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Saturday, 6 October 2012
Okay everyone I have time to update about the changes in Gatsby before I go up to west hallam this is mainly a pictures post, as it is easier to see from the pictures the changes in him but at the same time there will be bits of information here and there as well :

This picture and the pictures below show Gatsby when he was at Broomfield, while he worked hard and did what he wanted us to do, he was holding his head in a high position and his way to get out of doing work was to shake his head, which ended up being a bad habbit, now Gatsby does not shake his head for no reason as much as he used to, he still does it occasionally but not as much

 The two pictures above show Gatsby in the same position, the first was taken in september and the one below was taken in march i have done this to show how gatsby has put weight on and now looks a lot healthier than he used to. :D

 These last two pictures i have put in to show how gatsby now works in a much more 'rounded outline' keeping his head lower, making him much more balanced. This made him feel a lot better when riding him.The final change in gatsby is the fact that he is now a lot calmer, where as before he used to get really excited and want to rush in to a canter he now is a lot calmer and is still working forward he is not slow or lazy but looks healthier and happier

So when i get back from riding there will be lots more pictures however this time they will be taken from a video of gatsby and i will let you all know what i was doing today

Until then
A Girl With A Dream


  1. Ruffles said...:

    WOW! Big changes but really good ones :)
    He is such a gorgeous horse.

  1. Deffinately in a good way! I'm so glad to see him looking healthier and i think because he is looking healthier he also looks happier :)
    hehe thanks he is stunning :')

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