as one chapter ends a new one begins.

I've decided to keep updating more often the majority of my updates will be on horses because as we all on know they're the thing that I love the most! But Today I've decided that I will also keep you all updated on the day to day things that go on in my life! Some days will be interesting others might be a little boring but still its an update none the less! I'm also going to try and update once a day, so that every month there is the same amount of posts for all you lovely people as there is days in the month! 

So as you can all guess from the name of this chapter its about new beginnings, almost fresh starts but at the same time, I'm still the same girl just have different things going on in my life compared to what I thought would be going on.

When I first started riding Gatsby, as I am sure you all know by now I fell in love with that horse, there was something different something special about him, something that no other horse I had ever rode and to this day I still can't properly say what it is about him theres just something there, I think its his kind and gentle soul but thats something I will never be able to explain properly! So as I am sure you can all tell when I found out he was gone I was devastated but then to find out where he was and to be able to ride him again made me one of the happiest people ever. Leaving Broomfield, I could look at in two different ways either a good thing or a bad thing. BUT I know that it was the right thing to do because if I kept riding Arthur I would go mad and with this being my final years of sixth form I just couldn't risk ANOTHER fall off him. The first lesson at West Hallam Riding School I was really nervous, I had no idea what was going to happen or how things worked, but I was ready for it and I was looking forward to riding my boy again! The only lesson I have had so far has been amazing, we got to work on the things we wanted to learn, and I found that I got on really well with Fiona! So While it's an end to Broomfield, its a new start for a new place! 

The message I'm trying to give to everyone, riders and non-riders, is DON'T be scared of change because if you don't try things that are different your never going to know if they're right for you or not! 

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