. I was riding her without stirrups and no matter how hard I pulled on the reins I just couldn't stop her! So I ended up falling on to the wall that was deffo extremely painful. 

Then came the christmas show at Broomfield it was the second show that I did and I came in last but I still enjoyed doing it. The show was a dressage to music competition, and I did it with Jane and her very Green Horse Robbie. The song we did it to was 'Reach' by S Club 7 one of my favourite songs from when I was little and i also did it on one of my favourite horses Tobias. 

After this came one of the biggest changes ever meeting and riding Gatsby, I can still remember the first time I rode him, we had been working up to riding a 'dressage competition' that Gemma would be judging us on, and then we got our marks back on. Me and Gatsby LOVED it and from then on most of my riding lessons were spent riding Gatsby.

Fourth was the dreaded fall off Arthur. For all of you that are new to my blog I did not find out that i was riding Arthur til the night before the competition, I had practiced riding the test on Gatsby, but according to Steph she asked Jenny Gatsby's Owner if i could ride Gatsby and she had got told no! Til today I will never the truth, but then I'll also never know the truth of how long it had been since Arthur was rode the day I got on him. As you all know I then took a nasty fall off him and managed to break my hand, and almost broke my shoulder and collarbone but lucky for me that didn't happen I was more worried about ripping my mums shirt! 

Then came cross country on Gatsby if you look back to my posts from June/July time you will see pictures of me being taught how to do cross country jumping on Gatsby. This was something that I loved doing though I will be the first one to say that it was knackering! This turned out to be the last ever jumping lesson that I had at broomfield.

Then summer came and as you all know I was ill but I'm not going in to the details of that now! 

Finally came time to start riding again and I was gutted Gatsby hadn't come back and the only horse for me to ride was Arthur which as I am sure you can all Imagine I was NOT happy about but I got on and rode him, and while I was riding my dad spoke to another Lady who told me where Gatsby was, me and my mum went up the next day and spoke to fiona and met Jenny and got my first group of riding lessons back. Now where at where I am now and I am sure the journey is only just begginning 

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