After Thought

I forgot to mention in my last post that I would be making a new page, this page is todo with my savings, and the process that I am going through to save money up for my horse next year, I am not the best at saving so thought that if I put it as a page on here it was something that I would more likely to remember to keep up to date.

Also tomorrow I plan to tell you all about a new brand that I have found and loved its called Equi-Theme not sure if you guys will of heard of it, if you have let me know what you think of it as i have just ordered a new jacked from them, and would love to know your thoughts about Equi-Theme. If you haven't heard of them then if you check back tomorrow I will have some information up about Equi-Theme and I will also have some of there favourite products, included in my post. 

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