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Saturday, 10 November 2012
So Today has been a pretty hectic day, because last saturday after my riding lesson i damaged the ligament in my foot, and it was extremely painful so i got it checked out at a&e and strapped up to make it a bit easier to ride but mainly to make it easier for me to walk because at the minute walking's really painful. So this morning I woke up at 9:30ish to go down to help build a bonfire at eyes meadow in duffield. It was a good laugh and got done a lot faster than we thought it would get done, as it only took one hour instead of two hours. 

Gatsby after he worked nice and hard. Looking over his stable doot at me, my mum and sam as if to say 'where's me carrot' unfortunately today he didn't get any. He Looks nice and shiny after a good groom, and now is happily in his stable with his fleece rug on though ill let you all in on a trick Gatsby can do he's not learnt to undo the stable door! 
Then my friend sam cam back to mine and then he came to see me ride Gatsby, and so did Wera who i used to ride with at broomfield as she is thinking about riding with me at West Hallam Riding Centre. Today when warming up we were working on making Gatsby work in to an outline again but this wasn't the main focus of the lesson the main focus was to do a small amount of leg-yielding and then to do some more of the shoulder in. To start with shoulder in was going well except he was drifting and changing into a half-pass which is not what we were supposed to do, so to get him moving we decided to do some pirouettes which is something I have never done before, but they were fun and surprisingly easy to do. The aim for those of you who don't know is for the horse to move through the shoulders getting good shoulder movement, and keep his back legs as still as possible. To start with there was still quite a bit of movement with Gatsby in the back end but after a few practices the movement was less. Then to make it more complicated, we moved on to doing shoulder in then on to a pirouette and then shoulder in again. This was really fun and something that I really enjoyed. He worked really hard and was a complete star, I'm lucky to ride such a great horse.

After this we went back to mine and watched pawn stars that my dad and sam liked, and then we chose to watch see spot run, my dad put it on because he knows that it is one of my favourite films. After this it was back down to duffield to do some stewarding at the bonfire and fireworks, and to watch them at the same time. They were amazing they were category 4 fireworks and looked gorgeous, the bangs could be heard from my house which is the otherside of the hill, about 5 miles maybe more away, but they were so amazing to watch and they looked so great, I can't wait to be able to watch them again next year. However all event has to be ruined by some people, some idiots got in to the changing room and locked themselves in a room and were smoking weed getting high, the police were rung and I don't know what happened about it after that, I chose to walk away from it at one point before things got out of control, of course after saying a few choice words.


  1. Ouch on your foot! I hope it feels better soon. Glad you had a great day. :D

  1. thank you :) its aching a bit so just going to stay off it til next weekend :) xxx

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