Riding 20th October 2012

So on Saturday I had another riding Lesson at west hallam riding school and im finding that im fitting in better than i expected, i love the lessons, and get on with the people there and certainly feel like I am improving slowly but surely. Which makes me feel better to know that my riding is getting better. 

So on Saturday Jamie-lee was back as she hadn't been there last week, so we were back to having the two of us in a lesson and it was really good. We originally planned to work on doing leg-yeilding and shoulder in. However instead we spent the majority of the time working on creating the perfect outline. For those of you who don't know this means that the horse carries their head in the right position, so that the neck is curved but not that the horse is over bent and not that the horse is holding their head to high. To do this the horse needs its hind-quarters engaged, and needs to have a lot of energy but not to much you then need to catch the energy in the front end. For Gatsby this was harder to do but is something that he is slowly getting better at, his problem is that he likes to shake his head about, we found out that this is something he picked up doing to start with because the flies were aggravating him and this soon turned in to being a habit that he got himself into. However by the end of the lesson, he had stopped shaking his head and for 2-4 steps was stepping in to an outline however he wasn't dropping in to an outline for the full time. So next week from the start I plan on working from the very start from warming up on getting back in to an outline. 

I also was shocked because my new teacher Fiona was asking me if i had ever seen Gatsby being rode in an outline, which i hadn't so she asked me if i wanted to be shown what he looks like so that i can see it. So i got off Gatsby and Fiona got on Gatsby, and showed me how to try and get Gatsby in to an outline, and he did it so then i got back on him and managed to work him into an outline well i did for two or three steps and then he would drop out of it again. 

Later on I will upload a video, of mine and fiona's riding but until then 
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